Wednesday, December 31, 2008

" Eve of the New Year "

The Eve of the New Year is upon us this day
May the good Lord bless us as we pray
Peace to reign over all the lands
As we trust in His capable hands
To effect that longed for goal
And the good of every soul.

There is the new day with a new way
May the good Lord bless us as we pray.

© Mel Patterson, 12-31-08

Monday, December 29, 2008


Perseverance is a virtue great blessings to imbue
Through it the soul is nurtured as it heeds every cue
From the Holy Spirit who indwells within it if it is true
To the faith of our fathers who guides us through
This earthly life on our way to heaven above
Where finally we'll rest in God's peace and love.

Hold fast!

While the road we travel is strewn with rocks and hills
And we are faced with pain, suffering and many ills,
Still we hold to the faith we were taught
Even though with slings and arrows we are fraught
Sliding and hiding, caught in the tangle
of satan trying every angle
our souls to wrangle.

Hold fast!

He comes, the Lord God of Hosts
The liar-satan snidely boasts
And sneakily slips away,
No more to hold us sway.
Our Savior bathes us in His Blood
His Graces our souls to flood

Hold fast!


© Mel Patterson, 12-29-08
" SAVED From the PIT "

Ho Hum. Life is humdrum.
Nothing worthwhile is at hand;
I'm bored clear out of my gourd.
My feet are sinking in quicksand;
No one loves me; no one holds the key.
How is it I ever came to be me?

Wallowing in my own woes
I guess that's how life goes
The devil has a hold I suppose
Just look at me - it shows.

A spark! A vestige of hope
Perhaps I can cope
A whisper in my ear,
"Take my hand, my Dear.
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life
Come to save you from the strife
To take you away from rife
Come with Me
And you'll see
I promise Eternity
Come, be with Me."

I acquiesce. I say, Yes.
Yes to all You say.
I repent, forgive my sin
My life I will amend
To Your Will I bend
My soul to You I commend.

I firmly recommit and humbly submit
You have saved me from the pit.

Thank You, Savior mine
You are
Holy, Sacred and Divine
Make my heart like Thine.

© Mel Patterson, 12-29-08

Monday, December 15, 2008


Why dost Thou cry, O Lord?
Dost Thou cry because of un-repented sin?
Thou dost know where every man has been.
Is it because sinful man shows no remorse
Is it because apathy abounds? Of course!

We have sinned against Thee, O Lord our God
It is because we permitted ourselves satan to prod.
We beg forgiveness of the pain we caused Thee
With rend-ed hearts we plead, mend our hearts;
Grant the blessings Thy Holy Hand imparts.

No more shall we grieve Thee, O Lord
We band together in one accord
Thanking Thee and Praising Thy Name
Thou art always and ever the Same
Holy Trinity, Holy Unity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Thy Heart, O to be near it
Thy Word, O to hear it
Thy Perfect Love,
We endear it.

© Mel Patterson, 12-15-08

Friday, November 28, 2008

"Thru Jesus I've Won"

All I can say is my heart bleeds for you
And to God it lovingly pleads for you.
You can't know how hard I pray
That the pain will go away.

The Jesus in me wants you healed;
In His Love you are forever sealed
His pure heart gives your soul wings
To soar and fly where the sparrow sings
Peace and Joy is what He brings
This Lord of lords, this King of kings.

I pray His Healing Hand to draw you
Softly, tenderly, gently, to His Heart
For your healing and restoration, too
His wholeness and holiness to impart

May the day be swift, quickly the night follow through
When we may sing His Praises because of you
For the healing that is sure to come
As prayers are prayed for you, Dear one,
We place our full trust in God's Only Son
One day you will say, "thru Jesus I've won!"
© Mel Patterson, 11-28-08

Friday, November 21, 2008


Lord, you stand before me open hands extended;
I see those deathly wounds, your life expended!
I reach for them and my soul is at peace
For my sins, Lord, forgive me, please.

How I have grieved you, I'll never really know.
The look in your eyes your deep love does show
My heart breaks for the sorrow I have caused you
I'm very sorry for my own heart was tossed too.

Why did it take so long for me to come around
For me to realize I needed higher ground?
You, O Lord, are all that I will ever need.
Just walk ahead of me and kindly lead
me to that place of heavenly peace
where humbly I adore Thee on my knees
O, great King, my Lord and my God
I kiss the ground Thou dost trod!

Open hands reaching out to me,
Lord, forever I thank Thee
And evermore I'll praise Thee.

© Mel Patterson, 11-21-08

Jesus encourages us to be persistent
in prayer so that God will act.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

" Released from Purgatory "

When I think of the Holy Souls in prayerful mode,
I see millions of lights float to the heavenly abode;
They speedily travel upward right before my eyes
Floating swiftly yet gently to the skies.

