Friday, May 30, 2008


When Gabriel announced to Mary she was to bear a son,
She wondered how on earth it could be done.
For a virgin she had been and intended to remain;
She thought of her betrothed's and her parents' pain.

The Angel told her she would be infused by the Holy Spirit,
That she would remain a Virgin and not to fear it;
With this knowledge Mary acquiesced to God's Holy Will
And the gracious Vessel who was Mary is honored still.

Gabriel told Mary that cousin Elizabeth was with child,
Expecting a boy, the Forerunner of Christ-undefiled;
Mary journeyed to visit her cousin, each expecting a boy,
When John sensing Jesus' Divine Presence leapt for joy.

By their meeting, though yet unborn, the boys connected;
Little was it known both, eventually, would be rejected.
For now, however, the mothers would lovingly prepare,
Each in her own time, the child each would bear.

Hail, Mary, the Lord is with you,
Woman so full of Grace;
Blessed are you who nurtured Him,
And Kissed His adorable Face

© Mel Patterson, May 30, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008


Hasten, time's a wastin' !
No time for procrastinatin' !
Get it done now, get it done quick ~
See the clock tock 'n tick!
Get the job done in a flick!
Snap to it lickity split!

Run here, run there !
Be swift, no one'll care!
Do the job fast and furious!
Slow down? Are you serious?
No time to putter and sputter;
Don't grumble and mutter!
Job might as well be in the gutter!

Do more and do it now;
Don't fool around, pal!
Get with the program, man!
You can do it, yes you can
according to my time plan!
No break, no time!
Breaking your back for a dime?
You say it's a crime?

Well, I don't care 'bout you!
I want to break you, I do!
I snarl and bark and hiss,too.
If you don't know by now,
I'll get you somehow
and to only me will you bow!
I'm your worst enemy you see!
Legions swarm around me!
You're down? I'm happy
so full of glee...

Only one thing makes me flee!
When you get on bended knee,
get smart and so prayerfully
call upon Him who cast me out,
out of Eden for tempting Eve;
O, how I did seethe

Don't do that! Don't pray!
Overtaking you needs one more day!
Don't worry 'bout what God'll say!
Don't call upon the One who died,
Him who was crucified!
His Blood is on me now
He calls me "foul!"
I growl!

My pinions release you..
Let HIM please you..
He grabs you from the rim.
You're safe with Him.
I scurry along
slithering away,
looking for other prey,
another I can hold sway ~

© Mel Patterson, 5-26-08

Sunday, May 18, 2008


How many times does one burn the midnight oil,
from a problem which one might wish to recoil?
I daresay there are many too numerous to count
and, seemingly, too very many to ever surmount.

Often in the wee hours of the early morning it seems,
when the body is weary but the mind indeed deems
it is required to burn that midnight oil again,
this particular poem is being written thru' my pen.

If there were no hope and there were no tomorrow
this life would be pitiful and full of sorrow.
When, however, there is faith in a Supreme Being,
then comfort and consolation is what one is seeing.

There is a soul encased in the body of skin and bone,
of blood, sinew, muscle tissue made by God Alone.
To lift one's mind, heart, soul and spirit to God above
Is to experience God's comforting and everlasting Love.

So, whatever may cause you to burn that midnight oil,
keep the Lord God in your heart with you thru' that toil,
and you will see the dawning of a brand new day
full of hope and encouragement to hold you sway
as you fold your hands and to our God pray,
Lord, teach me to do it your way.

© Mel Patterson, 5-19-08

Friday, May 16, 2008


(Jesus' heart afire came to me during Mass
in an inner vision - triggering this poem)

My spiritual eyes see You standing before me,
Your heart is ablaze with leaping flame
Ignited with love for all of us;
Out of deep burning love You came.

Now in the middle of a large ring of fire
Whipping up all around me,
I am untouched by the fire-tongues
Of eternal love that surround me.

It's my sense, O Lord this is Your Love ring
Encapsulating us within Your burning Heart;
How can our spirits not shout and sing
For the infinite Love You bring
It's consummation to impart?

Send Your Ring of burning flame over the world
Engulfing satan and to hell have him furled,
While we are protected from harm and pain;
Thru Your Heart's fire heaven is our gain.

Your love burns so deeply, Lord
Showing us in ways we cannot measure;
When we praise You in one accord
You fill us with heavenly treasure;
Such is Your Holy Will and pleasure.

© Mel Patterson, 5-16-08

Saturday, May 10, 2008

In the Upper Room there gathered
were those who greatly mattered
being followers of Jesus who died
waiting humbly, devoid of pride.

The Lord bid them be present there
and they were in quiet deep prayer
when they heard a wind-like rush
envelope the room in a mighty gush.

Upon each one alit a tongue of fire;
they wondered what would transpire.
It became evident as they began to speak
in other tongues they did not seek.

Filled with the Holy Spirit, each one
could proclaim how God's only Son
came to save all men, Gentiles and Jews
who would listen and follow His cues
for in their own native tongues
They all could hear ~
the Good News.

So the apostles set out two by two
Preaching to many a Gentile and Jew
Romans and thousands of others, too
Spreading the Gospel of Salvation
To every people and nation
As the Holy Spirit ~ inspired them to do.

© Mel Patterson, 5-10-08
I heard my name called in the early morning rising,
a call to prayer or an action to take I am surmising.
There was no accompanying dream I can recall;
it was the voice of a man and no vision at all.

Whose voice could it have been that I heard
that summoned me to wake, my sleep deferred?
Why was I called in the wee morning hours,
this cool cloudy morn with sprinkling showers?

I did not know the voice of the man who spoke
but I wondered if was it me the Lord woke?
I still hear my own name called one times three
And I wonder, Lord, could it have been Thee?

I will take from the mention of my name
that it was a call from Thee, Lord, who came
bid me rise and begin the day with prayer
for our world which is in need of repair,
that national resources we share,
that everyone for all will care.

Until we learn to love one another
As sister, brother, father and mother
the way Thou knew before the start,
O Thou Loving Sacred Heart,
cleanse us of all that is not of Thee
Thy Blood to bathe us, ah Sweet Purity,
Help us grow in spiritual maturity
Lord, I Praise and Thank Thee
For Thou didst call me ~ one times three.

© Mel Patterson, 5-10-08