Saturday, December 23, 2006


An angel of God visited me today,
I could hardly believe my eyes.
When I heard what he had to say,

I could hardly believe my ears ~
I was nearly frightened to tears;
He did, however, allay my fears.

He said I would be mother to a son.
I knew not man ~ I wanted to run
But I said, 'unto me your word be done.'

At the appointed hour, the Holy Spirit
Will overshadow you and you'll conceive;
Be not afraid, Mary, no reason to fear it.

This is God's will for your Son and you;
With every good grace you He will imbue~
Jesus is the Infant King and Saviour, too.

Joseph will be a good husband and father,
He'll be your protector all his life ~
He loves you much, Mary, like no other.

He'll love your Child, teach him many things`
He'll be blessed with the joy fatherhood brings,
Both of you'll delight when Baby Jesus sings.

So Mary rest easy for now and dream
Of the exciting and blessed life you'll live.
God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit deem

You have been chosen and blessed~
The Son of God is your womb's Guest~
Saving humanity from sin will be his quest.

© Mel Patterson December 11, 2006

Thursday, December 21, 2006

" Longing "

The longing in my heart and soul for Thee
Transcends all other longings there ever could be.
For you, my Lord, my God, and my all
Have won me over by your truth and your law.

How is it you have willed that I be here?
I'm sorry for my sin; O Lord, still my fear.
Help me to be forgiving as you are to me
That one day I may more ~ image Thee.

Quench the thirst of my soul and my spirit
I pine for you, Lord; my soul ~ please, steer it.
Let me not look for earthly pleasures...
But seek only your Holy Treasures.

Prime me and align me with your Holy Will;
Your fire within my heart and soul instill.
Lead me along the long and torturous road;
In prayer I find a lessening of the load
as I travel along
my heart in song
To you I long .... to ... belong.

The longing in my heart and soul for Thee
Transcends all other longings there ever could be.
For you, my Lord, my God, and my all
Have won me over by your truth and your law.

© Mel Patterson 12-21-06

Saturday, December 16, 2006

" Do You Love Me? "

What is the first thought of the day
As you awaken wiping the sleep from your eyes?
Do you roll over and continue to lay
Or shuffle to the window and look at the skies?

And when you do look at the skies what do you see?
Do you see mist and fog or clouds and rain?
Do you see sun above the cover which eventually
Bursting forth causes the clouds to wane?

When you begin your day do you say a prayer
And say thank you, Lord, for a brand new day?
Are you optimistic and do you really care
About the opportunity you have to walk in His Way?

Do you think of God and pray to Him often?
Or do you give him not a thought at all?
Do you have a hardened heart that doesn't soften?
Do you open your mind and heart to hear His Call?

As long as this big world keeps going
He calls each and every one of us by name.
All He asks is our love and service in sowing
and reaping
the harvest He plants.

In joyful song and dance...
Come !
Are we going?

Says He:

' Are you not coming? '
I'm all loving and all-knowing
My LOVE is overflowing;
Please accept it.
Do you not hear the humming
of the angel choir
full of fervor and fire?

They sing and play for Me;
Come, and you will see
they'll also play for thee ~
Come, be with Me...
Eternity. '

' I deeply Love you, don't you......
love Me, too? '

© Mel Patterson 12-16-06

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

" BLESS the BABE "

Bless the babe born of my womb,
Now sleeping in my keeping,
Safe and sound in this room
My love for him deepening.

Tiny little man with eyes closed
I love watching God's Son sleep;
In a needed nap now reposed
This infant I am blessed to keep.

He has sweet little rosebud lips
That frequently seem to smile
As from my breast he lazily sips
And tenderly I stare awhile.

Precious little One, oh so small
I want this moment to last for ever
Rest in my arms in peaceful pall ~
May this bond never, ever, sever.

© Mel Patterson 12-06-06

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

" Dawn Thoughts "

The Dawn of this new day with sun ascending
Pinks up the horizon transcending
My soul to Thoughts of Thee;
Lord God of Heaven and Earth,
Your gifts are given in multiplicity.

We start the day by Thanking you, Lord
For gifts of graces continually poured
Upon us here on earth, the place of our birth.

In the heavens you are eternally adored
By inhabitants whose souls soared
Where Praises are sung by choirs
To the music of harps and lyres
Joyfully celebrating ~
~ While we are waiting
For our survival,
Holy Spirit revival,
And finally our arrival
At Heaven's Gate
Not a moment too late
Our climb
Right on time;
How sublime!

How great is your Plan; You love mortal man
Whom you have blessed with soul and spirit!
The sound of music in the heavens
Must be sheer JOY to those who hear it!

Angel voices, everyone rejoices
to be in your presence
and savor your essence
Is our ultimate goal
Praise the Lord, O my soul !

© Mel Patterson 11-28-06

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

" Did... ? "

As evening draws to a close
And we look upon our day,
Would God be pleased do you suppose?
Had we followed His Son's Way?

Did we ignore the passing stranger?
Did we quickly look the other way ~
Thinking we'd be in danger?
Did we utter an unkind word today?

Did an opportunity pass us by
Because of our hesitation to act?
Did we pass Jesus in that person...sigh;
Compassion is the virtue we lacked.

Let us be mindful of what we learn
As we examine our actions this day.
Let's pray for the ability to discern
And follow The Truth,
The Life and
The Way.

© Mel Patterson, 10-31-06

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Praise, Adoration and Honor ever be Thine !

Keeping our eyes fixed upon the Prize
In the face of distraction and temptation,
We firmly rebuke the evil one's lies,
Calling upon You, Lord, for emancipation.
Glory and Praise is our bold proclamation !

Our desires are for the things above;
Jesus, O Lord, You are our ultimate goal.
You bless us with unconditional love
Wanting to save each and every single soul,
May Praise songs from every Church bell toll !

You, Lord, are the Glory of the Father;
You are Splendor and Majesty Divine.
It is with us mere mortals You bother ~
For You, O Lord, our souls do pine;
Praise, Adoration and Honor ever be Thine !

© Mel Patterson, 10-29-06

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"The Falls"

The sound of the Falls
Thunders with applause
Glorifying God as it races,
Much as do His Graces
Bestowed upon mortal man
Simply because He can,
To the edge of the precipice
Mixed with foam below
White as the snow ~
~ The Falls,
O the beauty of that show !

In the waters of the green sea
Plunging, gushing, twisting, misting,
The Falls glorifies God's majesty ~
O the beauty of His Tapestry !
What fools are we
If we do not see ~
~ in The Falls,
His captivating Beauty !

The Gorge flows with swelling waters
Ever dashing, thrashing, and crashing
Upon rocks and docks;
It swirls, whirls and twirls
Panting in a prancing dance
As at God's Wonders I glance.
Then in a trance
I stare
at the Beauty there,

Nothing can compare !

