Monday, September 24, 2007


Our Heavenly Father has willed we live
And has laid before us promises galore;
Many are the blessings He wants to give ~
Wait 'til we see what He has in store.
When we are in the trial of doubt,
If despair is there to haunt us,
When the seas of life toss us about
And the pinions of satan taunt us...
Lifting us up there is Jesus ~
And if our sins we sincerely confess,
He forgives wishing to please us;
He is The Lord we boldly profess.
Behold the Cross on the Church steeple!
The Lord promises peace to His people!
He promises the bliss of everlasting life ~
For His faithful an end to all strife.
Be of good courage and cheer
Jesus Christ is right here!
No need to hopelessly weep ~
Our Savior has promises to keep;
And unto his beloved sheep
His Love runs deep,
Deeper than the sea
For you ~
for me.
© Mel Patterson

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