Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I see the swaying of the trees in the breeze -
I see their branches reach high in the sky;
In His Praise I'm brought to my knees -
My soul soars and I breathe a sigh.

I want to leap out of my body and run with my soul -
I want to fly like the song birds of the air;
I want to be with You, Lord, my ultimate Goal,
Not content simply on a wing and a prayer.

Fly me through white clouds in the azure blue -
Fly me there, Lord, I humbly beg of You;
Fly me ever closer to where You are
Higher than the highest star;
Near to you my soul do take
Lest a detour I foolishly make.
Fly me high above the tempter's snare -
To You, Lord, my very soul I bare;
I come to You in heartfelt prayer -
I read Your Word with great care,
O my Lord, God, So Fair.

Take me now if it be Your Will -
I know You are God and I'll be still.
I love you, O Lord,
and I joyfully accord,
through Your Blessing and Grace,
In an Eternity of Heavenly Days
Beholding Your Adorable Face.
© Mel Patterson, 9-6-07

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