Sunday, August 27, 2006

" RAPT "

Rapt in the splendor of your love
My soul rejoices and soars like a dove;
You have given my heart wings
With joy my very spirit sings.

~ You are God, my Father ~
~ You are Jesus, my Brother ~
~ You are Spirit, my Advisor ~
~ You are Three in One,
Holy Trinity,
In Affinity
For Infinity ~
No beginning, no ending,
Ever transcending,
Always ascending,
~ You give my soul flight ~
~ You are my delight,
Morning 'til night
O Glorious Light.

Rapture sublime,
Forever Divine,
I am rapt in
the splendor of
Your Love.

© Mel Patterson, 8-27-06

Sunday, August 20, 2006

"JOY of my SOUL"

Joy of my soul, Joy of my heart,
You've given me love from the very start;
In you I live, I move and I breathe ~
To you my whole being does cleave.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my spirit,
Of goodness ~ may I be drawn near it
And to all that is holy, right and true,
May I ever be totally committed to you.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my life,
You are the Rock during all the strife.
Many are the benefits you freely give;
Because of you, I have the will to live.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my heart,
Let's assure one another, we'll never part.
You are my Lord, my God, my All;
I obey your statutes, I love your Law.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my spirit
Absence from you, I surely would fear it.
Never permit me to ever stray
Protect me ever and always, I pray.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my life,
Sin pierces your heart ~ like a knife.
You are The Lord of Lords and The King of Kings,
O the JOY your Salvation brings.

The battle for good and evil still wages,
But You, O Lord, are JOY for all ages.
Judgement day will soon arrive;
The goats'll die and the sheep'll thrive.
Please God ~ your faithful ones'll be alive.

O Jesus, as Groom, you'll come for your Bride
You'll draw her very close to your side
Embrace her with your arms open wide
And together in Heaven forever abide.

You, O Lord, are JOY for all ages.
YOU are JOY for All Ages !!!

© Mel Patterson , 8-20-06