Monday, December 03, 2007

" Thy Love I Have Sought "

For Thou alone my heart sings
O Lord of Lords, King of Kings;
How can I love Thee as I ought~
Thy love I have so long sought.

When I contemplate Thy goodness to me,
I am in awe and enveloped in humility
That Thou O God from infinity
Saw fit to create one like me.

My heart overflows for love of Thee
Like swelling waters of the blue-green sea
Like the roaring waves splashing ashore;
It is Thee O my God whom I adore.
Permit that I may love Thee evermore.

When my earthly life comes to an end
My sinful wounded soul wilt Thou mend?
May I one day behold Thy radiant Face
And reap the joy of inestimable grace?

How I pray this will be so, O Lord,
As to Thee alone all Praise I accord;
To be in Thy company one of these days
Hearing choirs resound in Praise
To Thy Holiness and Grace
In that heavenly Place~
And behold, I gaze
upon Thy most

© Mel Patterson, 12-3-07

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