© Mel Patterson 10-18-06

Monday, October 09, 2006


Glory, Praise, and Honor
Be upon our minds, lips and hearts
For ever and ever !

O Father, thank you and Praise you
For every Gift you lovingly give;
May Glory, Praise, and Honor, too
Be on our lips for as long as we live !

When I am tired and weary
Whining and teary
Bemoaning my fate of late,
Help me to see it's not about me
But about my neighbor
Through whom Thee I see.

Bless my neighbor with all that is needed;
Permit me to provide it if possible.
Let no word you speak to me go unheeded
And all required of me be plausible.

Permit me to be an emissary for you
Someone who carries out your will;
May the words I say and deeds I do
Your most Holy Will fulfill.

It isn't easy to always tow the line
Who knows better than you, my Lord,
Who bore our sin, your Cross the sign
Upon us may your graces be poured.

O Father, thank you and Praise you
For every Gift you lovingly give;
May Glory, Praise, and Honor, too
Be on our lips for as long as we live !

Glory, Praise, and Honor
Be upon our minds, lips and hearts
For ever and ever !

© Mel Patterson 10-9-06

Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Your Presence is What We Desire"

Your Presence is what we desire;
Fill us with Holy Spirit Fire.

Without you I am lost and afraid;
Your Presence is what I desire.
Come, Lord Jesus, and save me
From the stench of sin and mire.

I can't believe you really want me,
So sinful and slothful as I am;
Accept my penitential prayer, my God.
Through your Son, Jesus, our Perfect Lamb.

I am sorely afraid of offending you,
And I pray to be a deserving child
Who serves you in my neighbor ~
You, my Lord, are Holy, and undefiled.

Be Thou our Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Rock, Lighthouse, Saviour and Friend;
Please guide each and everyone of us
And to each beloved soul do Thou tend.

We want to be pleasing to you
In everything we say and do;
Bless us with all virtue,
annoint us, too
For as you love us we also love you.

Your Presence is what we desire;
Fill us with Holy Spirit Fire.

© Mel Patterson 10-5-06

Monday, October 02, 2006


Praise You, Lord, morning 'til night
Praise, honor and glory, O Lord of Light.

God of love, God of compassion
We pray to you for our daily ration
Of strength and courage for the day,
Patience, kindness in all we do and say

Thank you, Father, for the love you give;
Thank you for the gift of life we live.
Thank you for the Gift of your Spirit
To absorb the Word when we hear it.

Holy Spirit lead us along the way
As upon our knees we humbly pray.
Praise you, Lord, morning 'til night;
Praise, honor and glory, O Lord of Light.

You, O Lord, are our Holy Redeemer;
Protect us from the evil schemer.
We thank you and praise you for all you do,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, too.

You are the Creator of all;
We obey and love your Law.
Glorify the Lord, Angels and Saints;
We are the canvas God paints.

We are His music, His symphony
His song and His dance
Through his grand plan, not by chance.
We are his love and HE is ours
We, his people,
Herald His Mighty Powers.

GLORY to GOD !!!
GLORY to GOD in the Highest !!!

Praise You, Lord, morning 'til night
Praise, honor and glory, O Lord of Light.

© Mel Patterson, 10-2-06

Saturday, September 23, 2006


As you look in the mirror
Who do you see?
Do you see the person
You really want to be?

Do you see imperfections?
Do you stare and wonder?
Do you run and hide
Because of your blunder?

Take time and step back
To ponder the matters of the soul.
Find the time to self-examine
Before life without God takes its' toll.

There is a life beyond ourselves we know
We are not the end-all and be-all
When we call out to the Lord in prayer
We need be aware that He does SEE all.

Not a prayer we pray is unheard,
Not a moan, cry or thought absurd.
The Lord, God, is our staff and shield.
With our Baptism we are sealed,
And by His stripes we are healed.

Do we mirror Jesus?
Are we pleased with what we see?
Do we see the person
Jesus wants us to be?

Do we mirror Jesus?
In thought, in word, in deed?
When others watch and see us
Can we fill their need?

As you look in the mirror
Who do you see?
Do you see the person
You really want to be?

© Mel Patterson, 9-23-06

Monday, September 11, 2006

In Memorium of the Events of 9-11-01

Who cannot remember ?
Who cannot pause
For a moment of prayer
United in one cause
~ Because ~
We care on 9-11-01's ~ 5th Anniversary !

Heavenly Father, Almighty God,

You know the wherefores and the whys;

You have heard those thousands of cries

As the Twin Towers tumbled,

And human bodies crumbled,

As Washington and Pennsylvania

Suffered also terrorist mania.

You met them where they were

While Your Love in their hearts did spur

Some to become heros to the end ~

They knew You were their Best Friend.

Their Faith did not bend.

Their reward, Your Gift to them,

Paradise, a Treasure, and Precious Gem.

Bless with healing those who remain

Be their refuge; keep them sane.

Bless them with Peace of minds

And with Graces of all kinds.

Comfort them with the thought

They all are Blood-bought.

May their souls aspire higher

'Til You meet them,

Greet them,


Seat them

At the Grand Banquet of The Lamb.

© Mel Patterson, 9-11-06

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The mantle you wore was red;
Your gown was white as snow.
Not a word by you was said
But I knew exactly where to go.

You sped me along the path,
Each step faster than the next;
You showed no sign of wrath ~
Not once did I feel perplexed.

I was swept up in your Light,
Fully trusting in your Plan;
Even tho' I had not the foresight
I had the faith and, with it, I ran.

You made the way clear
Where there seemed to be none.
There was no thought of fear,
Not with you, God's Son.

I followed you as you led me
Along the avenues of life;
As I journey on I now see
I grew in trial and strife.

Hold me, mold me, enfold me;
Do with me what you will.
Shake me, break me, take me.
My whole being, Lord, please fill
With you and your Love
~ That I may mirror you ~
~ In all I say and do ~
~ Make me new ~
~ Like you ~

© Mel Patterson, 9-6-06

Sunday, September 03, 2006

" O, Restless Heart "

O, restless heart, battered and worn,
Weary, fatigued, saddened and torn,
Searching for release, respite and relief
From the rigors of life and its' grief
Satan steals hope like a thief.
But alas,
Here comes Jesus,
He opens his heart and invites us in,
Loving us and forgiving our sin,
Placing hope where there once was none,
He is the Messiah, the Holy One.

Keep our sights on Jesus, our Savior;
Upon his tender mercies savor,
Thank him and praise him all day long
For it is to him only our souls belong.

How often do we awaken in the middle of the night
Scared out of our wits and tremble in fright?
Did we hear something that sounded an alarm
Or did we dream someone would cause us harm?

Arise with a prayer and retire at night with one, too
And if you awaken in the night whisper "Jesus, I love you."
The night terrors will soon abate and flee
When we remember to put God first - for that's the Key.

