Saturday, April 26, 2008

No, I am not my own universe
The world does not spin around me
Thinking so is utterly perverse
Why has it taken me so long to see?

How is it scales covered my eyes
And I refused to listen to good advice?
The evil one wore an angel's disguise
And seduced me with so many lies.

I was bitterly tossed and torn
I didn't know if I was coming or going
My mind, heart and soul were worn
Confusion and fatigue were showing.

Darkness overwhelmed me
And nothing existed for a short time
I felt as though I ceased to be
Then a tender hand helped me climb

I was lifted out of that black hole
Into the daylight of His eyes
He healed and restored my soul
And for Jesus my spirit sighs.

I relinquished my being and now am seeing
That I was out of control ~ clearly!
I repented deeply from the core of my being
And now cherish the Lord ever so dearly.

No one living soul is yet lost forever;
Jesus forgives the repentant sinner.
Pray for the lost, a noble endeavor;
Pray that every one will be a winner.

There is a battle raging right now
One we may not want to face;There are those who to satan bow
Pray they receive God's Grace.

The time is coming have no doubt
Jesus is coming as in Revelation
Be done with the evil one, the lout!
Unite under Christ Jesus as one holy nation.

© Mel Patterson, 4-25-08

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