Monday, September 19, 2011


All creatures of the seas and oceans
Live in an underwater world we cannot see;
And the beasts of deserts and fields
All depend upon God to feed adequately.
Each one roams a vast expanse of sea or land;
Each lives and breathes as God has planned.
Birds of the air flying here and there
Seem not to have a worry, a fret nor a care
They hunt for twigs to build a nest
for their tiny babies to rest
Finding food is their continual quest
The provision of which is
Respecting the creatures God has made
We treat them with kindness and care;
Some are fierce and strikingly fearsome
We ought not impose upon them nor dare.
The world is big enough for ev'ry living being
When we realize this ~ we are truly seeing.
God made all creatures, some mammoth, some small;
He made some animals short and some He made tall.
From the tiny ant crawling in the dirt
With the ostrich his head to insert
And the Giraffe with neck so long
To God almighty they all belong.
And so we, too, are creatures of The King
Our repentant souls to Him we bring
To Him forever after we long to cling
Praise and Worship songs to Him we sing.
We all are creatures of The King!
© Mel Patterson, 9-19-11