God is First; place all else in its' proper place.
Let's pray to the Lord for the gift of his grace.
So, when we awaken in the night, we can pray
And thank God for the ability to say,
Be our Guest, O Lord, Savior True
We rest our hearts always in you.

© Mel Patterson, 9-3-06

"Our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee."

St. Augustine

Sunday, August 27, 2006

" RAPT "

Rapt in the splendor of your love
My soul rejoices and soars like a dove;
You have given my heart wings
With joy my very spirit sings.

~ You are God, my Father ~
~ You are Jesus, my Brother ~
~ You are Spirit, my Advisor ~
~ You are Three in One,
Holy Trinity,
In Affinity
For Infinity ~
No beginning, no ending,
Ever transcending,
Always ascending,
~ You give my soul flight ~
~ You are my delight,
Morning 'til night
O Glorious Light.

Rapture sublime,
Forever Divine,
I am rapt in
the splendor of
Your Love.

© Mel Patterson, 8-27-06

Sunday, August 20, 2006

"JOY of my SOUL"

Joy of my soul, Joy of my heart,
You've given me love from the very start;
In you I live, I move and I breathe ~
To you my whole being does cleave.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my spirit,
Of goodness ~ may I be drawn near it
And to all that is holy, right and true,
May I ever be totally committed to you.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my life,
You are the Rock during all the strife.
Many are the benefits you freely give;
Because of you, I have the will to live.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my heart,
Let's assure one another, we'll never part.
You are my Lord, my God, my All;
I obey your statutes, I love your Law.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my spirit
Absence from you, I surely would fear it.
Never permit me to ever stray
Protect me ever and always, I pray.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my life,
Sin pierces your heart ~ like a knife.
You are The Lord of Lords and The King of Kings,
O the JOY your Salvation brings.

The battle for good and evil still wages,
But You, O Lord, are JOY for all ages.
Judgement day will soon arrive;
The goats'll die and the sheep'll thrive.
Please God ~ your faithful ones'll be alive.

O Jesus, as Groom, you'll come for your Bride
You'll draw her very close to your side
Embrace her with your arms open wide
And together in Heaven forever abide.

You, O Lord, are JOY for all ages.
YOU are JOY for All Ages !!!

© Mel Patterson , 8-20-06

Monday, July 31, 2006


O JOY of heart, JOY of spirit
The pealing of Church bells,
Do you hear it?

The King is coming, He's on His Way,
Listen to the rumble of sound !
Hear the thunder of justice !
The King of Glory is coming!

The clouds part and
The Lord, God appears
Amid Saints and Angel cheers!

Upon this awesome day we will hear Him say,
"Come, you who have served me well,
With me forever you will dwell,
While you who are locked in sin,
Shall enter into the pits of hell!"

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare !
Let no one be caught unaware !
While we have the chance to join that heavenly dance
Be aware, beware and prepare !

Let's pray souls receive Salvation,
And all God's children band in jubilation,
That with JOY of heart, JOY of spirit
We shall all hear
and cheer:

The King is coming, He's on His Way !

The King is coming, He's on His Way !!

The King is coming, He's on His Way !!!

© Mel Patterson, 8-1-06
" Lord, help my brother and sister today "

Praying for one another,
For our sister and our brother
Is pleasing to Our Blessed Lord
As we band together in one accord.

Each situation may be rough;
We pray enough strength to be tough,
With courage to face another day
Let's lift one another as we pray:

Lord, help my brother and sister today.

No matter how often we are asked to pray
Give us the compassion of Jesus this day.
Help us to emulate you, O Lord, please
So we turn not a deaf ear but fall to our knees.

In prayerful petition we pray for our friend
Not counting the cost even to the end
For it is in service to You we lift one another up
Til the saucer fills from the overflowing cup.

Lord, help my brother and sister today.

Lord, help my brother and sister today.
Lord, help my brother and sister today.

© Mel Patterson, 7-31-06

Monday, July 24, 2006


In a dream state I was late ~
for a Wedding;
my old clothes I was shedding.
Obstacles in my way
holding me sway
As I tried to wade through
all of the ado
I thought of the Minister, and the Groom
Waiting for me to arrive soon.

It all seemed like slow motion
My mind was full of commotion.
I was getting nowhere fast or slow,
Did not know if I should stay home or go.
I decided to go no matter how long it took;
I arrived as the Word was read from the Book.

A lesson I understand from the content of the dream
Was to live God's Law and avoid the desire to scheme.
Manipulation is wrong at best,
Pure intent the better quest.
A Banquet is waiting for the chosen
Who awaken from all the dozin'
Time for us to shape UP, I'm supposin'
Stoke up the fire in hearts so frozen.

The Bridegroom is ready to receive His Bride;
She walks up the aisle to stand by His Side.
The Book of Life is read and after all is said
With His arms open wide
He encloses her inside
And holds her to His Heart
Never evermore to part.

Off we go together, Hand in hand,
Thy Kingdom come,
THY WILL.....has been.....done.

© Mel Patterson, 7-24-06

Friday, July 07, 2006

" Soul Blessing "

My soul longs to be united with Thee;
Like a magnet Thou dost draw it near.
Lord, upon Thy strong arm, I rest;
Thou dost wipe away my every tear.

As I rest my head against Thy Heart
And hear it throbbing for love of me.
There is joy as I gaze into Thy eyes;
My own heart throbs for love of Thee.

With spiritual eyes my soul delights
In the rapture of Thy beautiful Face.
Grant that I may ever be Thine;
Bless my soul with Thy Spirit and Grace.

In that final hour Thou wilt bid me "Come,"
My soul to exalt in Thy Presence.
Thou will take my hand and lead me Home
Where I'll ever behold Thy Holy Essence.

© Mel Patterson, July 7, 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Today's Praise is based upon Seasons
God created them for many reasons
Their beauties for us to enjoy
While meditating upon changes we employ.

~ We are here -- like the seasons ~

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall
God, our Father, made them all.
Changes unfold before our eyes;
Visualize ! Visualize !

Joy in the Spring with buds unfolding
Each one has a seed God is molding.
Changes unfold before our eyes;
Visualize ! Visualize !

Summer sun and thunderclaps
Lightening, rain - everyone adapts;
Changes unfold before our eyes;
Visualize ! Visualize !

Leaves of Red, russet, yellow and gold
Phenomenal colors, a Season to behold,
Changes unfold before our eyes;
Visualize ! Visualize !

Snowflakes, snowmen, ice and chill
Chopping wood, fireplaces to fill,
Changes unfold before our eyes;
Visualize ! Visualize !

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall
God, our Father, made them all.
In every Season,
Let us hear His Call.
Changes unfold before our eyes;
Visualize ! Visualize !


© Mel Patterson 6-24-06


To our ROCK and our SALVATION be GLORY given !!!

