Tuesday, May 19, 2009

O Lord, you deserved to ascend to the Glory of the Father
Far beyond the Passion and death with which you had to bother
For our sakes, the sheep of your pasture aimlessly wandering
So taken up with earthly treasures wantonly squandering.

For forty days after your Resurrection you walked the earth
Your Ascension foreshadows our soul and glorified body's rebirth.
To you, O Lord, be all glory, praise, adoration and laud
Hopefully and faithfully we await your coming on a cloud.

After the resurrection of the dead, final judgment to come
Many are being called, yet sadly, answer only some.
When all is done, you take your sheep
to the best, heavenly rest,
while others go to the deep
Where pit fires burn and no one can sleep.

In Heaven all the angels and saints adore you
We will be with them praising and worshipping, too.
Choirs of angels will sweetly be singing
Our hearts on our sleeves we'll be bringing
To your heart ours will be clinging
Joyous bells will be ringing.

O Lord, you deserved to ascend to Glory
Your life told the most beautiful story
of Love unequivocal and Blessed
You O Lord are our Saving Guest.

© