Monday, December 31, 2007


Why is it sometimes I feel strong
And other times everything seems wrong
Yet, there are times, I break forth into song
Knowing the Savior to whom I belong?

The ups and downs of life I know
Often have me heaving to and fro;
The fact of the matter is that life is so,
Thank the Lord to whom I may always go.

The seesaw of life springs me up and down
You might see on my face a doleful frown
Yet here is Jesus adorned in golden crown
With a red mantle over his long white gown.

He keeps me focused on the things above;
Filling my emptiness with his everlasting love.
It is through Him, with Him and in Him
I have the strength and courage to live
Thru the grace His Holy Spirit does give
Boundless blessings upon me alight
I praise the Lord with all my might
He is sheer Heavenly Delight
It's Joy to be in His Sight
My soul takes flight
Soaring ...
ultimate height.
© Mel Patterson, 1-1-08

Friday, December 28, 2007

" JOY and PEACE and LOVE "

Year's end is swiftly encroaching,
Leaving the present year behind,
The New Year is fast approaching,
The goals we sought, did we find?

Were we satisfied with mediocrity?
Did we strive for so much less?
Did we flaunt an air of superiority?
Did we make of ourselves a pitiable mess?

The time is coming for a new resolution
The New Year offers new promise and hope
We plead with God for His absolution
And trust in His mercy to help us cope.

Starting afresh, let us begin the New Year
By recalling His Tenets and His Law
Remembering that He is always near
Ready to catch us if and when we fall.

Seas may rage and oceans may heave
And fall we shall ~ but do not always fear it
For Jesus told us that He will never leave
Through the Power of His Holy Spirit.

Spiritual things are seen and unseen
It is within the soul we come to know it;
In evaluating our walk we see where we've been
Growing in holiness ~ or ~ wallowing in sin
Forgiveness is needed without a doubt
And when it is given we want to shout
for and with
Joy and Peace and Love
All Blessings from God above!
Joy and Peace and Love !!
Joy and Peace and Love!!!

Let's begin the New Year
with renewed
~ JOY and PEACE and LOVE ~

© Mel Patterson, 12-28-07

Sunday, December 23, 2007


The Season's fast arriving;
For what are we striving?
Gifts are sought
and bought.
No time
for things sublime
Rushing here, there
Nerves threadbare
Care rare.

Buying, wrapping
Sleepless nights
Nocturnal lights
All's done;
race won!
Not fun?

Christmas Eve is here
Christmas Day is near
Hurrying and Scurrying
now behind us
How will the Baby Lord Jesus
find us?

Let us kneel in adoration
Rejoice in jubilation
At Bethlehem's stable
While we still are able
Time is of the essence;
In The Babe's Presence
We sing Songs of Joy,
Adoring the Baby Boy,
JESUS, Little King,
Salvation He'll bring!
Sing !
S I N G !!!

© Mel Patterson, 12-23-07

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Chilly! It's very chilly today!
Whistling winds sweep the air
Playing havoc with one's hair
Scarves pulled tightly
Coats buttoned rightly,
It's very chilly today!

Chilly! It's getting more chilly today!
Whirling winds surging even more
Twirling, remaining leaves soar
Like a hundred birds flying in the sky,
An awesome view to delight the eye.
It's even more chilly today!

Chilly! It is most chilly today!
Winds are calming slightly now
Got through this rough day somehow
Reddened cheeks and nose tip frozen
Now swiftly to home, I have chosen,
It was extremely chilly today!

Chilly! It WAS chilly today!
Warming up by the hearth's fire
Feeling toasty, beginning to tire
Hot chocolate tasty and luscious
How I love it so muchous.
It WAS chilly today!

Time now to hit the hay
but not before I say
Thank you, Lord
For this invigorating day.

Lord, it WAS chilly today!

© Mel Patterson, 12-16-07

Monday, December 03, 2007

" Thy Love I Have Sought "

For Thou alone my heart sings
O Lord of Lords, King of Kings;
How can I love Thee as I ought~
Thy love I have so long sought.

When I contemplate Thy goodness to me,
I am in awe and enveloped in humility
That Thou O God from infinity
Saw fit to create one like me.

My heart overflows for love of Thee
Like swelling waters of the blue-green sea
Like the roaring waves splashing ashore;
It is Thee O my God whom I adore.
Permit that I may love Thee evermore.

When my earthly life comes to an end
My sinful wounded soul wilt Thou mend?
May I one day behold Thy radiant Face
And reap the joy of inestimable grace?

How I pray this will be so, O Lord,
As to Thee alone all Praise I accord;
To be in Thy company one of these days
Hearing choirs resound in Praise
To Thy Holiness and Grace
In that heavenly Place~
And behold, I gaze
upon Thy most

© Mel Patterson, 12-3-07

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Come into His Presence
And be blessed by His essence;
He's close as we permit Him to be
If we realize this we can see...
He's been close to us ~ actually ~
Being aware of Him is the key.

Find a quiet place to stay and pray
And listen to what God has to say;
His Joy can be ours for the asking,
In His Son's Love we're basking.

Open the heart, soul, and spirit,
Quiet time and silence, endear it
Listen as God speaks to the heart;
Graces and blessings He'll impart
From us He wants never to be apart!

Union with You, Lord, is our heart's desire;
Lift us up out of the filthy mire,
Forgive our sin;
~ Again let us begin
To know, love and to serve You,
We truly do not deserve You,
Nothing is anything without You;
To You we cleave
Never wanting to leave
Help us perceive
Your unconditional love
Straight from heaven above
We come into Your Presence
Blessed by the transcendence
Of Your Purest Essence,
O Thou Holiest Eminence.