O Lord, you are a constant in our lives;
You never leave us nor forsake us.
Even when we are not thinking of you,
You are always thinking of us.

O Lord, you are a constant in our lives;
You forgive our sins when we are sorry.
You mercifully and patiently wait for us
To, little by little, draw closer to you.

O Lord, you are a constant in our lives;
You give us gifts we do not deserve.
You lay lush lands before us,
Flowers of the field,
Trees whose branches praise you.

Lord, you are a constant in our lives;
We look upon the undulating streams, rivers,
Seas and oceans which obey your every command.
Their ebbs and flows come and go.
So do our lives.

Lord, you are a constant in our lives;
You have made the Way in which we may journey
Back to you, who first dreamed of us, each one.
Thank you, Lord, for your constancy.

Lord, you are a constant in our lives;
When all else fails us, You NEVER fail us.

To our ROCK and our SALVATION be GLORY given !!!

© Mel Patterson 6-24-06

Thursday, June 22, 2006

June 18, 2006

It is PRAISE Time !!!


Glorious Abba, El Shaddai, God our Father,
You are all splendor and magnificence.
You are THE FATHER above all Fathers;
In YOU all Holiness and Divinity are encompassed.

You are The Father of Lights and the first
light obeyed your command.
You cause the moon and the stars to dot the night skies.
The sun dawns upon a new day and the earth
and its' inhabitants enjoy your Creativity.

Rain and dew, snow and ice alight upon the
world, each in due Season.
At your word the mountains and the deserts exist.
Father, you call each of us by name.
By your loving command we came to be.

Through the ages you are Father to all.
Your Son, begotten, not made, one in being
with you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
rules and reigns forever and ever.

Father, thank you for the privilege of being
called sons and daughters of God.
We are grateful and we PRAISE YOU, Father.


AMEN © Mel Patterson, 6-18-06

Thursday, June 15, 2006


When my soul is weary from the strife of life
And it seems an awful burden I bear
Always within my spirit I hear Your Voice
Whispering to me that I have the choice
To either curse the darkness or in You rejoice !!!


Rejoice in the God of our Fathers,
Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Jacob, and all the rest,
Because of our Father and God
we are forever blest.
Be strong and valiant;
never put Him to the test
As we listen to His Holy Spirit
ever trying to do our best.


In humble submission to Your Holy Will
Even when we sin, you LOVE us still...
We lay prostrate before Your Feet;
O for the day when Face-to-face we'll meet
With Joy-filled Hope we pray


(c) Mel Patterson 6-13-06

It is PRAISE Time !!!

Forever and Ever !!!

Land, sea, stars and sky, all under His watchful eye
Nothing is done of which He does not know;
There is no secret, no act, no deed unseen
No matter where we go or have ever been
That God will not and cannot forgive sin
When we humbly come before Him
Begging His forgiveness with true remorse ~
He does forgive and forget the sin, of course.

Forever and Ever !!!

How compassionate is this God of ours
To provide the Way, the Truth, and the Life
That the blind may see and the deaf may hear
The lame may walk and the mute may talk ;
The ill may be healed and Salvation won,
The lost may be found;
How profound!
Gone forever will be the shackles of our past
For on the day we hear the mighty trumpet blast
We'll know we are reaching Heav'n at long last!

Forever and Ever !!!

(c) Mel Patterson 6-14-06

Monday, May 22, 2006


(remembering our trip to Jim Thorpe, PA)

FATHER, how beautiful are your CREATIONS !!!

We traveled to a place so lovely, so divine
that my heart was lifted to a place sublime,
Hills and dales, glens and mountains
strewn with dancing trees
swaying in the breeze;
Lifting their branches
high in the sky
Waving praises to God.

Cruising the highways enjoying nature's beauty
Trees atop the mountain were level except one cutey,
which seemed to shout out loud, "Here I am!
Look at me. See?
I am up here and taller than the rest."
The sight of this tree brought us joy-filled glee
As we drank in the view
with sky so blue
And marsh-mellow clouds floating by.

The trees in shades of green spectacular
seemed to have their own personality and venacular
Sage, Spruce, Silver, Blue, Kelly, and Forest ~
God painted an extraordinary view
Greens of every color and hue.
We saw their age and their youth,
strong and sturdy,
tired and worn or young and thriving
while we were driving
A sight to behold,
like gold.

FATHER, how beautiful are your CREATIONS !!!

© Mel Patterson 5-22-06

Saturday, May 20, 2006

" I WALKED in the PARK "

I walked in the park today rather briskly
and to my delight within my sight
were flowers of many colors to please my eye.
There were vibrant purple pansies,
Bright yellow ones too,
White ones with purple centers
and orange ones with a brown hue.

I walked in the park today rather briskly
And to my delight within my sight
Were red-breasted robins
and a cardinal dressed in red
showing off the tuft on his head.
I heard them singing so sweetly
It seemed they were there to greet me,
And I smiled and PRAISED GOD.

I walked in the park today rather briskly
And to my delight within my sight
I saw a skittering, chittering brown squirrel
Chasing his buddy up and down the tree.
What a funny entertaining sight to see.
Then I saw a hippity brown hare
Hopping swiftly out of sight behind a bright
colored tree afraid that I would scare
him........I wouldn't dare.

I walked in the park today rather briskly
And to my delight within my sight
came down the rain, drip by drip,
drop by drop and I laughed for it cooled me.
I was becoming very warm from the brisk stroll
And I was cooled. Smiling from ear to ear,
I finally reluctantly entered my car
for the drive home and I THANKED GOD
and PRAISED GOD for the blessing this day.

Windshield wipers were on high
And I felt high
on GOD !!!

I marveled at the beauty God creates.
Each one an extension of Himself.
His Handiwork is good.

He fashioned us, each and every one,
in His Own Image.

© Mel Patterson, 5-20-06

Friday, May 12, 2006

" HOW DO WE..? "

How do we see you, Lord?

We see you in a blade of grass
We see you in the petal of a flower
We see you in a loved one's face
We see you in the rain's shower.

How do we hear you, Lord?

We hear you in the soul's silence,
We hear you in a bird's song.
We hear you in the thunder above
We hear you in sounds, weak and strong.

How do we taste you, Lord?

We taste you in unleavened bread;
We taste you in Communion.
We taste you in the grain of wheat,
We taste the Blessing of our union.

How do we touch you, Lord?

We touch you when we hug a child;
We touch you helping those in need.
We touch you in clothing the naked
We touch you selflessly in every good deed.

How do we savor your fragrance, Lord?

We savor your Purity and Holiness;
We savor your Sacredness and Divinity.
We savor your sanguine incense
We savor your Majestic Trinity.

© Mel Patterson 5-11-06


O LORD our GOD you Color our World;

You color our world with everlasting Love,
Every good gift is from your gracious hand.
We THANK you and PRAISE you, O Lord our God;
All the earth is peopled at your command.

