Monday, December 31, 2007


Why is it sometimes I feel strong
And other times everything seems wrong
Yet, there are times, I break forth into song
Knowing the Savior to whom I belong?

The ups and downs of life I know
Often have me heaving to and fro;
The fact of the matter is that life is so,
Thank the Lord to whom I may always go.

The seesaw of life springs me up and down
You might see on my face a doleful frown
Yet here is Jesus adorned in golden crown
With a red mantle over his long white gown.

He keeps me focused on the things above;
Filling my emptiness with his everlasting love.
It is through Him, with Him and in Him
I have the strength and courage to live
Thru the grace His Holy Spirit does give
Boundless blessings upon me alight
I praise the Lord with all my might
He is sheer Heavenly Delight
It's Joy to be in His Sight
My soul takes flight
Soaring ...
ultimate height.
© Mel Patterson, 1-1-08

Friday, December 28, 2007

" JOY and PEACE and LOVE "

Year's end is swiftly encroaching,
Leaving the present year behind,
The New Year is fast approaching,
The goals we sought, did we find?

Were we satisfied with mediocrity?
Did we strive for so much less?
Did we flaunt an air of superiority?
Did we make of ourselves a pitiable mess?

The time is coming for a new resolution
The New Year offers new promise and hope
We plead with God for His absolution
And trust in His mercy to help us cope.

Starting afresh, let us begin the New Year
By recalling His Tenets and His Law
Remembering that He is always near
Ready to catch us if and when we fall.

Seas may rage and oceans may heave
And fall we shall ~ but do not always fear it
For Jesus told us that He will never leave
Through the Power of His Holy Spirit.

Spiritual things are seen and unseen
It is within the soul we come to know it;
In evaluating our walk we see where we've been
Growing in holiness ~ or ~ wallowing in sin
Forgiveness is needed without a doubt
And when it is given we want to shout
for and with
Joy and Peace and Love
All Blessings from God above!
Joy and Peace and Love !!
Joy and Peace and Love!!!

Let's begin the New Year
with renewed
~ JOY and PEACE and LOVE ~

© Mel Patterson, 12-28-07

Sunday, December 23, 2007


The Season's fast arriving;
For what are we striving?
Gifts are sought
and bought.
No time
for things sublime
Rushing here, there
Nerves threadbare
Care rare.

Buying, wrapping
Sleepless nights
Nocturnal lights
All's done;
race won!
Not fun?

Christmas Eve is here
Christmas Day is near
Hurrying and Scurrying
now behind us
How will the Baby Lord Jesus
find us?

Let us kneel in adoration
Rejoice in jubilation
At Bethlehem's stable
While we still are able
Time is of the essence;
In The Babe's Presence
We sing Songs of Joy,
Adoring the Baby Boy,
JESUS, Little King,
Salvation He'll bring!
Sing !
S I N G !!!

© Mel Patterson, 12-23-07

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Chilly! It's very chilly today!
Whistling winds sweep the air
Playing havoc with one's hair
Scarves pulled tightly
Coats buttoned rightly,
It's very chilly today!

Chilly! It's getting more chilly today!
Whirling winds surging even more
Twirling, remaining leaves soar
Like a hundred birds flying in the sky,
An awesome view to delight the eye.
It's even more chilly today!

Chilly! It is most chilly today!
Winds are calming slightly now
Got through this rough day somehow
Reddened cheeks and nose tip frozen
Now swiftly to home, I have chosen,
It was extremely chilly today!

Chilly! It WAS chilly today!
Warming up by the hearth's fire
Feeling toasty, beginning to tire
Hot chocolate tasty and luscious
How I love it so muchous.
It WAS chilly today!

Time now to hit the hay
but not before I say
Thank you, Lord
For this invigorating day.

Lord, it WAS chilly today!

© Mel Patterson, 12-16-07

Monday, December 03, 2007

" Thy Love I Have Sought "

For Thou alone my heart sings
O Lord of Lords, King of Kings;
How can I love Thee as I ought~
Thy love I have so long sought.

When I contemplate Thy goodness to me,
I am in awe and enveloped in humility
That Thou O God from infinity
Saw fit to create one like me.

My heart overflows for love of Thee
Like swelling waters of the blue-green sea
Like the roaring waves splashing ashore;
It is Thee O my God whom I adore.
Permit that I may love Thee evermore.

When my earthly life comes to an end
My sinful wounded soul wilt Thou mend?
May I one day behold Thy radiant Face
And reap the joy of inestimable grace?

How I pray this will be so, O Lord,
As to Thee alone all Praise I accord;
To be in Thy company one of these days
Hearing choirs resound in Praise
To Thy Holiness and Grace
In that heavenly Place~
And behold, I gaze
upon Thy most

© Mel Patterson, 12-3-07