© Mel Patterson, 11-3-07

Sunday, October 14, 2007

" Noise! "

Shattering peace is the disturbance of noise
Which invades the soul from its prior poise,
As the soul soars in heavenly contemplation
It's then catapulted into painful vexation.

Where is the peace that once was mine?
The Gift given to me once upon a time?
It shall come again; of this I am very sure
As I release my spirit to God so pure.

In the meantime I patiently and hopefully wait
For the blessings from the Keeper of the Gate
He lifts my heart, my soul and my spirit;
For temporary loss of peace, I'll not fear it.

I'll continue to pray to Him without ceasing
For to the Lord our God it is most pleasing
To ever thank Him and lift His Name on high
Keeping eyes fixed upon His azure blue sky.

Once again, His peace does blessedly visit;
When it leaves briefly next time I'll miss it.
For now, through His Grace, I attain it;
O my Sweet Jesus help me to sustain it.

Grant that I may ever bask in your love
Amid any noise be buoyed by your Dove,
The Dove of Peace fluttering His Wings
Blessed Lord Jesus, how my hearts sings.

© Mel Patterson 10-14-07

Monday, October 01, 2007

"..A-thon Thoughts "

They gathered for cancer ~ survivors as well,
Amassed to aid thousands in that insidious hell;
Many the people running and walking on
Going the distance in that run/walk-a-thon
They raised awareness and money for good cause
And were filled with our praise and applause
For we marshaled each corner as they went by
Under that sunny and cool September sky.

All completed their task, mother, father, child, teen, senior
And two wheelchair-bound ladies in a most happy demeanor;
Everyone accomplished the task to the finish line
Amid the cheers of peers for having done so fine.

Accolades to those behind the scenes
Those who exhausted all means it seems
To help others realize their dreams.

What a wonderful day to have been out and about
For on that day we all wanted to shout:
" See you next year same time same place "
To gather again and be blessed ~ by God's Grace.

© Mel Patterson, October 1, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007


Our Heavenly Father has willed we live
And has laid before us promises galore;
Many are the blessings He wants to give ~
Wait 'til we see what He has in store.
When we are in the trial of doubt,
If despair is there to haunt us,
When the seas of life toss us about
And the pinions of satan taunt us...
Lifting us up there is Jesus ~
And if our sins we sincerely confess,
He forgives wishing to please us;
He is The Lord we boldly profess.
Behold the Cross on the Church steeple!
The Lord promises peace to His people!
He promises the bliss of everlasting life ~
For His faithful an end to all strife.
Be of good courage and cheer
Jesus Christ is right here!
No need to hopelessly weep ~
Our Savior has promises to keep;
And unto his beloved sheep
His Love runs deep,
Deeper than the sea
For you ~
for me.
© Mel Patterson

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I see the swaying of the trees in the breeze -
I see their branches reach high in the sky;
In His Praise I'm brought to my knees -
My soul soars and I breathe a sigh.

I want to leap out of my body and run with my soul -
I want to fly like the song birds of the air;
I want to be with You, Lord, my ultimate Goal,
Not content simply on a wing and a prayer.

Fly me through white clouds in the azure blue -
Fly me there, Lord, I humbly beg of You;
Fly me ever closer to where You are
Higher than the highest star;
Near to you my soul do take
Lest a detour I foolishly make.
Fly me high above the tempter's snare -
To You, Lord, my very soul I bare;
I come to You in heartfelt prayer -
I read Your Word with great care,
O my Lord, God, So Fair.

Take me now if it be Your Will -
I know You are God and I'll be still.
I love you, O Lord,
and I joyfully accord,
through Your Blessing and Grace,
In an Eternity of Heavenly Days
Beholding Your Adorable Face.
© Mel Patterson, 9-6-07

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Flowering of a Soul

Deep within the recesses of my being
The unfolding of pink petals I'm seeing;
Continually they open petal after petal
And blessedly within my soul they settle.

How lovely this sight that delights my eye
My breath is spent in a long soulful sigh;
I imagine the fragrance of this blushing flower
And my senses praise God's creative power.

The flower can be likened to an opening soul.
The more it opens the closer to its' Goal;
The closer to the Goal who is God above
The more He fills it with His infinite Love.

While the flower blooms it is full of life
It sees all that is good not dwelling on strife.
It needs sun and rain to nurture its' growth
It needs enough nutrients and good soil both.

The soul thrives on the radiance of the Son,
And the reign of God which through Jesus was won.
Thank you, Lord, for the gift of your Presence
And inviting me to partake of your Holy Essence.

While the soul is in a constant state of becoming
It hastens expectantly toward its' Beloved running
Toward arms open wide, enclosing the soul inside;
The Bridegroom, then, lovingly embraces His Bride.

© Mel Patterson, 8-28-07

Friday, August 24, 2007

" O Lord, Thou Art "

O Lord, Thou art
Radiance Divine
Rapture Sublime
For all time.

O Lord, Thou art
All Holy and Pure
Rock -Sure
Come to cure.

O Lord, Thou art
Heaven sent
For souls rent
Your life spent.

O Lord, Thou art
Crucified Lord
Blood poured
So Adored.

O Lord, Thou art
Risen from the dead
Holy Spirit fed
Our souls to wed.