You color our world with blessed Hope,
Every good gift is from your gracious hand.
We thank you and praise you, O Lord our God;
Together in PRAISES and THANKSGIVINGS we band.

You color our world with fidelity and faith,
Every good gift is from your gracious hand.
We march in tandem with you, risen Christ Jesus,
'Til you lead us to your HEAVENLY ETERNAL LAND.

O LORD our GOD you Color our World;

© Mel Patterson 5-11-06
" Master, you consume..."

Master, you consume my soul.
My thoughts are taken up with you;
To be with you forever is my utmost goal,
Show me what you would have me do.

Master, you consume my heart;
I long for you night and day.
Tell me we shall never be apart;
Keep me close as I kneel to pray.

Master, you consume my spirit
I desire to be where you dwell
Boldly I pray never to fear it
For your sweet love I cannot quell.

Master, you consume my all
As I spiral upward toward you
Grant that I may always hear you call
And come running when you do.

With your arms open wide
Enfold me in the shelter of your embrace
Nevermore in sin shall I hide
But ever behold your radiant Face.

© Mel Patterson, 5-6-06

Thursday, May 11, 2006

" Spiraling "

God's Son leads us up the staircase
Blessing us with His grace,
Step by step, breath by breath
From our birth to the day of our death.

The Father watches as we ascend;
Upon Our Savior we totally depend.
Step by step with Jesus we climb
We were always on His Mind.

Ever before us is the Vision of Glory
Told by Jesus in every parable story;
He constantly shows us how to aspire,
And daily climb higher and higher.

Jesus is the railing which we grip tightly
Lest we fall and not act rightly;
May our steps not falter, tarry nor tire ~
Shhh...hear the distant heavenly choir.

© Mel Patterson 5-11-06

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Thank you for the sunshine,
Thank you for the rain,
Thank you for the snow
Falling softly on the windowpane.

Thank you for the meadow,
Thank you for the brook,
Thank you for the seas and oceans
Whereupon our eyes may look.

Thank you for the blossom
Thank you for the tree
Thank you for the butterfly
And all the beauty that we see.

Thank you most of all for your Son
Thank you for His Sacrifice
Thank you for His Resurrection
Which was bought at so great a price.

Thank you that you love us so much,
Thank you for wanting us forever,
Thank you for creating each of our souls;
Your Kingdom is our utmost endeavor.


© Mel Patterson, 5-2-06
~ " BIBLE " ~

If the Kingdom of God is within you
And the Kingdom of God is at hand,
Since Jesus Himself tells us this,
Pray tell, where do we stand?

Are we of the firm realization
That everything He tells us is True?
Do we take His Word into our hearts
And do we imitate what He would do?

The Bible is the Word of the Lord;
Wondrous blessings we find there,
Instruction, Encouragement, Truth, Life,
And all transmitting HIS Loving Care.

Read God's Word every single day;
Receive all that is contained within it.
It changes our life from sin and strife
All that we have to do is beGIN it.

A well-worn Bible has a story of its' own.
It ministers by example in its' look;
When the cover ages as well as its' pages,
We know its' owner LOVES his Book.

Let's cherish lovingly the Word of the Lord
Contained in our Bibles and read
All of the Holy Spirit's inspirations.
Let's let go, and permit GOD to Lead !!!

© Mel Patterson, 5-2-06

Thursday, April 27, 2006


We are Temples of the Holy Spirit,
Abodes of his Spirit of Grace;
Let's be chaste and pure within
'Til we behold his adorable Face.

Count it all as nothing
That which is not of him;
Bless life with grace and dignity
Do not permit the Light dim.

LIGHT of light, PATH of paths,
LIFE of life, O TRUTH of truth
Guide us, chide us, hide us,
Mold us, enfold us, hold us;
Whatever the length of our years,
Bless us with freedom from all fears.
Bring us through the valley of tears,
Allaying the suffering of the years
As your second coming nears.
We pray everyone hears
the Mighty Trumpet Blast
Before the dye is cast.
To save each soul was your goal.


© Mel Patterson 4-27-06

Friday, April 14, 2006


Where are you, my Son?
Where is your soul? Spirit?
Are you asleep?
For you I weep.
You were placed in the tomb,
Son of my womb;
How can this be
That you are gone from me?
Your torture ripped my heart
Your nailing split me apart.
I am consumed with sorrow,
I cannot see a tomorrow
Without you....and "I...
Want to die",
I cry.

Where you were the void is black;
Grace to get through I feel I lack.
"My God My God why have you abandoned me?"
I heard Him cry and I wonder why
You also abandoned me
For I suffer under the load I carry;
Permit not your help to tarry.
Come to my aid
The price has been paid
And Salvation won
By my beloved Son.

He died yesterday under great duress;
His cold body I held in a caress.
The memory is painful
His effort gainful
Father, I know and believe
even though it's hard to perceive
Your great plan
For mortal man
Is salvific and prolific;
Yours and my Son, too,
Did everything for You.

I await patiently upon Your Word
Even when this life seems absurd
With all of its tribulations and trials
You won't hear from me denials.
You are my God and all I have is Yours
Although the evil ones sets his lures;
I have Faith strong and steady
Father God I am ready
As the days unfold
As was foretold...
Blessed by Grace
JESUS ~You will RAISE !
Thee I will PRAISE
The rest of my Days !!!

© Mel Patterson – Holy Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


O, Lord, what must you have gone through -
What was on your mind?
Thanks, Praise and Adoration to you,
Who died for all of mankind.

How was your suffering Heart, Lord
As the Day of your Death did unfold?
From your Mother profuse tears poured
When on the Cross your Body grew cold.

Even when we are whirled, furled and hurled,
You have saved the whole world,
Lord, by your Cross and Resurrection !!!

You set us free from the evil one
When we confess and accept your ways;
O FATHER and Forgiving, Merciful SON,
Accept our
ALL of our DAYS !!!

© Mel Patterson 4-11-06

Friday, April 07, 2006


For the Gift of Faith, PRAISE YOU, FATHER!
Where would we be without you?
The fact is
We wouldn't be - we would not see;
There would be No eternity!

For the Gift of Faith, PRAISE YOU, FATHER!
You sent your Son to show us that
You embrace us and grace us;
Now we see
You want us to be with you for eternity!

For the Gift of Faith, PRAISE YOU, FATHER!
With joyful hope and expectation
We await in great anticipation
That great and glorious day
When you will meet us and say
" Come my love, you followed my way. "

For the Gift of Faith, PRAISE YOU, FATHER!
With reverence and awe
we humbly accept your call
to enter Heaven for ~ INFINITY
Blessed and Graced by the

For the Gift of Faith,

© Mel Patterson

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Do not worry beforehand about what you are to say;
but say whatever is given you at that time,
for it is not you who speak,
but the Holy Spirit. Mark 13:11

HOLY SPIRIT breathing through the FATHER,
HOLY SPIRIT breathing through the SON
HOLY SPIRIT breathing Wisdom, Truth, Love, and Life
Through JESUS our souls have been won !

