Friday, June 29, 2007


Guard the tongue;
Do not speak ill of anyone.
If nothing nice can be said,
Put negative thought to bed.
Rebuke the evil one's bait
And find a positive trait.
Say only what is kind and good
To build another up as we should.

Let your light shine upon others;
Bless your fathers and your mothers,
As well as your sisters and brothers.
Be a beacon in every storm one faces;
Be open to God's blessings and graces.

Be Jesus to all whom you meet;
Be his arms, his legs and his feet.
Speak warmly, always with a prayer;
Show them Christ's love and his care.

Forgive others as you would be forgiven.
Pray to be Holy Spirit driven.
Thank and Praise God for all he has given.
It is for Eternal Life we have striven.
It's Paradise we wish to live in.

© Mel Patterson, 6-29-07

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

" Invoking the Holy Spirit "

Unbridled thoughts imposed on the mind
Cloud the eyes of a soul that is nearly blind;
Where the spirit is almost thread-bare,
We invoke The Holy Spirit in solemn prayer,
" Do Thou shed Thy Light in there."

With soul illuminated by the Light
The evil one must take his flight;
Strengthened by Divine Power
Graces upon the soul God will shower.
We give You Thanks and Praise,
O High and Mighty Tower.

© Mel Patterson 6-19-07

I see you in the distance and tremble with fear
As I thrash and splash flailing about in turbulent water
You come toward me and say, "I am here, my daughter,"
And you firmly say to the evil one, "I have caught her!
Depart you son of darkness, with my Blood I bought her!

"O, ye of little faith," I hear you say;
"When you doubt I respond to your plea.
When you flounder and feel like you're drowning,
I rush and reach for you in Love abounding,
Hold on, it is me, Jesus, I am He."
In the raging waters of the stormy sea,
Even then, Lord, you come to save me.

You still the turbulence and the sea becomes calm;
Your Presence soothes my soul like comforting balm.
Your Heart and my heart cleave together in love;
It is why the Father sent you from above
Sent the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove
Lost in your love is all I can think of.

Peace has come; my soul can rest now;
Before you, O Lord, I gratefully bow.
In worship and praise all of my days
My spirit is renewed through your grace;
To you be all glory, honor and praise.

Depart you son of darkness, with my Blood I bought her!
Depart you son of darkness, with my Blood I bought him!
Depart you son of darkness, with my Blood I bought them!

© Mel Patterson 6-19-07

Saturday, June 16, 2007


God, Our Father, Father of all fathers,
We thank you for the innumerable gifts you give
You bless us with the sunrise and the sunset
We'll thank you and praise you as long as we live.

If not for you, El Shaddai, Abba, God and Father,
We would never have been born nor ever know you;
You have loved us with an everlasting love for all time
We shall praise you ~ and glorify your Holy Name, too.

To reconcile us to yourself, you sent your only Son
To save us from the slavery of evil and of all sin;
If not for your love and plan in the fullness of time,

We shudder at the thought of where we might have been.

Your glory shines all around and about you, Father;
Your radiance and majesty fill us with joy and elation
When we contemplate your goodness and mercy
We praise you with unbridled jubilation
We await in anticipation
the grand celebration
When with the mighty trumpet blast
You will come again, at last
And take us to the place you have prepared
Simply because you cared
For us,

lowly children...

for ever and ever!

© Mel Patterson 6-16-07

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Spirit's Teaching Me

O Holy Spirit, you teach me many things
About what your Divine nature brings.
You are the Love between Father and Son
O Triune God, truly Three in One.

The Word issuing from God's mouth was Jesus
With every teaching of His sweetly to please us.
Three in One, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Wisdom of ages, may we wholly hear it.

If I listen carefully when you speak to me
You say your Presence is with me eternally.
The dimension in which I live here and now
Is only a thin veil away from you somehow.

That being the case it's like a mother's womb
With immanent birth issuing forth soon.
You're close as that mother and unborn child;
By this teaching my soul you have beguiled.

I wish to feel your Presence with me ever;
To be prayerful and reverent is my endeavor.
Keep teaching me the wisdom of your ways
That I may attain heaven one of these days.

© Mel Patterson, June 3, 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007

" Ah, Victory! "

Toying with a soul for his own malicious goal,
satan puts enmity between God and man,
But in the chase, through God's Grace,
he's been unseated, defeated, and depleted;
he's lost the race!!!

When Jesus Christ is the choice,
The soul can openly rejoice.
Victory is won through God's only Son
And after all is said and done
The race was well run....

" Ah, Victory! "

© Mel Patterson, 6-2-07