O Lord, Thou art
Love Giving
Ever Living

O Lord, Thou art
Our deep desire
To aspire

O Lord, Thou art
Coming on a cloud
Spirit endowed
All are bowed
O the crowd
On Holy Ground
Trumpets Sound!
We are Heaven bound!!
Joyous praises resound!!!

O Lord, Thou art
Radiance Divine!
Rapture Sublime!!
For all time!!!

© Mel Patterson 8-24-07

Monday, August 20, 2007

" Let's ardently pray for God's Divine Mercy "

How close is Heaven you might ask?
Explaining it is not an easy task.
I dare say mine is simply speculation
But makes sense to me in retrospection.

As heaven is at hand so also the devil may be,
Let's ardently pray for God's Divine Mercy.

I believe the Kingdom of God is at hand;
The thought of it is as God has planned.
I believe the Kingdom of God is within me
For this realization, Lord, I truly thank Thee.

As heaven is at hand so also the devil may be,
Let's ardently pray for God's Divine Mercy.

A thin invisible veil divides heaven and earth
It begins at conception through the day of birth,
And when death upon us make its' visitation
Will we respond to God's or Satan's invitation?

As heaven is at hand so also the devil may be
Let's ardently pray for God's Divine Mercy.

The blessings of Heaven and the curses of hell
Are very real I am compelled to tell
Let's not our precious souls sell
To brief moments of pleasure
At the sacrifice of Heavenly treasure.

As heaven is at hand so also the devil may be,
Let's ardently pray for God's Divine Mercy.

If, then, a thin veil separates us from Glory,
How well will we write our own life's story?
Will we realize Jesus' Presence is near
That He wants to dry each tear,
Cherish the love He brings,
And hear the songs He sings,
This Lord of lords, this King of kings?

As heaven is at hand so also the devil may be,
Let's ardently pray for God's Divine Mercy.

Let's Thank and Praise the Lord
For His Divine Mercy.

© Mel Patterson, 8-20-07

Saturday, August 18, 2007

" I AM HE "

Oh Lord,
in the wee hours of the morning I think of you~
For a time sleep escapes me
Wakefulness overtakes me
The thought of you shakes me
To pray
And I hear you say
To my heart,
" Be my counterpart."
With you, Lord, I want to be a part.

Then I hear,
"My Dear....
Tell my own I love them forever,
I want to hold them ever;
They are more valuable than gold
Make sure they are told
For 30 pieces of silver I was sold.
For love of them
Each one a priceless gem
I came to save;
My all I gave
As a slave
To die,
The Lord,
The Christ!"

© Mel Patterson, 8-18-07

Monday, August 13, 2007


Why is it when we are drawn into prayer
Distraction and noise can be found there?
Our minds easily wander from our good intention;
Refocusing upon Jesus is a necessary prevention.

Distraction undisciplined carries a price;
A soul's more valuable than a toss of the dice.

Wisdom can be found in the Bibles we read
The Word of God within we'd do well to heed.
Open up often to Proverbs and Psalms
The wisdom inside soothes and calms
Far better than sensual balms.

We can pray in a quiet room or a sandy beach
Listening to the Holy Spirit gently teach,
Urging us to do all that is right and good
Loving others and ourselves as Jesus would.

There seems to be much ado about nothing,
When what we ought to do is do something
That raises minds, hearts, and souls
To much higher and loftier goals.

Folding our hands or kneeling in prayer
Deep in our hearts our souls we bare,
If we come to the Father with true contrition
Confessing sins of omission and commission,
We are forgiven and must make amends
To those we've hurt in the flock He tends.

There is one Shepherd and one flock
Some day soon the gate He'll lock.
Not one more to enter, nary a one;
When the mighty trumpet blast is done
The flock of sheep will follow the Son.

Let us not be caught off guard
Nor from heaven eternally barred.
Get right with God before it's too late
Do it now; don't procrastinate.

Ready the soul with reverent care,
Stifle distraction by heartfelt prayer.
Focus upon the things of God often
Pray a hardened heart may soften.
Be a disciple and evangelize
We can do it, let's visualize
And realize
It's all about Jesus
Who loves to please us;
be to

© Mel Patterson, 8-13-07

Friday, August 10, 2007

" Longing for You, Lord "

Lord, you know my heart and soul,
That you are my passionate goal;
Show me how to serve you
Even though I don't deserve you--
Permit not evil to take its' toll.

Lord, you know me far more than I do,
And every morning you make me new;
Show me how to rightly love you --
Protect me from evil acts and desires;
O, Lord, to you my very soul aspires.

I dream of you, Lord, night and day;
Your holy and sacred heart hold me sway --
For intimate communion with you I pray.
O keep me faithful and keep me true;
Blessed Lord Jesus I love and Praise you.

I long for Heaven and all things above
Pondering being encapsulated
in your everlasting love.
Bring me to the Cross upon my knees;
It is you I ever want to please.
Route out all that is not pure,
I beg my soul you will cure,
So one day I will sinless be
Finally to dwell in Heaven with Thee.
Thank you for the joy that awaits me.
I love you, Lord, for eternity.

© Mel Patterson, 8-10-07

Monday, August 06, 2007

" With Thee I Want Always To Be "

Lord, teach me balance in my life,
How to weigh what is good and what is right,
How to see beauty and not dwell on strife;
Be Thou my everlasting Light.

Lord, I look to Thee every Morn,
Greeting Thee with thanksgiving and Praise;
Thy Hand was upon me 'fore I was born,
Thou hast blessed me with Thy grace.

Keep me forever close to Thee
Permit me not to stray;
With Thee I want always to be,
For this I so fervently pray.