HOLY TRINITY, enveloping the Earth
BLESS the place of our birth.
Guide us and make our paths straight
Lead us and prod us before its' too late;
Breathe heavenly Peace over every nation;
Grant us a taste of Heaven's Jubilation.

Breath of the Holy Spirit be upon us
Now and Forever.
Amen !

© Mel Patterson, April 6, 2006

Monday, April 03, 2006


Good Morning, Lord, thank you for another day,
Another day that stretches before us;
Thank you that we can fold our hands to pray
As you bless us and restore us.

May the day unfold as you ordain it!
We hope to honor you in all that we do.
It's hard to adequately explain it,
For our hearts are born to PRAISE YOU.

Thank you for the gift of life you gave us.
PRAISE YOU for all wonderful things.
LORD JESUS, YOU came to save us.
O, the JOY your SALVATION brings!

PRAISE YOU for the Morning's rising!
PRAISE YOU for the entire day!
Unexpected blessings always surprising,
As we SHOUT and SAY:

© Mel Patterson, 4-3-06

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Thank you, Lord, for the gift of time,
In which you give us every chance
to ready our souls for your coming;
Guide us, Lord, to your Heavenly Dance.

O the joy of the moment when you call
Taking us at the appointed hour
Leading us one by one,
when all is said and done,
To your Majesty's Celestial Tower.

We await your coming with hope-filled hearts.
In Faith we know your Promise is true,
When we shall spend all of eternity
With Angels and Saints and You.

Your Angels and Saints forever adore You,
Your Mother waits patiently by your side
To meet and greet us as we enter the Gate,
(we can hardly wait to participate)
Where we shall in Joyful gladness ever abide.

PRAISE be to YOU, O LORD our GOD !!!
We can hardly contain the heart's desire
When that moment in time does arrive
And we hear the JOYFUL Heavenly Choir.
O how our hearts aspire
with Holy Spirit fervor and Fire !!!

© Mel Patterson, 3-29-06

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

" COME "

Our God of Glory bids us "Come!
Come to the Banquet and dine,
Come to the Table I have prepared,
For I love you, you are mine."

The Feast of Plenty is ready for us.
We accept the invitation as we proCESS,
Naming, Acclaiming and Proclaiming
That JESUS is THE LORD whom we profess.

Our God of Glory bids us "Come!
Come to the Banquet and dine,
Come to the Table I have prepared,
For I love you, you are mine."

The awesome gift of Salvation is ours
Through the merits of Jesus' Death
When He laid His Life down for love of us,
To the cost of His very last Breath.

Our God of Glory bids us "Come!
Come to the Banquet and dine,
Come to the Table I have prepared,
For I love you, you are mine."

O Resurrected Lord, Sacred Divinity,
Through Salvation we are Gifted
Thank You and Praise You forever, Jesus;
Our hearts and souls You have lifted.

Our God of Glory bids us "Come!
Come to the Banquet and dine,
Come to the Table I have prepared,
For I love you, you are mine."

Holy Lord, Awesome God for all Eternity,
Immortal, Sacred, Majestic, Divine,
Who always was and is through all Infinity,
ALL GLORY BE forever THINE !!!

Our God of Glory bids us "Come!
Come to the Banquet and dine,
Come to the Table I have prepared,
For I love you, you are mine."

© Mel Patterson, 3-28-06

Friday, March 24, 2006

" Thank you, Lord "

The Light of Christ is upon us
Through tribulation and trial.
The Love of Christ envelops us
Every inch of every mile.

O Lord, you refresh the soul
And Lord, you are our desire.
You are our ultimate goal;
Fill us with Holy Spirit Fire !

Thank you, Lord, for every good grace.
Thank you for the blessings you give.
Wherever we are in whatever place,
We'll praise you for as long as we live.

Lord, God of Heaven and Earth,
You have carved us in the Palm of your Hand;
You have loved each of us from our birth,
And came to lead us to your Heavenly Land.

Blessed Shepherd, Keeper of the Gate,
Lead us to that pasture lush and green.
Your sheep gather before it's too late
For the Home no eye has yet seen.

GLORY to you, O beautiful Lord.
Our hearts are full of anticipation.
Voices in Heaven and Earth in one accord
Sing in JOYFUL expectation !!!

All glory and honor are yours, Almighty God and Father !!!

© Mel Patterson, 3-25-06

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

" I'll NEVER be the SAME "

Oh, my Lord, words escape me
In how to PRAISE You rightly;
Yet here I am struggling along
With words rhyming only slightly.

It is in PRAISE of You I try
So inadequately to honor and adore
You with words of worship
That should ooze from my every pore.

Forgive my feeble attempts
To give You adequate PRAISE,
When all I truly want to do
Is to be with you all of my days.

Unite my heart with Yours, Lord.
Keep me close by Your side;
Embrace me and tell me you love me.
Within your sacred wounds bid me hide.

Take me, break me, make me like You;
Hold me, enfold me, and mold me.
It is only with You I wish to be
Throughout all of eternity.

Take this humble Praise I give;
It comes with love from my heart.
Tell me you will accept it, please,
And that we shall never be apart.

I love You, O Lord, my God.
I'll love you beyond my death;
I shall love You forever and always
Even after my last shallow breath.

Because of You I have breath and life;
You have guided me from my birth.
How I pray that one glorious day
You will come to take me from this earth.

O God, Father, Abba, Adonai,
You have blessed me beyond all measure;
You treat me as tho' I were -- a treasure.
Glory and Praise be Your Holy Name.
Because of You, I'll never be the same.

Glory and Praise be Your Holy Name.
Because of You, I'll never be the same

Glory and Praise be Your Holy Name !!!

© Mel Patterson, 3-21-06

Saturday, March 11, 2006


The seedling did not know,
When it peeked its' head above the ground
That it would one day grow
Tall, sturdy, strong and sound.

The growing tree did not know,
Bathing in the rain, basking in the sun,
That one day it would make history,
By being the Cross of God's only Son.

The tree did not know,
That men had a sinister plan to use it.
They chopped and axed it to the ground,
Hauled it away; how they did abuse it.

The tree did not know,
As those men chopped and shaped it,
That two crossbars, one long, one short,
The Body of Jesus would have draped it.

The tree finally knew
His purpose was in serving God;
To Lift up The Spotless Lamb,
God chose, eons ago, a tiny little pod.

The Tree knew it was a symbol
because of JESUS' Death
on its' wood.
It might have chosen a different path
if only it could.