Surely their souls were Blood-bought
As they yearned and hungrily sought
To be cleansed of all of their sin
In that refining place they've been;
Their sufferings are not for nought!
God knows what our prayers have wrought.

Our prayers can help them attain the Goal
As one by one there is refined a precious soul
From life to death to purgative cleansing,
The Holy Souls purified begin ascending.
Freed at last from their painful load
Lighted souls float to the heavenly abode
Speedily traveling upward before the eyes
Floating swiftly...yet the skies.

© Mel Patterson, 11-4-08

Thursday, October 16, 2008


When is it over you ask questioning soul?
It's not over until you reach the Ultimate Goal.
The road is rough, the waters run deep;
The roads are rugged, the mountains steep.

Struggle you do over miles of bleak terrain,
Scurrying, and hurrying, trying to stay sane.
Through turbulent waters you swim the race;
Upon maturity you gain His blessed grace.

How will you know when your life is done?
How will you know when your race is run?
Only God knows where your life will take you,
Your soul's disposition and destination, too.

He is the Author and the Finisher of life.
When asked He pulls you through strife and rife.
Prayer is the key to draw Him to the heart,
Communion and union, never nor ever to part

Dear soul carry on in the best manner you can,
Praying, thanking, and praising the Son of Man.
His great love for you is ever deeply abounding ~
Listen! Can't you hear the heavens resounding?

As the time draws nigh, longingly you sigh
To be where He is in the "sweet by and by"...
And it shall be day...
For that you pray as you say,
As did The Son,
Not my will Father
but Yours be done.

© Mel Patterson, 10-16-08

Thursday, September 18, 2008


When I gaze upon the morning sunrise
I ponder the grandeur of God
Who has blessed our sight out of the night
Into the dawning of new daylight.

The sun may shine and the rain may fall
The snows cover the earth in peaceful pall
The earth may heave, waters may swell
Ebbs and flows of tides in time quell.
Every season's beauty we can see
Through God's creativity.

The Lord our God shows us and tells us
In countless ways - one after the other
Of His everlasting and unconditional Love
For you and me, His sister and brother,
His Heart to uncover.

Humility personified, Jesus, the Lord
Through Love His Blood was poured.
To Him alone all Praise we accord
Always and ever may He be adored.

© Mel Patterson, 9-18-08

Monday, September 01, 2008


A man named Art was sitting on the edge of his bed
Seeing him there alone we were strongly led
To go in and greet him with a warm "Hello,"
He looked a bear of a guy, an appealing fellow.

He was a black man as black as a man can be.
In that hospital room it was obvious to see,
He was staring at the blank green wall,
Leaning on the table cupping his jaw.
We told him we were led to call.

He smiled and told us his name
We smiled and did the same.
As we left we said, "God bless you, Art."
He in kind, said, "Thanks from my heart."
He thanked us warmly with a twinkle in his eye
This benevolent seeming very tall guy.
He made us smile, this gentle giant;
To the Lord's wish we were compliant.
Thank God Mena and I went;
I know Art was heaven-sent.

For the little we did for him, He did for us so much more;
We couldn't know the blessings that were in store.
We saw Jesus in him and in his smile
So happy we visited him for a while....
The memory of a man named Art
Is forever etched in my heart.
Thank God
for that man named Art.

© Mel Patterson, 9-1-08

There are 12 of us who go out two by two each week
to do two hours of works. We visit nursing homes,
the hospital, shut-ins, and we evangelize.
Hence, it was Filomena and I who visited
the hospital this week.

Our Lady of Knock Praesidium

St. Charles Borromeo Church


Sunday, August 31, 2008

" FIND our VOICE "

When things go well, it is easy to be of good cheer;
Life seems good, we're happy, no time for a tear.

When the good times are over and we wear a frown,
When problems weigh upon us and wear us down,
Find our voice, give thanks for the blessings given;
Pray to the Lord for whom the soul has striven
We will be blessed and Holy Sprit driven
To Praise Him morning, noon and night
Even if life seems a plight
Soon troubles will take flight
In Him we will delight.

Find our voice !
He's our Choice !!
We Rejoice !!!
Find our voice !

© Mel Patterson, 8-31-08

Saturday, August 09, 2008

" A Briney Sea "
I see the rolling waves undulating in the deep blue ocean,
I hear the gushing, the rushing and the turbulent motion;
While many of us are in the waters thrashing all about
Frighteningly and frantically, "Save us! " we shout.

Our vessel has sunk; we were tossed into the rough sea;
How could that upset have happened, how did it come to be?
Life boats filled to capacity, life rings clung to in a death-grip
Help comes, rescuers arrive to lift us onto another ship.