Take the seeds that I have sown,
Make them blossom to full grown,
Take my heart, make it like Thine own;
Take my soul, wed it to Thee alone.

O Lord, may I better image Thee
More and more toward eternity;
With Thee I want always to be,
And dwell with Thee eternally.

© Mel Patterson, August 6, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Captured in the Psalms are the most eloquent Praises
And to read and ponder them affords one great graces.

The Lord's is the earth, and the sea, and the sky;
His is the moon, stars, sun and clouds rolling by.

His Seasons glorify Him each in their own way.
Think of the hope in the beauty of a Spring day,
Thunderclaps and lightning of Summer at play,
Fall's russets, browns, and yellows in breezes sway,
And Winter's cold, chill, and ice, with snows that lay.

Ponder the land with rocks, hills and mountains,
Rivers, streams, and geysers spewing like fountains.

Consider the lilies, roses, shrubs and trees
Which cause one to thank God on bended knees.

Think about the creatures on the land and in the sea
And Praise God for everyone that has come to be.

Praise the Lord morning, noon and night
Sing out His Praises with all of our might.

Keep a book of prayers within easy reach;
Devour everything it is meant to teach.

~ Let's remember ~

captured in the Psalms are the most eloquent Praises;
To read and ponder them affords one great graces,
For the Word of God throughout all ages
Is contained in our Bibles' well-worn pages.

© Mel Patterson, 7-10-07

Friday, June 29, 2007


Guard the tongue;
Do not speak ill of anyone.
If nothing nice can be said,
Put negative thought to bed.
Rebuke the evil one's bait
And find a positive trait.
Say only what is kind and good
To build another up as we should.

Let your light shine upon others;
Bless your fathers and your mothers,
As well as your sisters and brothers.
Be a beacon in every storm one faces;
Be open to God's blessings and graces.

Be Jesus to all whom you meet;
Be his arms, his legs and his feet.
Speak warmly, always with a prayer;
Show them Christ's love and his care.

Forgive others as you would be forgiven.
Pray to be Holy Spirit driven.
Thank and Praise God for all he has given.
It is for Eternal Life we have striven.
It's Paradise we wish to live in.

© Mel Patterson, 6-29-07

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

" Invoking the Holy Spirit "

Unbridled thoughts imposed on the mind
Cloud the eyes of a soul that is nearly blind;
Where the spirit is almost thread-bare,
We invoke The Holy Spirit in solemn prayer,
" Do Thou shed Thy Light in there."

With soul illuminated by the Light
The evil one must take his flight;
Strengthened by Divine Power
Graces upon the soul God will shower.
We give You Thanks and Praise,
O High and Mighty Tower.

© Mel Patterson 6-19-07

I see you in the distance and tremble with fear
As I thrash and splash flailing about in turbulent water
You come toward me and say, "I am here, my daughter,"
And you firmly say to the evil one, "I have caught her!
Depart you son of darkness, with my Blood I bought her!

"O, ye of little faith," I hear you say;
"When you doubt I respond to your plea.
When you flounder and feel like you're drowning,
I rush and reach for you in Love abounding,
Hold on, it is me, Jesus, I am He."
In the raging waters of the stormy sea,
Even then, Lord, you come to save me.

You still the turbulence and the sea becomes calm;
Your Presence soothes my soul like comforting balm.
Your Heart and my heart cleave together in love;
It is why the Father sent you from above
Sent the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove
Lost in your love is all I can think of.

Peace has come; my soul can rest now;
Before you, O Lord, I gratefully bow.
In worship and praise all of my days
My spirit is renewed through your grace;
To you be all glory, honor and praise.

Depart you son of darkness, with my Blood I bought her!
Depart you son of darkness, with my Blood I bought him!
Depart you son of darkness, with my Blood I bought them!

© Mel Patterson 6-19-07

Saturday, June 16, 2007


God, Our Father, Father of all fathers,
We thank you for the innumerable gifts you give
You bless us with the sunrise and the sunset
We'll thank you and praise you as long as we live.

If not for you, El Shaddai, Abba, God and Father,
We would never have been born nor ever know you;
You have loved us with an everlasting love for all time
We shall praise you ~ and glorify your Holy Name, too.

To reconcile us to yourself, you sent your only Son
To save us from the slavery of evil and of all sin;
If not for your love and plan in the fullness of time,

We shudder at the thought of where we might have been.

Your glory shines all around and about you, Father;
Your radiance and majesty fill us with joy and elation
When we contemplate your goodness and mercy
We praise you with unbridled jubilation
We await in anticipation
the grand celebration
When with the mighty trumpet blast
You will come again, at last
And take us to the place you have prepared
Simply because you cared
For us,

lowly children...

for ever and ever!

© Mel Patterson 6-16-07

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Spirit's Teaching Me

O Holy Spirit, you teach me many things
About what your Divine nature brings.
You are the Love between Father and Son
O Triune God, truly Three in One.

The Word issuing from God's mouth was Jesus
With every teaching of His sweetly to please us.
Three in One, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Wisdom of ages, may we wholly hear it.

If I listen carefully when you speak to me
You say your Presence is with me eternally.
The dimension in which I live here and now
Is only a thin veil away from you somehow.

That being the case it's like a mother's womb
With immanent birth issuing forth soon.
You're close as that mother and unborn child;
By this teaching my soul you have beguiled.

I wish to feel your Presence with me ever;
To be prayerful and reverent is my endeavor.
Keep teaching me the wisdom of your ways
That I may attain heaven one of these days.