Beautiful tree, hollowed wood,
Shaped, sanded and planed,
Jesus died and rose again,
Eternity we have gained

Tree of Life - tall and straight
Cross of Christ Crucified,
Because of His Death and Resurrection,

© Mel Patterson, 3-11-06

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Verse-a-lette of Praise

The seedling is planted and grows.
How does it germinate do you suppose?
With water, sun and care so tender,
A shoot begins to praise God's splendor.

Animals on land and birds of the air
Trust in you to provide for their care
Without question they multiply and divide
With not a thought of worry or pride.

You multiply the earth in your great plan.
Your Son brings Salvation to mortal man.
From the moment of our human conception
You ready our souls for Heaven's Reception.

Holy, Mighty and Immortal LORD,
ALL Creation sings in one Accord
GOD, our FATHER up above,

© Mel Patterson, 3-9-06

Sunday, March 05, 2006

" SPRING is in the AIR "

SPRING is in the air.
Birds of every feather will fly
Singing joyful twittering songs
As their wings soar through the sky.


SPRING is in the air.
Nature wakes up and moves about.
Birds of the air and all living beings,
In a cacophony of sound will shout!


SPRING is in the air.
Soon crocuses will show their heads.
Beautiful blooms will glorify God
From earths' colorful flower beds.


SPRING is in the air.
'Tis the Season of Hope and Love.
Easter will soon be upon us
Thanks be to God above!


© Mel Patterson 3-5-06

Saturday, March 04, 2006

" Mary's Sorrowful Lament "

BLOOD of my blood,
My beautiful precious Son ...
O my GOD what have they done?

FLESH of my flesh,
Who knew that my "Yes,"
Would result in this sorrowful mess?

BONE of my bone,
My heart is shred into a million pieces.
I pray this cruel torture soon ceases.

HEART of my heart,
You are ripped, stripped and lying bare..
Does not anyone anywhere care?

Cross, O terrible Cross,
With you, my Son, nailed to it;
O my GOD, why did they do it?

BREATH of my breath,
Gasping, struggling, shallow, dying;
I can not help you and I am crying.

DEATH of my……death,
Lifeless they place you close to my heart;
Oh Jesus, why must you and I part?

Jesus, JESUS, O my SON,
I want to hold you close and not let go;
I have never-ever in this life felt so low.

SPIRIT of my spirit,
A flicker of hope within me remains;
It is exactly what Your FATHER ordains.

Inspite of tears and sorrow
Spilling on into tomorrow,
Within my spirit I know
Your life was not in vain;
This inspiration keeps me sane;
Eternal life will be my gain.

May ALL PRAISE forever be THINE!
Assume me into heaven with Thee
And blissful forever shall I be.

© Mel Patterson, 3-4-06

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


While we begin this Season of Lent
Let us be mindful of the time Jesus spent
In meditation, prayer and fasting
To gift us with life everlasting.

He sweat beads of blood from His brow
And contemplating upon that now,
I am reminded of the stench of my sin;
He suffered and died ~ my soul to win.

His scourging grieves my soul to tears;
He suffered sorely among heartless jeers.
Relentless switches with whip of fire.
Lord Jesus, our souls Thou did so desire.

O wicked Crown of Thorn
Thy beautiful head did adorn !
Each one digging deep into your head,
O Lord, it should have been me instead.

Your own Cross they bid you carry
And they beat you lest you tarry.
Heavy wood cutting into your shoulder
With each step, their hearts grew colder.

They threw you upon the ground
Nails into your hands and feet were pound.
They hiked you high upon Cross so tall;
And for your thirst they offered you gall.

The seven last words that you had spoken
With bruised body, beaten, bloodied and broken
Are recorded in the Bible which we read today;
We honor your Passion as we meditatively pray.

In fear from that hill they fled
While thunder and lightening sped
Through the place of your death
Where you breathed your last breath;
Your public life was finally done.
For they killed you, God's Only Son.

Awaiting your promise that you will rise
On Easter Sunday amid joyous cries,
We trust in you our Lord and Savior
For the Glory your remnant shall savor.


© Mel Patterson, Ash Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Monday, February 27, 2006

" Awaken "

Arise from your slumber.
It is time to awaken...
Let's be among the number
Not torn, worn or forsaken.

A warning is given this day
In hopes of readying the soul
His Coming is not too far away;
The Lord, God, is our goal.

Make haste! Do not waste a second!
It is a Season of fasting and prayer.
Heed the call for the Lord has beckoned.
He admonishes us with unending care.

Be like the virgins with oil in our lamps.
Do not be caught off guard
Or wallowing in enemy camps.
Nor be with spirits marred.

'Tis a blessing this time of growth
Preparing the way of the Lord.
Holy Spirit inspire minds 'n hearts both!
Let's Praise God in one accord.

Time to arise, "Come follow Me.
I have come that you might live,
If you would understand and truly see
All of the Blessings I desire to give."

"Come with Me; take my Hand;
Listen to the sound of My Voice.
Walk with Me to Heaven's Land;
Where all souls in My Kingdom rejoice."

© Mel Patterson 2-27-06

Friday, February 24, 2006


He speaks in a whisper guiding the soul.
He speaks in the silence of a quiet lull.

He speaks to the heart tried and true.
He speaks to me and He speaks to you.

He speaks in the Love songs He sings
He speaks volumes in the Blessings He brings.

He speaks through His Holy Spirit’s Fire.
He speaks that we are His undying desire.

He speaks of the great Heavenly Promise
He speaks even of the ‘doubting Thomas.’

He speaks of shepherding all of His sheep.
He speaks of the promises we must keep.

He speaks He has prepared the way.
He speaks we heed what He has to say.

He speaks of the JOY one day we’ll know.
He speaks of how to spiritually grow.

He speaks how to reach heaven’s gate.
He speaks with open arms’ He will wait.

He speaks, "I love you, My Beloved Child."
He speaks, "My LOVE is pure and undefiled."

He speaks, "Come, your soul I have won."
He speaks, "I am the Messiah, God’s Only Son."

He speaks, "My Love, you are My Choice."
He speaks, "Enter, Come in and Rejoice."

© Mel Patterson, February 24, 2006

Thursday, February 23, 2006

" To GOD be "

The morning begins with a prayer.
Thank you Father for your care.
Praise you for your marvelous deeds
And caring for our numerous needs.

Because of you we have breath and live.
All good graces and blessings You give.
You are the Lord of Lords and King of kings;
Peace is the gift that your mercy brings.

Father, you are our heavenly treasure,
And loving us is your pure pleasure.
We are grateful for the Gift of your Son.
In your great plan our souls He has won.

To God be the glory; to God be the praise.
Let's sing to the Lord all of our days.
Raise His Name on high, shout it out loud.
We yearn for His Coming upon the cloud.

Keep oil on hand and your candle always lit.
Be on guard! Avoid being enticed to the pit.
The evil tempter wants to own your soul.
Remember that the Lord is our Final Goal.

O God of Glory! O God of Might,
We'll keep you within our sight.
Lord, you are Holy, Sacred and Divine.
May Hallelujah PRAISES always be Thine.