I taste the salty brine and choke on what I swallow;
I drift in and out of consciousness and helplessly wallow
In waters of oblivion, with others just like me ~ in that sea
Until I hear the sound of a bell ringing in the distance
Ringing and ringing with great persistance.
It snaps me out of that horrific situation;
I find blessed relief without hesitation.
A new day has dawned,and I stretch with a yawn.

© Mel Patterson, 8-9-08
" Living Water in an Arid Desert "

Empty, depleted, withdrawn, and dry
From the depths of one's heart comes a cry;
What does one do when caught in this lie
Where satan wants one's soul to die?

Nothing negative is of God we know
So how can the tempter deceive us so?
He gains entrance easily in susceptible souls
Who strive for worldly rather than heavenly goals.

While we see where the wrong may lie,
Jesus and satan for valuable souls do vie;
The battle is between principalities and powers
Our Lord's, far above satan's,indeed, towers.

Lean not on our own but upon the Lord's power
And believe His Majesty demands satan cower;
The Blood of Jesus covers us stem to stern
And saves us from the hell-fires that burn.

Rejuvenated, renewed, restored and healed
Thru the precious blood of Christ we are sealed;
The desert aridity is now replaced by living waters
Gifts He gives to His sons and daughters.

While peace of mind does indeed wax and wane
As life sends us the sun as well as the rain,
Be uplifted to know we can come to Him in prayer
And believe no matter what, He will always care
Lord, into Your Everlasting Life, we wish a share.

© Mel Patterson, 8-9-08

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Opening up before me
a panorama I spiritually see
of Thy Mother, Thy Saints,
Thy Angels and Thee,
gathering 'round Thy Altar,
in prayerful, peaceful Psalter.

O my Lord, Thou art wholly Divine!
The gift of wheat and the gift of wine,
bread of heaven, grapes sanguine,
by the Celebrant are consecrated
into Thy Body and Thy Blood
And Thy graces upon us flood.

Do bid us "Come," to Thy Table
While we are able
to receive Thee in Communion
the Gift of Holy Union.

When we are at Mass and fully attentive
and in worship and prayer are sensitive
we are as close to Heaven as we can be
this side of the veil unto Eternity;
Lord, God, we exalt Thee.

Lord, we are not worthy to receive Thee in this fashion
Please fill our souls with spiritual passion
we are as close to Heaven as we can be
this side of the veil until Eternity;
Lord, God, we exalt Thee.

© Mel Patterson, 7-20-08

Monday, June 30, 2008


Don't ask me about myself if you please
Unless you want to see me drop to my knees,
For I cannot share what is deep within my heart
Because to bare it would simply rip me apart.

I do better when I serve many others
Like you, my sisters and my brothers;
I don't do well to focus upon only me,
Try to understand and try to see
This is how I've got to be.

The Lord made me this way I dare say;
I can function with Him close by my side,
Leaning upon Him day after day after day
In Him forever I want and need to abide.

So, don't ask me if I am okay.
Just accept that I am this way;
The best way to help me is let me help you
And upon us both His favor He'll imbue
Pouring blessings down from heaven above
Gracing us with His everlasting Love.

© Mel Patterson, 6-30-08

Saturday, June 21, 2008


In the Autumn of my life it's a hill that I see;
To others a huge mountain it seems to be.

We are in shadow, black figures in the dark,
Moving upward with few eyes on the mark.

Some are stalling, sitting, resting, sleeping,
Others are beaten, backtracking and weeping.

Yet many move on and upward no matter the cost
Supporting others who otherwise might be lost.

At the top of the mountain is a brand new day,
Where the sun shines brightly holding me sway.

I see the mountain is only a hill and no more;
What once was, no longer holds store,
Past work is no longer a chore,
Peace blesses the core.
Rest, my soul, the job is done;
Look, He's coming, the Son,
For the little soul He has won.

© Mel Patterson, 6-21-08

Friday, May 30, 2008


When Gabriel announced to Mary she was to bear a son,
She wondered how on earth it could be done.
For a virgin she had been and intended to remain;
She thought of her betrothed's and her parents' pain.

The Angel told her she would be infused by the Holy Spirit,
That she would remain a Virgin and not to fear it;
With this knowledge Mary acquiesced to God's Holy Will
And the gracious Vessel who was Mary is honored still.

Gabriel told Mary that cousin Elizabeth was with child,
Expecting a boy, the Forerunner of Christ-undefiled;
Mary journeyed to visit her cousin, each expecting a boy,
When John sensing Jesus' Divine Presence leapt for joy.

By their meeting, though yet unborn, the boys connected;
Little was it known both, eventually, would be rejected.
For now, however, the mothers would lovingly prepare,
Each in her own time, the child each would bear.

