Sunday, December 23, 2007


The Season's fast arriving;
For what are we striving?
Gifts are sought
and bought.
No time
for things sublime
Rushing here, there
Nerves threadbare
Care rare.

Buying, wrapping
Sleepless nights
Nocturnal lights
All's done;
race won!
Not fun?

Christmas Eve is here
Christmas Day is near
Hurrying and Scurrying
now behind us
How will the Baby Lord Jesus
find us?

Let us kneel in adoration
Rejoice in jubilation
At Bethlehem's stable
While we still are able
Time is of the essence;
In The Babe's Presence
We sing Songs of Joy,
Adoring the Baby Boy,
JESUS, Little King,
Salvation He'll bring!
Sing !
S I N G !!!

© Mel Patterson, 12-23-07

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