Saturday, January 15, 2011


The soul is a prism reflecting the Light
The radiance of which blinds our sight
A soul so attuned soars to great height.
The soul nearing the the Lord is lighter
And the closer to Him the brighter
Imaging Him it is even whiter.

God draws a beloved soul to His own
His Soul and the small soul coo in a moan.

The soul caught up in shameful sins
Moves away from God; satan wins ~
But God's love for that prodical son
Through the Blood of the Cross has won
The repentent soul and washed away
The filthy stain of blackness and gray.

God draws this soul close to His Heart
He blesses it by giving it a fresh start
He enlivens and enlightens the soul to pray
To ask for graces sufficient for the day.

The soul nearing the the Lord is lighter
And the closer to Him the brighter
Imaging Him it is even whiter.

© Mel Patterson, 1-16-11

Saturday, January 08, 2011


Snow is falling, flakes big as your eye!
Pure white, its' beauty emits an 'ah-ing' sigh
Skies above appear as a milky gray
Evergreens adorned as glistening snows lay.

Reminiscent of times gone by
When mounds would cumulatively lie
Snowmen created and snowballs thrown
We played amidst that snow so blown.

Anxiously we'd don our gear with great haste!
Ankle deep, knee deep, even to the waist
We'd play and romp, frolick and slide
And on our red and brown sleds we'd glide.

For hours upon hours outdoors we'd play
Until we finally came in at the end of the day;
Off came each wet boot, scarf and glove
Hot cocoa served expressed thru Mom's love.

To be a child and enjoy all of the snowfall,
Unlike adults who might deem it awful,
Snow-white mountains are a child's glee
With no other place he'd rather be.

© Mel Patterson, 1-8-11

Thursday, January 06, 2011


O Lord, when I find it hard to pray
And the words will not come my way
Bless this unsettled soul of mine
So it may come into line with Thine.

How is it at times I am inspired
And much of me is required?
How is it at times I am depressed
With feet of clay that are hard pressed?

I long to be lifted out of this abyss
To understand why I have been remiss
In obeying Thy patient knock and call.
O Lord, I do not deserve Thee at all.

There is a spirit battle being waged
I want to break out but I am caged
Those pinions digging into my soul
Begin to take their tortuous toll.

Reach down and grasp my feeble hand
Lord lift me high out of this quicksand
Pull me up and engage me to Thy heart
Hold onto me that I may not again depart.

Instill within me Thy Holy Spirit
That I may always and ever endear it.
Lead me to Thy Truth, Life and Way
And I shall be blessed again to pray.

To Thee I come with repentant heart
And plead with Thee we never ever part
Lord, I adore Thee and upon bended knee
I pledge my heart and soul to only Thee.

© Mel Patterson, 1-6-11

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


While the night unfolds and the hours tick by
The world sleeps but why can't I?
I wonder how it is this sort of thing has come to be
Perhaps it is the Lord who wants me to see
There are far more who toss and turn like me.

How do we use the time that is now handed to us?
Do we use it wisely or do we fuss and cuss?
Do we mis-use this gift of time that has been dealt?
It is far better to pray that peace may be felt
And that bitter sin encrusted hearts would melt.

The world is in need of salvation and much prayer
Nations need warriors to lift them up in care
To the Lord our God who alone can mend the ills
With Love each human heart He generously fills
As His Holy Spirit over the receptive soul spills.

It seems the reason for the wakefulness is now clear
As we pray for our world and those we hold dear
In the right frame of mind inspired by God above
We lift up our neighbor in prayer and in love
Then we retire again blessed by the Holy Dove.

© Mel Patterson, 1-4-11

Monday, January 03, 2011

Entering the Springtime of my life years ago
Myriads of emotions sprinkled with bouts of woe
Tested my metal and kept me sway
As I traveled a journey toward The Way.

Little did I know in the heat of the Summer
Eventually I would surmount as an overcomer
Obstacles of draughts and fires that charred my soul
As I traveled a journey toward The Goal.

As the Autumn of my life came and went
I pondered if prior seasons were well spent
Resolving to focus on others, myself as least
I now traveled a journey toward the Banquet Feast.

Now in the Wintertime of my Salvific traveling
Avenues of serenity are oft pitted by graveling
Step by stoney step I mount the steep climb
Traveling the journey toward a Heaven sublime.

© Mel Patterson, 1-3-11