Hail, Mary, the Lord is with you,
Woman so full of Grace;
Blessed are you who nurtured Him,
And Kissed His adorable Face

© Mel Patterson, May 30, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008


Hasten, time's a wastin' !
No time for procrastinatin' !
Get it done now, get it done quick ~
See the clock tock 'n tick!
Get the job done in a flick!
Snap to it lickity split!

Run here, run there !
Be swift, no one'll care!
Do the job fast and furious!
Slow down? Are you serious?
No time to putter and sputter;
Don't grumble and mutter!
Job might as well be in the gutter!

Do more and do it now;
Don't fool around, pal!
Get with the program, man!
You can do it, yes you can
according to my time plan!
No break, no time!
Breaking your back for a dime?
You say it's a crime?

Well, I don't care 'bout you!
I want to break you, I do!
I snarl and bark and hiss,too.
If you don't know by now,
I'll get you somehow
and to only me will you bow!
I'm your worst enemy you see!
Legions swarm around me!
You're down? I'm happy
so full of glee...

Only one thing makes me flee!
When you get on bended knee,
get smart and so prayerfully
call upon Him who cast me out,
out of Eden for tempting Eve;
O, how I did seethe

Don't do that! Don't pray!
Overtaking you needs one more day!
Don't worry 'bout what God'll say!
Don't call upon the One who died,
Him who was crucified!
His Blood is on me now
He calls me "foul!"
I growl!

My pinions release you..
Let HIM please you..
He grabs you from the rim.
You're safe with Him.
I scurry along
slithering away,
looking for other prey,
another I can hold sway ~

© Mel Patterson, 5-26-08

Sunday, May 18, 2008


How many times does one burn the midnight oil,
from a problem which one might wish to recoil?
I daresay there are many too numerous to count
and, seemingly, too very many to ever surmount.

Often in the wee hours of the early morning it seems,
when the body is weary but the mind indeed deems
it is required to burn that midnight oil again,
this particular poem is being written thru' my pen.

If there were no hope and there were no tomorrow
this life would be pitiful and full of sorrow.
When, however, there is faith in a Supreme Being,
then comfort and consolation is what one is seeing.

There is a soul encased in the body of skin and bone,
of blood, sinew, muscle tissue made by God Alone.
To lift one's mind, heart, soul and spirit to God above
Is to experience God's comforting and everlasting Love.

So, whatever may cause you to burn that midnight oil,
keep the Lord God in your heart with you thru' that toil,
and you will see the dawning of a brand new day
full of hope and encouragement to hold you sway
as you fold your hands and to our God pray,
Lord, teach me to do it your way.

© Mel Patterson, 5-19-08

Friday, May 16, 2008


(Jesus' heart afire came to me during Mass
in an inner vision - triggering this poem)

My spiritual eyes see You standing before me,
Your heart is ablaze with leaping flame
Ignited with love for all of us;
Out of deep burning love You came.

Now in the middle of a large ring of fire
Whipping up all around me,
I am untouched by the fire-tongues
Of eternal love that surround me.

It's my sense, O Lord this is Your Love ring
Encapsulating us within Your burning Heart;
How can our spirits not shout and sing
For the infinite Love You bring
It's consummation to impart?

Send Your Ring of burning flame over the world
Engulfing satan and to hell have him furled,
While we are protected from harm and pain;
Thru Your Heart's fire heaven is our gain.

Your love burns so deeply, Lord
Showing us in ways we cannot measure;
When we praise You in one accord
You fill us with heavenly treasure;
Such is Your Holy Will and pleasure.

© Mel Patterson, 5-16-08

Saturday, May 10, 2008

In the Upper Room there gathered
were those who greatly mattered
being followers of Jesus who died
waiting humbly, devoid of pride.

The Lord bid them be present there
and they were in quiet deep prayer
when they heard a wind-like rush
envelope the room in a mighty gush.

Upon each one alit a tongue of fire;
they wondered what would transpire.
It became evident as they began to speak
in other tongues they did not seek.

Filled with the Holy Spirit, each one
could proclaim how God's only Son
came to save all men, Gentiles and Jews
who would listen and follow His cues
for in their own native tongues
They all could hear ~
the Good News.

So the apostles set out two by two
Preaching to many a Gentile and Jew
Romans and thousands of others, too
Spreading the Gospel of Salvation
To every people and nation
As the Holy Spirit ~ inspired them to do.

© Mel Patterson, 5-10-08
I heard my name called in the early morning rising,
a call to prayer or an action to take I am surmising.
There was no accompanying dream I can recall;
it was the voice of a man and no vision at all.

Whose voice could it have been that I heard
that summoned me to wake, my sleep deferred?
Why was I called in the wee morning hours,
this cool cloudy morn with sprinkling showers?

I did not know the voice of the man who spoke
but I wondered if was it me the Lord woke?
I still hear my own name called one times three
And I wonder, Lord, could it have been Thee?