© Mel Patterson, June 3, 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007

" Ah, Victory! "

Toying with a soul for his own malicious goal,
satan puts enmity between God and man,
But in the chase, through God's Grace,
he's been unseated, defeated, and depleted;
he's lost the race!!!

When Jesus Christ is the choice,
The soul can openly rejoice.
Victory is won through God's only Son
And after all is said and done
The race was well run....

" Ah, Victory! "

© Mel Patterson, 6-2-07

Friday, May 25, 2007


Follow me wherever I am leading;
To my Father I am interceding,
And in my heart pleading.
I love you. Follow me.

Follow me wherever I am going;
Gifts of my heart to you I'm showing,
I am your Jesus, all-knowing.
I love you. Follow me.

Follow me; I want you where I am;
I am gentle and meek as a lamb.
I'll help you out of that jam.
I love you. Follow me.

Follow me, let's walk together
Side by side in all kinds of weather
Your burden will lighten as if a feather.
I love you. Follow me.

Follow me as did Peter and Paul
They were attuned to my call
And they gave their all.
I love you. Follow me.

Follow me joy of my heart;
I never want us to be apart.
Blessing and Grace I'll impart.
I love you. Follow me.

Follow me my beautiful bride;
Within my arms you may hide.
Within my heart ever abide;
I love you. Follow me.

© Mel Patterson, 5-25-07

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I run to you, O Lord, in joy and in sorrow;
How can I face another tomorrow?
I cleave to your Word this day;
On bended knees I continue to pray.
Today the tears won't stop;
I am so weak I could drop.
My heart is breaking;
My soul is aching.

I run to you.

The future is unknown;
But you have shown
That there is hope beyond now,
Faith to believe somehow.
Your love is ours;
Above our own it towers ~
I count the hours
Through your mighty powers
To see that satan cowers,
And Victory is won
By you, God's only Son

I run to you.

Save me from the raging sea;
Grab my hand and hold onto me.
Be my strength while I am weak;
Yours is the true love I seek.
I nestle my head close to your heart;
Do Thou every grace impart.

I run to you.

I bare my soul, my sin confess
You are my Goal and I profess
You, O Jesus Christ, are Lord;
Praises to you, I do accord.
My Lord, my God, my All,
I'll ever abide by your Law.
O my Lord, my God, my All.

I run to you.

© Mel Patterson, May 16, 2007

Thursday, May 03, 2007

" Gifts of Nature "

Clear azure blue sky,
Fluffy white clouds floating by,
Sun shining brilliantly,
God's gifts captivate me.

Gentle rustling of trees,
Undulating in the breeze,
Branches swaying as they please,
Gratefully I fall to my knees.

Fragrant flowers in many a hue,
Pink, red, yellow and blue,
All budding according to cue,
Praise to my Creator is due.

Melodious songbirds of the air,
Each chirping in unique flair,
Flitting and flying here and there,
With soaring soul I say a prayer.

© Mel Patterson, 5-3-07

Saturday, April 21, 2007

" This Very Night "

Star-studded velvet midnight-blue sky,
Crowned with crescent moon up on high,~
Northern star exceedingly big and bright ~
My eye beholds this very beautiful sight,
And I'm in awe of this heavenly night.

Lost in the wonder of its' magnificence,
I resist going inside with utmost reticence.
I gaze at the grand expanse of sky God created
And am humbled His Son for my sin expiated;
By His Sacrifice my soul was emancipated.

A night such as this causes my soul to soar;
My thoughts take flight and I love Him more.
For a time everything around me fades away
And as Jesus' Presence captivates me I pray,
O Lord, help me greet a brand new day.

This beautiful night so peaceful and calm
Blesses my very soul like soothing balm.
Cool breeze brushing across my face
A hint of Holy Spirit breathing grace,
And I bask in this heavenly place.

This very night, may it never end
For my spirit it did transcend.
Long shall I remember,
From January to December,
This night,
This very night,
This heavenly night.

© Mel Patterson, 4-21-07

Saturday, April 07, 2007

" Song of Praise on Resurrection Day "

As you lay in the tomb, Fruit of Mary's womb,
How did the Holy Spirit descend and engineer it
That your precious body be empowered to rise
Revitalized, Fortified, Glorified, Sanctified?

O Lord Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord, we exalt you !
We Worship you, love you, thank you and Praise you !!
You are the Savior of the World !!!

Our Salvation has been won ~ by you, God's only Son;
From the Cross to the Grave to Resurrection,
No more doubts, no more insurrection.
Mighty is your Power; You are our High Tower;
We see satan glower and fearfully cower.
Gone is his hold over us !
Your Resurrection is Glorious !

O Lord Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord, we exalt you !
We Worship you, love you, thank you and Praise you !!
You are the Savior of the World !!!

© Mel Patterson, 4-8-07

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


As we meditate upon Your Crucifixion, O Lord
We are drawn to Your Holy Head crowned with thorn
And our souls and spirits within us mourn
Seeing You so sorely afflicted;
It should have been us they convicted.

O Sweet Head so wounded and bleeding
Here we are for mercy pleading
That many lost souls begin heeding
The message you delivered to every nation
News of Your Blood-bought Salvation.

O Precious Blood trickling down and past Your brow,
Eyes burning mercilessly yet You bore it somehow.
Your Body aching and itching as I think of it now
Nailed and suspended in excruciating pain
O Lord anyone else would have gone insane.

