Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Flowering of a Soul

Deep within the recesses of my being
The unfolding of pink petals I'm seeing;
Continually they open petal after petal
And blessedly within my soul they settle.

How lovely this sight that delights my eye
My breath is spent in a long soulful sigh;
I imagine the fragrance of this blushing flower
And my senses praise God's creative power.

The flower can be likened to an opening soul.
The more it opens the closer to its' Goal;
The closer to the Goal who is God above
The more He fills it with His infinite Love.

While the flower blooms it is full of life
It sees all that is good not dwelling on strife.
It needs sun and rain to nurture its' growth
It needs enough nutrients and good soil both.

The soul thrives on the radiance of the Son,
And the reign of God which through Jesus was won.
Thank you, Lord, for the gift of your Presence
And inviting me to partake of your Holy Essence.

While the soul is in a constant state of becoming
It hastens expectantly toward its' Beloved running
Toward arms open wide, enclosing the soul inside;
The Bridegroom, then, lovingly embraces His Bride.

© Mel Patterson, 8-28-07

Friday, August 24, 2007

" O Lord, Thou Art "

O Lord, Thou art
Radiance Divine
Rapture Sublime
For all time.

O Lord, Thou art
All Holy and Pure
Rock -Sure
Come to cure.

O Lord, Thou art
Heaven sent
For souls rent
Your life spent.

O Lord, Thou art
Crucified Lord
Blood poured
So Adored.

O Lord, Thou art
Risen from the dead
Holy Spirit fed
Our souls to wed.

O Lord, Thou art
Love Giving
Ever Living

O Lord, Thou art
Our deep desire
To aspire

O Lord, Thou art
Coming on a cloud
Spirit endowed
All are bowed
O the crowd
On Holy Ground
Trumpets Sound!
We are Heaven bound!!
Joyous praises resound!!!

O Lord, Thou art
Radiance Divine!
Rapture Sublime!!
For all time!!!

© Mel Patterson 8-24-07

Monday, August 20, 2007

" Let's ardently pray for God's Divine Mercy "

How close is Heaven you might ask?
Explaining it is not an easy task.
I dare say mine is simply speculation
But makes sense to me in retrospection.

As heaven is at hand so also the devil may be,
Let's ardently pray for God's Divine Mercy.

I believe the Kingdom of God is at hand;
The thought of it is as God has planned.
I believe the Kingdom of God is within me
For this realization, Lord, I truly thank Thee.

As heaven is at hand so also the devil may be,
Let's ardently pray for God's Divine Mercy.

A thin invisible veil divides heaven and earth
It begins at conception through the day of birth,
And when death upon us make its' visitation
Will we respond to God's or Satan's invitation?

As heaven is at hand so also the devil may be
Let's ardently pray for God's Divine Mercy.

The blessings of Heaven and the curses of hell
Are very real I am compelled to tell
Let's not our precious souls sell
To brief moments of pleasure
At the sacrifice of Heavenly treasure.

As heaven is at hand so also the devil may be,
Let's ardently pray for God's Divine Mercy.

If, then, a thin veil separates us from Glory,
How well will we write our own life's story?
Will we realize Jesus' Presence is near
That He wants to dry each tear,
Cherish the love He brings,
And hear the songs He sings,
This Lord of lords, this King of kings?

As heaven is at hand so also the devil may be,
Let's ardently pray for God's Divine Mercy.

Let's Thank and Praise the Lord
For His Divine Mercy.

© Mel Patterson, 8-20-07

Saturday, August 18, 2007

" I AM HE "

Oh Lord,
in the wee hours of the morning I think of you~
For a time sleep escapes me
Wakefulness overtakes me
The thought of you shakes me
To pray
And I hear you say
To my heart,
" Be my counterpart."
With you, Lord, I want to be a part.

Then I hear,
"My Dear....
Tell my own I love them forever,
I want to hold them ever;
They are more valuable than gold
Make sure they are told
For 30 pieces of silver I was sold.
For love of them
Each one a priceless gem
I came to save;
My all I gave
As a slave
To die,
The Lord,
The Christ!"

© Mel Patterson, 8-18-07

Monday, August 13, 2007


Why is it when we are drawn into prayer
Distraction and noise can be found there?
Our minds easily wander from our good intention;
Refocusing upon Jesus is a necessary prevention.

Distraction undisciplined carries a price;
A soul's more valuable than a toss of the dice.

Wisdom can be found in the Bibles we read
The Word of God within we'd do well to heed.
Open up often to Proverbs and Psalms
The wisdom inside soothes and calms
Far better than sensual balms.

We can pray in a quiet room or a sandy beach
Listening to the Holy Spirit gently teach,
Urging us to do all that is right and good
Loving others and ourselves as Jesus would.

There seems to be much ado about nothing,
When what we ought to do is do something
That raises minds, hearts, and souls
To much higher and loftier goals.

Folding our hands or kneeling in prayer
Deep in our hearts our souls we bare,
If we come to the Father with true contrition
Confessing sins of omission and commission,
We are forgiven and must make amends
To those we've hurt in the flock He tends.

There is one Shepherd and one flock
Some day soon the gate He'll lock.
Not one more to enter, nary a one;
When the mighty trumpet blast is done
The flock of sheep will follow the Son.

Let us not be caught off guard
Nor from heaven eternally barred.
Get right with God before it's too late
Do it now; don't procrastinate.

Ready the soul with reverent care,
Stifle distraction by heartfelt prayer.
Focus upon the things of God often
Pray a hardened heart may soften.
Be a disciple and evangelize
We can do it, let's visualize
And realize
It's all about Jesus
Who loves to please us;
be to

© Mel Patterson, 8-13-07

Friday, August 10, 2007

" Longing for You, Lord "

Lord, you know my heart and soul,
That you are my passionate goal;
Show me how to serve you
Even though I don't deserve you--
Permit not evil to take its' toll.

Lord, you know me far more than I do,
And every morning you make me new;
Show me how to rightly love you --
Protect me from evil acts and desires;
O, Lord, to you my very soul aspires.

I dream of you, Lord, night and day;
Your holy and sacred heart hold me sway --
For intimate communion with you I pray.
O keep me faithful and keep me true;
Blessed Lord Jesus I love and Praise you.

I long for Heaven and all things above
Pondering being encapsulated
in your everlasting love.
Bring me to the Cross upon my knees;
It is you I ever want to please.
Route out all that is not pure,
I beg my soul you will cure,
So one day I will sinless be
Finally to dwell in Heaven with Thee.
Thank you for the joy that awaits me.
I love you, Lord, for eternity.

© Mel Patterson, 8-10-07

Monday, August 06, 2007

" With Thee I Want Always To Be "

Lord, teach me balance in my life,
How to weigh what is good and what is right,
How to see beauty and not dwell on strife;
Be Thou my everlasting Light.

Lord, I look to Thee every Morn,
Greeting Thee with thanksgiving and Praise;
Thy Hand was upon me 'fore I was born,
Thou hast blessed me with Thy grace.

Keep me forever close to Thee
Permit me not to stray;
With Thee I want always to be,
For this I so fervently pray.

Take the seeds that I have sown,
Make them blossom to full grown,
Take my heart, make it like Thine own;
Take my soul, wed it to Thee alone.

O Lord, may I better image Thee
More and more toward eternity;
With Thee I want always to be,
And dwell with Thee eternally.

© Mel Patterson, August 6, 2007