Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Flowering of a Soul

Deep within the recesses of my being
The unfolding of pink petals I'm seeing;
Continually they open petal after petal
And blessedly within my soul they settle.

How lovely this sight that delights my eye
My breath is spent in a long soulful sigh;
I imagine the fragrance of this blushing flower
And my senses praise God's creative power.

The flower can be likened to an opening soul.
The more it opens the closer to its' Goal;
The closer to the Goal who is God above
The more He fills it with His infinite Love.

While the flower blooms it is full of life
It sees all that is good not dwelling on strife.
It needs sun and rain to nurture its' growth
It needs enough nutrients and good soil both.

The soul thrives on the radiance of the Son,
And the reign of God which through Jesus was won.
Thank you, Lord, for the gift of your Presence
And inviting me to partake of your Holy Essence.

While the soul is in a constant state of becoming
It hastens expectantly toward its' Beloved running
Toward arms open wide, enclosing the soul inside;
The Bridegroom, then, lovingly embraces His Bride.

© Mel Patterson, 8-28-07

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