O Sweet Head so wounded and bleeding
Here we are for mercy pleading
That many lost souls begin heeding
The message you delivered to every nation
News of Your Blood-bought Salvation.

Struggling to breathe with your back arched
Unfathomable suffering, thirst, lips parched,
Thank You, Lord, for suffering such horrid anguish
In expiation for the sins in which we languish.
Accept our heartfelt sorrow for our sin
For in the netherworld we might have been.

O Sweet Head so wounded and bleeding
Here we are for mercy pleading
That many lost souls begin heeding
The message you delivered to every nation
News of Your Blood-bought Salvation.

© Mel Patterson, April 4, 2007

Monday, April 02, 2007

" Questions and The Answer "

Are you so busy about many things
That you can't see what peace brings?
Is your mind racing here and there?
Do you have any time to spare?

Do you ever wonder what's it all about?
Do you get so upset you want to shout?
Is your life not so happy for you?
Have doldrums set in? Are you blue?

It would be well for you to take stock;
Slow down, be calm and hear His knock.
Jesus is tapping on the door of your heart;
Blessings and graces He wants to impart.

Take the time to settle down and pray;
You'll be glad you did one fine day.
You'll find the heavy load will be lightened,
Less and less will you become frightened.
The dark night of the soul will have brightened
Your love for the Lord Jesus will have heightened.

Be encouraged and uplifted, dear soul
You've had enough and paid your toll.
Now is the time for an earned spiritual rest
You've crossed the desert to reach your quest.

Jesus is here and longing to embrace you
With innumerable blessings He will grace you.
Welcome Him with your arms open wide;
In His Love you'll joyfully abide,
And at the appointed time
One day in Paradise you will reside.

© Mel Patterson, April 2, 2007

Friday, March 23, 2007

" An Hour with You "

Sweet Jesus with excited heart I come to see you.
I glance your way and know I am safe.
I am secure in your everlasting Love;
O My Lord, Jesus my Savior, God above,
For only you my very soul and spirit long,
May I ever and always hear your song.

O Lord, my God, I bask in your Radiance.
As I gaze at you, you gaze right back at me,
Blessed Sacrament encased in golden filigree.
I find a taste of your Heavenly treasure;
Within my soul we share Divine pleasure
Which you give to me in limitless measure.

All too soon the time to leave has arrived
And sadly I must go from you until next time;
Lord, I thank you for this hour sublime.

You have filled my spirit with many a grace
Because I came to visit you Face to face
In this quiet and lovely place.
I bow upon bended knees,
To my heart you hold the keys;
Stay within my soul, please.

Reluctantly this meeting must adjourn ~
As I approach the church door and turn
I throw you a kiss you will not spurn
So fed by Holy Spirit Fire,
O Object of my desire,
My soul indeed does burn
Evermore for you I'll yearn.

© Mel Patterson, 3-23-07

Saturday, March 17, 2007


May God send you an angel in the throes of trouble
To come at the most opportune time;
When you feel your life's nothing but rubble
Your angel'll support you; help you in your climb.

You may be taken to another dimension
You may be unaware of what surrounds you;
All is set aright with relief of nagging tension
If you'll heed the message and follow through.

When God sends an angel, he may send a friend ~
He may not send a being with a halo or wings
Although they have been known to descend,
For with God ~ are possible such things.
Either way upon your needs he'll tend
'Til your soul again may ascend.
Then do your angel lend
to another friend
waiting round the bend
for that heart may be broken
In need of a loving token
a warm embrace,
blessing and grace
to make it through
just like you.
Dear Lord I pray to You
Do my friend imbue
With angelic help, too.

© Mel Patterson 3-17-07

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Jesus Christ crucified
have mercy on us.

It seems our world is steeped in sin;
I wonder how it all might have been
Had Lucifer not wanted to be like God.
Robed in pride he defied, and he lied,
Every scheme he contrived
To bring man down low;
To hell man could go
Except for Jesus
To release us
the bondage of sin.

Jesus Christ crucified
have mercy on us.

Daily are the struggles we face
Every day holding its' own disgrace.
Battles within ourselves to win
Purge us, O Lord, from our sin.
Wars on land, air, sea and shore
O Please, Dear God, no more !
Save us from ourselves,
For our very souls satan delves.
Cast him to the pit of fire !
It is to YOU ~ our hearts aspire.

Jesus Christ crucified
have mercy on us.

We come to YOU, Lord, pleading
O Holy One, wounded and bleeding.
We see what we have done to You;
We are sorry and beg forgiveness, too.
It is by Your stripes we are healed
Even as your precious blood congealed
On that fateful Good Friday afternoon
On the Cross of wood they had hewn.
O merciful Lord, so loving and tender
Upon us Your Blessings please render
As we approach You on bended knee
Praising and Worshipping You,
Keeper of the Key,
to Everlasting Eternity,
to Everlasting Eternity !

Jesus Christ crucified
have mercy on us.

© Mel Patterson, March 8, 2007

Saturday, March 03, 2007


When my soul is elevated during deep prayer,
I am transported out of myself to a place where
I have no physical consciousness of self or surrounding
Being caught up in God's peace and love abounding.

It seems Jesus comes to meet me there,
Takes my hand and greets me with great care
Leading me to that place
Where there is no time and no restrictive space
But an openness and freeing up of His grace.

Gliding upwards with Him gently and slowly
My feet barely touch the stairs in the climb;
How could one so simply and pitiably lowly
Gain entrance to an event so utterly sublime?