I will take from the mention of my name
that it was a call from Thee, Lord, who came
bid me rise and begin the day with prayer
for our world which is in need of repair,
that national resources we share,
that everyone for all will care.

Until we learn to love one another
As sister, brother, father and mother
the way Thou knew before the start,
O Thou Loving Sacred Heart,
cleanse us of all that is not of Thee
Thy Blood to bathe us, ah Sweet Purity,
Help us grow in spiritual maturity
Lord, I Praise and Thank Thee
For Thou didst call me ~ one times three.

© Mel Patterson, 5-10-08

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


O Lord, you have risen from the dead
Exactly as you have said.
We miss the YOU we came to know
Yet we wonder why it must be so

That you will again leave us
When You're taken will they believe us?
Will they understand why You came
Will anyone ever be the same?

We see You, Lord, as You appear
Your soon leaving evokes a tear.
We wish you could longer stay
Please just for one more day?

To the Father You must return
With deep ardor my soul does burn
We approach the place of your leaving
Already my poor soul is grieving

The sooner You go to the Father
Without further adieu and bother
The Holy Spirit will light His fire
Then our spirits will never tire

To spread the good news of salvation
To every soul in every nation
So, take Your leave Lord, if You must
In You forever we shall trust

We see You leaving fading from view
And after You go we'll take our cue
To go back to our family and our friends
Rapt in Your Love that never ends.

We await with Faith, Hope and Love
Holy Spirit blessings from above
To light our souls with ardor and fire,
To spread the Kingdom as You desire.
Per Your command all will transpire
And to that great call we do aspire.

© Mel Patterson, 4-30-08

Saturday, April 26, 2008

No, I am not my own universe
The world does not spin around me
Thinking so is utterly perverse
Why has it taken me so long to see?

How is it scales covered my eyes
And I refused to listen to good advice?
The evil one wore an angel's disguise
And seduced me with so many lies.

I was bitterly tossed and torn
I didn't know if I was coming or going
My mind, heart and soul were worn
Confusion and fatigue were showing.

Darkness overwhelmed me
And nothing existed for a short time
I felt as though I ceased to be
Then a tender hand helped me climb

I was lifted out of that black hole
Into the daylight of His eyes
He healed and restored my soul
And for Jesus my spirit sighs.

I relinquished my being and now am seeing
That I was out of control ~ clearly!
I repented deeply from the core of my being
And now cherish the Lord ever so dearly.

No one living soul is yet lost forever;
Jesus forgives the repentant sinner.
Pray for the lost, a noble endeavor;
Pray that every one will be a winner.

There is a battle raging right now
One we may not want to face;There are those who to satan bow
Pray they receive God's Grace.

The time is coming have no doubt
Jesus is coming as in Revelation
Be done with the evil one, the lout!
Unite under Christ Jesus as one holy nation.

© Mel Patterson, 4-25-08

Monday, April 21, 2008

" A Child Needs...."

We are products of our environment it is said
and from birth through life we are variously led
From infancy to childhood others are in charge
When you are little, others seem rather large.

A child needs benevolent and respectful care
As well as being taught to love and play fair.
If a child is taught to respect God and others
He will love himself and likewise his brothers.

Whether our childhood was nurturing or not
Comes the time when we must deal with our lot
The decisions we make will color our future
And show what we're made of as we mature.

If victory is to be won, it's upon God we trust
Knowing, loving and serving Him well we must.
Getting through life is hard enough we all know
Traveling with the Lord is the only sure way to go.

Guide the little ones in the ways of the Lord
So they, too, will praise Him, and to Him accord
All Honor, All Glory, and All Adoration
hearts full of joy and expectation,
toward the day of eternal jubilation
infinite exaltation.

© Mel Patterson, 4-22-08

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In centering upon God in prayer I am made aware
of the music of a heavenly choir
accompanied by angelic flute and lyre;
of so lovely a sound I never tire.

It is by God's grace my soul is released and pleased
to accept within my spiritual hearing
celestial reverberations so endearing
and I praise God for their appearing.

I bask in the midst of a surround of sound
taken out of the shell of my physical being
transported to a place of also seeing
that Light and Music are ever agreeing.

May this transcendent moment never end,
this heavenly place blessed with every grace
where one can be lost in time and space
taken away from the daily chase
that seizes the human race.

O, Love so tender, you radiate splendor;
may these moments be evermore mine
transport me often to that place divine
where music and radiance combine
and where Thy Light does ever shine.

May all Praise and all Thanksgiving
always and everywhere
be Thine.

© Mel Patterson, 4-16-08

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

O Lord, you showed me a deep dark chasm
Between good and evil this very morning.
Then I heard you bid me " spread the warning."

On one side was the Cross of our Salvation,
On the other, dank, black, putrid degradation.

The gap between good and evil truly exists;
Contamination by the evil one stubbornly persists.