Mel Patterson (c) February 24, 2006

Monday, February 20, 2006

" Soul's Desire "

Lord, You are my soul's delight;
To You my spirit does aspire.

I love You with all my might;
You are the Object of my desire.

You lift me out of every plight
And trial no matter how dire.

Keep me forever in Your sight;
My love for You will never tire.

For all the blessings I pray this night
Grant those graces I require...

That I may reach a pinnacle of height
And be given the means to acquire...

The Gift of Your Everlasting Light,
Igniting my soul with Holy Spirit Fire....

Where with Angels and Saints in heavenly attire
I also may PRAISE YOU with harp and lyre.

Copyright Mel Patterson, 2-20-06

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Hush! Hush! Don't speak.
Utter nary a word.
The Holy Spirit's whispering.
"By My Armour you are gird."

Hush! Hush! Don't speak.
Listen raptly instead.
Close your eyes, open your ears,
And be Holy Spirit led.

Hush! Hush! Don't speak.
Words get in the way.
It often is far better
To simply ~ kneel and pray.

Hush! Hush! Never tarry.
Commune with God in prayer
In Church, Temple, outdoors or home,
HE will always meet us there.

Hush! Hush! Don't speak.
Precious soul, thou dost aspire
To be by His Love consumed and
Filled with Holy Spirit Fire.

The time has come when to 'Hush' is done.
Time to spread the Good News of Salvation.
Jesus has come, saved us from sin.

(c) Mel Patterson, February 18, 2006

It IS a good morning;
The new dawn arrives.
Blessed is the child of God
Upon Whom the soul thrives.

Good mid-day and afternoon;
As the minutes and hours unfold
Endless Praise to the Lord, our God
Who presents all moments as gold.

Good evening, approaching dusk;
As the minutes and hours tick by.
Glorious strands and ribbons of color
Encircle the huge expanse of sky.

Good night, moon-bright sky.
Velvety and jewel-bedecked above
Star-studded, blue-black night.
All gifts from our GOD of Love.

Rest thy weary head upon the pillow
Retire sweet spirit; set aside all care.
First give thanks and praise to our Father
Kneeling ~ with hands folded in prayer.

(c) Mel Patterson, February 18, 2006

Friday, February 17, 2006

" Beware and Be Aware "

He lurks in the shadows
He hides in the crowd.
Pray for discernment.
Rebuke the enemy out loud !

All is not what it seems.
What appears right is not.
The sneak and the thief one day
Will assuredly be dealt his lot.

Beware and Be Aware
Every moment of every day
There is no room for coddling him;
Get upon our knees and pray.

He picks and probes, spies and lies.
He wants only to stir up and abuse;
He kicks and fights all through the nights
And does it for himself to a-muse.

Pray to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Pray for deliverance and final release
Pray for health of mind, heart and soul.
Pray for protection, safety and peace.

The Holy Spirit enlightens faithful souls.
He lights, guards, guides and rules,
Blessing His Own with the Wisdom of Solomon
And the evil ones are shown as fools.

There is an enemy in our midst.
Beware and Be Aware.
He can be beaten and cast out
With constant and faithful prayer.

Mel Patterson
(c) Feb. 11, 2006
" Awesome Grace "

From the silence of the beginning
God who always was created every living thing
Earth would have been a paradise,
And all that had life and breath would sing.

One angel wanted to be just like God.
He was forever banned from heavenly glory.
He tempted Adam and Eve to sin and
that was the beginning of the long painful story.

In the fullness of time Mary's Baby was born.
He grew in grace, dignity and power.
Loved, betrayed, hated, and Crucified,
He was put death at The Appointed Hour.

Three days of grieving and bewilderment
None understanding the purpose of His Life
Until on that Glorious Day He ROSE from the dead
Salvation was won by God's only Son
We are lifted from the dregs of turmoil and strife.

Promises He fulfills, the Holy Spirit He instills.
From His Heart Love spills and
Our Father beckons us "Come,
"Follow My Son."
"Your soul He has won."

Rest easy longing soul;
Keep moving toward the goal.
There is JOY in being made whole.

To be in the Presence of The FATHER
and see JESUS Face-to-face...
O Rapturous JOY..
How AWESOME is that GRACE !!!

Written by Mel Patterson
(c) January 2006

Good Morning, Good Afternoon,
Good Evening and Good Night.
Wherever we are in our world
We're never out of His Sight.

We THANK you and PRAISE you, O Lord
All the Heavens and the Earth
SINGING in one accord,

Caught up in your LOVE,
Caught up in your splendor,
We thank you for the blessed Gift
Of your Mercies so tender.

We THANK you and PRAISE you, O Lord
All the Heavens and the Earth
SINGING in one accord,

To the God of Magnificence
And the God of Majesty,
To the God of Creation
Weaving His Tapestry
All Praise and Glory be given.

We THANK you and PRAISE you, O Lord
All the Heavens and the Earth
SINGING in one accord,

(c) February 2006 - Mel Patterson

We are swept up in your Spirit.
You teach us your Way.
We are caught up in your grace;
You bless our every day.


Praise you to O Lord, on high
Mounted on Your Throne in the sky.
Love songs we sing ,
Adoration we bring
To You, Our Heavenly King.


O Fountain of Living Waters,
Lord, of Spirit and Life,
You well up within us
Blessed freedom from all strife.


Majestic One, Abba, El Shaddei,
Glorious God from above
Our hearts are bursting,
Our souls ever thirsting
For the Blessing that is your LOVE.


Thank you, Father and Son,
Holy Spirit too.
In Adoration bending,
Our love we are sending.
In all that we do.


(c) February 2006 - Mel Patterson


All around the world
in all places and nations
Let's thank and Praise our God
with joyful expectations.

HE is the King of Glory
Seated upon His Throne
Heaven and earth are singing
Joyfully in every chord and tone.

HE keeps a watchful eye
Upon the Heavens and the Earth
HE draws all men to HIM...
Blessed Salvation, and Re-Birth.

O Mighty and Majestic God
Father of all Creation
We raise our hearts and souls
In Joy-Filled Adoration.

Father, we Praise You and Thank You
For every good Blessing and Grace.
With Hope-filled hearts we wait for the day
We may see Your Beautiful Face.

Glorious Day be upon us soon!!!
Rapture Divine,
Holy One,
Only One,
Triune God,
Abundant Joy,
Sacred Heart,
King of Peace,
Joy of all Nations,
Sovereign King,
Glorious Wonder,
Gold Refiner,
Soul Purifier,
Spirit of Life,
Miracle Maker,
in the Glory of the Father,
through the Power of the Holy Spirit,
All Worship, All Praise, All Glory
Yours, Almighty Father,
ForEver and EVer.
AMEN !!!

(c) February 2006 - Mel Patterson