It is here I see Heaven's Gate in billows of pastel mist
I see pinks and blues, all manner of lovely hues
And I know Heav'n is promised to all on God's list
For He calls each one of us if we listen to His cues.

The vision ends even though my soul transcends
The world and its disturbances to my soul;
Being open to the graces and blessings He sends
Fortifies the spirit in steadily approaching the Goal.

If I could take the Peace I experience at this time
And spread it over and above my limitations,
I would give it to you to assist you in your climb
Then you, too, could taste joy-filled expectations,

© Mel Patterson, 3-3-07

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Outside interference plagues my mind
as I try to unscramble my thoughts,
collect my wits, settle my soul
and rebuke enemy onslaughts
which attack the peace I seek.
Odorous sin does indeed reek
robbing me of inner joy,
as satan wants to employ
all means in all his schemes
to make of me ~ his toy.

No more devil's manipulation !
I decide for God's stipulation,
To set me back on track
And toss the monkey off my back !
I pray the Lord to fill my lack
With blessing and grace
To run the race
However slow the pace.

It is here I begin to see
That prayer is the key
And confession sets me free.

With refreshment and renewal
I see Faith as a precious jewel;
I am forgiven because I confessed;
With God's Graces I am blessed
Beyond all measure
with heavenly treasure.
Is the Father's good will and pleasure.

© Mel Patterson, 3-1-07

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


How have I prepared for the Season of Lent?
How shall I feel when my forty days are spent?
Will I be satisfied that I have done my best
Had I kept a clean house for our Saving Guest?

Would I have hidden my face in shame?
For sins I committed - others would I blame?
Or will I shoulder that which I had done
And repented sorrowfully to God's only Son?

How can I prove my love is sincerely true?
How can I fast and pray when it is so hard to do?
When will I find the time in my already busy day
To put You First, Foremost and follow Your Way?

Help me, Lord, to make these forty days holy.
Show me how to love and sacrifice for You wholly.
Cleanse me of all that would keep us apart.
Grant me a repenting, forgiven and renewed heart.
How I pray for a new beginning, a fresh start,
Every grace to my soul please impart;
My Lord and my Savior,
O Thou art.


© Mel Patterson, 2-20-07

Sunday, February 18, 2007


His time had come, the hour was upon Him,
Agony in the garden our sins to pardon--
Oppressive mental and emotional pain
He suffered as if He had sinned ~ for our gain.
A traitor's kiss upon His cheek
Gave Him up to the approaching soldier
Gentle Jesus was ever so meek
As the Guards grew bolder and colder.
Thirty pieces of silver earned
Soon became revoltingly spurned.
Unquenchable sorrow
Judas saw no tomorrow
Not one more day to borrow
He groped for the rope
Cursed night of horror!

Switches beaten upon Jesus' back
Violently applied with vicious hate.
The soldiers never gave up any slack
Torture never seeming to abate.
Slashes, cuts, wounds, bleeding
Still to His Father for us interceding
He took every blow even though
The evil attacks were relentless
And certainly not event-less.
They couldn't know with each swing
They were savagely flogging a King.

They dragged Him off to a black dank cell
Pulling His body over ragged stone;
Trail of blood of this deed would tell,
Ripping His skin to His very bone.
Crown of piercing thorn to His head applied
Digging deep into His skull with pressure
And yet they mocked Him with angry chide
For their own sadistic evil pleasure.
They couldn't know with each swing
They were savagely crowning a King.

With crude ax a mighty tree they split
Into two cross bars, one short, one long
Forming it into a cross measured to fit
His carrying it, His torture to prolong.
The long arduous journey amid cruel jeers
Falling three times to angry sneers
Shoulder flesh and the pain sears ~
The wailing of women and men in tears
This was hell clear as a bell
This event History would tell.
They couldn't know with each swing
They were savagely killing a King.

A Cyrenian ordered to assist Him
Helped shoulder the cross upon the climb;
All knew the scene unfolding was grim
His death eminent, soon it would be time.
They threw the Cross crashing upon the ground
Rudely unclothed Him, shoved Him down ~
Then nails into His Hand and Feet pound
Appalling and gut-wrenching it did sound.
All ears could hear, all eyes could see
That all of this viciousness came to be
Witnessed by all, horribly!
They couldn't know with each swing
They were savagely killing a King.

They hiked up the Cross with a forceful jolt
Which tore at His precious Hands and Feet
Radiating painfully like a lightning bolt.
From their taunts - they did not retreat.
To harrass Him further they gave Him gall;
For love of man, He was giving His All ~
Did not His Father hear His soulful call,
"Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?"
"My God, my God,
why have You forsaken Me?"
Jesus felt abandoned we plainly see
Although He held onto the hope
Of returning to His Father in Glory.
He saw His sorrowful Mother grieving
And gave John to her believing
That in all their tomorrows and all the sorrows
They would comfort one another
Like a son and a mother
One to the other.
And now the appointed hour had arrived
Victorious Victim in spite of what satan contrived
Jesus died for our sin our souls to win
No sense wond'ring what might've been
This was the Father's Plan
Since time began
for mortal man.
They couldn't hear Angels reverently sing
In expectation of a Resurrected Glorious King !
O the JOY three days time would bring !

© Mel Patterson, February 19, 2007

Thursday, February 15, 2007

"A Valentine for My Lord"

A Valentine for my Lord
In words that I record
On paper or book,
In poem or story,
Devotion or allegory,
I pray tells of a love
I give to God above
Smaller than His for me
O Lord, I truly love Thee.