He defies Purity and Holiness; he keenly drives wedges,
And gloats to see people sliding to the gap's edges

On the side of Salvation, souls are reaching out
Grasping the weak souls who experience doubt,

Trying to save them from falling into the chasm;
With temptations satan still wants to dazzle them.

The battle between good and evil is being fought
What is it our lives and efforts will have wrought?

Are we riding the slippery slope to a bitter end
With sludge, filth, sulphur, and fire our souls to rend?

Or are we on the road to Jesus who loved us to His Death
Will we love Him and be faithful to our last breath?

Come to grips all you who search for life's meaning;
Stay away from every evil thing that is demeaning.

Choose good over evil at every single chance!
The Lord looks upon us with His Loving Glance;
Do you not already see it, perchance?

The chasm is wide, deep and steep,
Evil ones shirk , lurk and creep,
They are snide, riddled with pride,
They want to take you on a joyride,
Then laugh at you all askew
Don't let it happen to you.

Choose our Creator Who willed us to be
Imitators of Jesus Who is the Key
To life with the Holy Trinity
For Eternity.

As the end of time approaches
And the closing of the gap encroaches,
Be aware of the Lord's exhortation
Heed his call every nation.
He tarries not for much longer;
Pray to be made stronger,
For the battle is not yet done.
Bring many to God's Son
In unity all for One.

Finally, the day will come
To hell many, to heaven some;

Choose God Who willed us to be
Imitators of Jesus Who is the Key
To life with the Holy Trinity
For all Eternity.

© Mel Patterson 4-9-08

Friday, April 04, 2008

O wayward soul where are you going?
What heavy crosses are you towing?
Into the wind are your dreams blowing?
Do you think that you are all-knowing?
What kind of seeds are you sowing?

When we can do no more to set things right
When what we want seems beyond our sight
Let's fall to our knees in the dark of the night
Pray to God with every bit of our might
Watch the evil one swiftly take flight.

Let's stand back and re-evaluate our lives!
With numerous trials the soul in pain writhes;
It's toward God Almighty every Christian strives,
Into His limitless pool of Mercy each soul dives
To soak up the forgiveness
and love God gives
For from infinity to infinity
His Divine Majesty lives
And He gives
and gives and

© Mel Patterson, 4-4-08

Monday, March 24, 2008

As my Blood coursed through my veins
I was forced to suffer horrendous pains;
I was beaten with cruel whips of fire,
Humiliatingly disrobed of all my attire.

The crown I wore they savagely applied
The Agony so great, I silently cried.
Dragging that cross upon my shoulder,
The crowd's taunts became much bolder.

I beheld the loving face of my mother
My heart was wrenched; I loved her.
Veronica kindly wiped my face
Giving me brief rest from the pace.

Three times I fell on jagged stone
Ripping my knees and shins to the bone.
Soldiers summoned Simon from Cyrene
I was the most pitiful sight he'd ever seen.

Bloodied and battered I looked a fright
Women and children wailed at the sight.
As we made our way to the fateful hill
Spittle and jeers were hurled at me still.

They threw me onto that cross of wood
Mobs of onlookers curiously stood
Watching the nails being pound
Hearing my mournful sound.

They saw the Cross raised;
In a frenzy they were crazed,
Hanging around glaring
Not one of them caring
Except my loved ones who were there
I wondered when I died how they'd fare.
I gave John and my mother
One to the other
So they would have one another.

For those who judged me
For those who crucified me...
Father, forgive them;
They know not what they do.

I thirst..........I thirst.

Father, into your hands
I commend my spirit.

It is finished.

~ Blood coursed through His veins ~
He was forced to suffer incomprehensible pains;
Through His Blood Heaven for us He gains.
~ Now in Heaven Our Savior reigns ~

© Mel Patterson, 3-24-08

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What is it that is in your wallet?
Is it stuffed with ones, fives and tens?
Is it filled with ID's and credit cards?
What is the message your wallet sends?

What do you carry around with you?
What do you have in that wallet of yours?
Do family pictures take a place of honor?
Are there any stubs from evils' lures.

If today you are taken in an untimely fashion
In an unexpected event and/or place
Will your wallet tell more than you wish it would?
Will you be found honorable or found in disgrace?

We don't know while we still walk this earth
If and when we might be caught off guard;
Why not inspect what we carry with us
And not make our parting unduly hard?

Scandalizing others is so hurtful a sin
Let's not be found dishonoring friend or kin
By their finding out evil places we've been.
Listen to the still soft voice within
Through God's Grace, we can win
With HIM let us begin.

Our wallets tell a story of how we live,
What we love and to whom and what we give.
Let's keep those wallets neat, simple and clean
And polish them to a fine luster and sheen;
Let's care for them as we do for souls
And meditate upon far loftier goals.

