Friday, June 29, 2007


Guard the tongue;
Do not speak ill of anyone.
If nothing nice can be said,
Put negative thought to bed.
Rebuke the evil one's bait
And find a positive trait.
Say only what is kind and good
To build another up as we should.

Let your light shine upon others;
Bless your fathers and your mothers,
As well as your sisters and brothers.
Be a beacon in every storm one faces;
Be open to God's blessings and graces.

Be Jesus to all whom you meet;
Be his arms, his legs and his feet.
Speak warmly, always with a prayer;
Show them Christ's love and his care.

Forgive others as you would be forgiven.
Pray to be Holy Spirit driven.
Thank and Praise God for all he has given.
It is for Eternal Life we have striven.
It's Paradise we wish to live in.

© Mel Patterson, 6-29-07

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