My heart I give to Thee
My soul belongs to Thee
May I always cling to Thee
Do Thou, O Lord, stay with me.

No heart is greater than Thine
Thou Who art ever Divine
Who gives us His Heart
Praise Thy Mighty Power
O Strong and Holy Tower
Be in us every hour
As on bended knee
We pray to Thee,

Envelops you,
Embraces you.
Encompasses you,
Encapsulates you,
Encircles you,
Is in front of you,
Is in back of you,
Is on each side of you,
Surrounds you,
For all Eternity

© Mel Patterson, Feb., 2007

Thursday, February 08, 2007

" The Same....."

The same sun that sets upon thee sets upon me
And the Hand of God in it, I clearly see;
There is no sight that blesses my heart
Quite as much as a sunset can impart.

The same God that looks on thee, looks upon me
And His Blessings upon us we clearly see;
He gives us the stars, moon, rain and sun
From early morning light 'til day is done.

The same expanse of sky over thee is upon me
And God's Glory in its' changing we clearly see;
Whether clear, sunny or colored gray with cloud
He is worthy of all thanks, Praise and Laud.

© Mel Patterson, 2-8-07

Sunday, January 28, 2007

" Flame "
An ecru jar candle burns ~
Vanilla fragrance fills the room
The flame flickers brightly
Banishing an oppressive gloom.

The gray-stone fireplace logs burn ~
Warm heat wafts through the room;
The flames lap like tongues of fire
Banishing the cold and gloom.

With snow outside, warmth within ~
The comfort and warmth of this room
Cause my grateful heart to burn with love
For my Lord Who banishes all gloom.

Contemplating the Lord's goodness
As I sit in my comfortable room
My spirit soars; the fire roars ~
All is LIGHT ~ gone is the gloom.

© Mel Patterson 1-28-07

Saturday, January 27, 2007

" Lord, God, I thank Thee "

In the velvety black of the midnight sky
Sprinkled with a glitter of stars on high
What lies before me is a sight to behold ~
I would not trade it for rubies nor gold.

The moon rises in the shape of a crescent
The sight of which is most pleasant;
I marvel that it seems to suspend in the air
And I wonder how far away it is up there.

Contemplating the vast beauty above me
I survey the panorama I see.
I am blessed beyond measure ~
Viewing the scene is sheer pleasure,
A hint of heavenly treasure,
Lord, God, I thank Thee
For this incredible beauty.
Lord, God,
I do thank Thee.

© Mel Patterson 1-27-07

Friday, January 26, 2007

" Renewal "

If my heart is pained and stripped bare
Is there anyone at all who would care
If I lived or died, screamed and cried,
Sobbed, trembled, choked and sighed?

If I wore my heart upon my sleeve
That for a life not lived well I'd grieve;
Would anyone at all notice my pain
Befriend me for their own gain
After waxing, see none, then wane?

Is it worth it to bare one's soul?
Will I ever be made whole?
That would be my ultimate goal.
Heartaches are taking their toll;
Lord, grant the drudgery a lull.

Upon bended knee
I plea
Forgive me.

With soul renewed and restored
I thank Thee profusely Dear Lord;
Thou lifted my burden and my heart
Thy love upon my being, please, impart,
So I may become more like Thee,

Thank Thee,

And Praise Thee...


© Mel Patterson 1-26-07

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

" Acceptance "

There is a sorrow deep inside of me,
That tugs at my heart and soul
It is regretting the missed opportunity
That ought to have been my spirit's goal.

How is it I did not see the Light?
Why did I not do what I planned?
It seems my soul chose only blight
As I planted my feet in only sand.

As I ponder and pray to you, O Lord
I am beginning to see it your way.
Keep me focused to your holy accord
Help me to mend and bend as you say.

I am yours, Lord, do with me what you will.

Teach me to acquiesce to your Holy Law;
O that I might always hear your call,
Never to ignore your pleading
You're always interceding
To the Father for me
Teach me to see
Thee in
That I mirror you
In all I say and do.

© Mel Patterson 1-23-07

Saturday, January 13, 2007

" Little Bundle "

Little bundle of pink fluff
You did not live long enough;
You stole my heart since first I saw you
Not to hear your voice, nor little coo,
Little infant babe born so long ago~
To God I offered you, even though
My heart was ripped and ill-equipped
To handle the morose sorrows
Flooding my spirit and my soul
Upon my heart your passing took its' toll.

As these forty years unfold
(For you, today, would have been that old)...
I rejoice in the gift of your precious life
You were spared this earthly strife ~
On your third day, Jesus embraced you
And took you away to where you are
Way above every star
In God's Kingdom ever to be,
And you wait for me
That I can plainly see,


Erin Mary.

© Mel Patterson 1-13-07

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

" I WAIT "

Do you hear me, Lord, when I call to you?
Do you know my every thought and word?
Do you know and see what I say and do?
When I am sad and cry, am I heard?

O dear child of mine, I hear every cry.
I hear what you say and I see what you do.
I am always near; I hear your every sigh
I cherish you and love you endlessly, too.

Before time began I knew you ~
I thought about you for a very long time;
I gave you life and an everlasting soul
That we might sing together in rhyme
For the wedding of your soul to Mine.

I offer you an eternity of wedded bliss,
A grand banquet set before your eyes;
I'll bless your soul with a Holy Kiss
And smilingly take your hand
to my promised land.
Take my hand.
Let me lead
I plead.
It is all for you all that I do.

. ...I wait....

© Mel Patterson 1-3-06