This little admonition is not meant only for you
It is meant for yours truly, too.
For in poetic form the lesson I convey
Teaches me how to walk the right way.
I hope our souls have been gently seeded
Triggering thoughts that may be needed
And that together God's plan is heeded
By bettering our lives with the passing of time
And reach the heavenly home ~
- O how sublime.

Lord, for You,

I penned this rhyme.

© Mel Patterson, 3-18-08

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Do you feel as though you are being tossed about,
As if in high seas with the storm's pounding clout?
Do you feel battle weary, fatigued beyond all reason?
Do you wonder if you'll ever reach a peaceful season?

As the rolling waves of the ocean ebb and flow
And the fierce winds blast your life to and fro
Know you're in a temporary and not permanent place
And ask the Lord to fill your heart with His Grace.

The storms of life are many; this we know as fact.
We've tried every conceivable thought, word and act
When all has been said and done seemingly for naught,
We pause finally and listen to God's renewing thought.

At times we wonder why no one comes to our rescue
Feeling defeated and deserted, our lives all askew.
We come to the realization that God truly does care
And we can see a new horizon on the wings of Prayer.

© Mel Patterson, 3-16-08

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


My beloved, who do you say that I am?
Do you believe that I AM The Pure Lamb?

Are you blinded or do you truly see
That you could become an image of Me?

Who do you really think I am, Dear one?
Do you think when I died my work was done?

Do you believe you are my My hands and My feet
And that I guide you from Heaven's Holy Seat?

If you truly know my love belongs to you
It will affect what you think, say and do.

For if you truly love Me and follow my ways
You'll find My Peace will bless your days.

Who Am I to you? I really want to know.
Do you know I lift you when you are low?

Can you imagine the expanse of my love
That spans eternity, earth to heav'n above?

I AM the GOD who willed you to be here
Before anything that ever came to being;
My child, I AM yours, you are Mine
I've removed the scales and you are seeing.

Now ~Who do you say that I Am?
Do you now believe
The Pure Lamb?

© Mel Patterson, 3-12-08

Sunday, March 09, 2008

"As the Lord Draws Near"

In the prime of my life I did not think about where I was going;
I had not the sense to be aware of what I was sowing.
Gradually the obscure became clear as our Lord drew near
The cloud of indecision faded from my sight
Away from my soul left the long dark night.

If you see through the glass rather darkly these days
And cannot make out even one of the sun's rays
The obscure can become clear as our Lord draws near
Open wide your heart and permit the Lord do His part
Upon your precious soul His Image He will impart.

© Mel Patterson, 3-9-08

Monday, February 25, 2008

" TIME to Take STOCK "

Do we want it all and do we want it right now?
Do we become frustrated trying to figure out how?
Do we demand and require many needless things?
Heartache and tears are what selfishness brings.

Do we pass the beggar by and give him an evil eye?
Do we look down on the poor with a snickering sigh?
Do we think we'll never walk that particular mile?
Do we go our own way with a sneer and a smile?

It's time to put the skids to that kind of thinking,
Or deeper down the slippery slope we'll be sinking.
It's time to take stock of our soul and our spirit,
Or the scorching hot flames of hell will sear it.

Open the eyes of our soul to see as Jesus can see,
He who gave His life up for the likes of you and me.
He gently chides us and within His heart hides us
To protect us from satan who desires to fight us.

Open the eyes of our hearts and think kindly of others;
Be in tune to the suffering of all our sisters and brothers.
Love them as Jesus teaches us how to love them rightly;
Learn and pray the Lord's Prayer daily and nightly.

Every provision we need the Lord will provide
As long as we travel our long journey by His side.
He came that we might gain eternal life with Him;
Through His Blood we are freed from satan's whim.

The Lord's is the earth, mountains, sea and sky,
As well as sun, moon, stars, and clouds rolling by.
Expand our minds, hearts, spirits and souls;
Immerse ourselves in loftier goals.
It is time to tend to Heavenly Fare
A Banquet awaits us there,
Lord, hear our prayer.

© Mel Patterson, 2-25-08

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


You call us to a closer union with you
A place we have never been before;
You beckon us to follow your every cue
Upon us every good grace you pour.

You extend your hand and gently lead
Taking us on the journey of our lives;
One day at a time you bid us proceed
To be with you, Lord, the soul strives.

We see your hand outstretched toward us
Bidding us lovingly, "Come follow me."
Lord, with plenteous blessings award us;
Hear us, O Lord, and answer our plea.

Graciously hear us, O Lord, when we cry,
Cry out to you in prayerful petition;
Be our stronghold we prayerfully sigh
As we submit to you in humble contrition.

Unite our hearts with yours forever more
Assume us, Lord, into your own Heart afire
Then will our souls and spirits ever soar
Praising you with heav'nly harp and lyre.

© Mel Patterson, 2-19-08

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Have faith in Me and you'll see
It is wise to come, follow Me.

Weary from the walk and the steep climb,
How much longer and how much more time
Must we travel this long, hard, rocky road
And shoulder this large heavy load,
Before help is given
And we are driven
to the depths we could possibly sink
Lord, we are at the brink
of drowning in the seas.
O, save us

Have faith in Me and you'll see
It is wise to come, follow Me.

I come to you when you cry out
When you don't listen, I have to shout
In ways you cannot yet understand;
It is with deep love I reprimand.
Be still and know that I am the Lord
Trust and Mercy to Me accord.

Have faith in Me and you'll see
It is wise to come, follow Me.

Have you walked my way and my steep climb?
Did you know that it was my appointed time?
Did you travel the long, hard, rocky road I did?
Did you shoulder the wood of the Cross as I did?
I asked my Father to lift the cup I was to drink
But it was not to my own will I would think
It was to my Fathers' I would say yes
To His will only I did acquiesce
to my last breath
Even to death.
all for you
As I was born to do.
Why? you want to know?
Because I love you so.
I want you to be where I am
with greatest affinity
For all eternity.

Have faith in Me and you'll see
It is wise to come, follow Me.

© Mel Patterson, 1-29-08

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My Son told me He would make all things new;
How could I have known what that would ensue?
He told me He'd die for a cause that was just
And the suffering He would endure, He said He must.

When He grew from a tiny baby into a child.
With Joseph His Father, much wood they piled,
To make many a frame, a door, a table and chair;
Working together they were quite a pair.

For a time after Joseph passed on we were grieving,
And after some years later, my Jesus was leaving;
It was so hard to see Him go off into the world,
I felt my heart was ripped out and hurled.

He must be about His Father's business He said;
So many men and women to Heaven would be led.
Within I knew God had designed and planned
That all would all come to pass at my Jesus' hand.

If only people would listen and heed Him
And realize they desperately need Him;
He wants them to recognize God our Father,
And not feel that salvation is a bother.

The joy that awaits those who obey His Law
Graciously given to those who heed His call
Is unconditionally and everlastingly given
To every soul that is Holy Spirit driven.

When my Son was arrested and tortured, I cried,
"My sweet and beautiful Jesus they crucified."
The hole in my heart was mended in three days
As Jesus was resurrected; to God I sang praise.

Praise God with me everyone who loves my Son!
Your precious souls my Jesus has won;
Victory's with Him now and forevermore.
One day we'll all Praise God on Heaven's shore;
Only Him for all eternity we'll adore,
Where every soul will blessedly soar.

My Son made all things new


~ for you ~


© Mel Patterson, 1-16-08

Friday, January 11, 2008

" Teetering on the Edge "

We stand on a precipice and teeter on the edge
O Lord, help us not to slip and fall;
Let satan not draw between us a wedge ~
Speak loudly that we may hear your Call.

Lord, we are so weak and growing very weary
We stumble, fall, drag ourselves hour upon hour
Our eyes are swollen shut, tired and teary;
O lift our crosses with your almighty power.

We can't live up to our own expectations
Let alone try to live up to Yours;
Help us to revel again in jubilation,
Help us fight off satan's lures.

Our bodies, minds, hearts, souls and spirit
Suffer under the weight of the cross we carry;
Your humble submission, may we mirror it,
Permit your guiding hand not to tarry.

It becomes clear to us that we are to blame
For the position in which we find ourselves;
In soulful petition we call upon Your Name,
Lord, forgive us and hold us to Thyself.

~ Thank you, Lord, for the blessings you bring ~
~ Thank you for removing sin's sting ~
~ In gratitude and Praise to you we sing ~
You are our Lord! You are our King!
~ In Heaven and earth Praises ring ~
In Adoration we all sing!
You are Lord and King!!!

© Mel Patterson, 1-11-08

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

O my people the veil thins
Between goodness and sins;
It draws nigh that swiftly I come
Loving all, taking some,
I mete out justice over all.
If only all,
would hear my call.

I come to you in the night
When you muse upon my might;
I chase the spirit of darkness and gloom
I protect you from sins' vacuum
I lift your soul in my hands
And gaze upon you with heart aflame
Would that you truly understood
why it is.......I came.
Ponder what is above
Come with me, my love.

Upon a steed, in armor adorned,
I come soon; you are warned
Prepare your soul for my visitation
All will know of my justification.
Soon the hour of completion will be done
Be ready for me ~ I AM ~ God's only Son.

These things I tell you out of deep love
I'll take you to my Father above
O my people the veil is thin
I break forth, come in,
Where our souls wedded will be
For ever and ever in eternity.
© Mel Patterson, Jan. 3, 2008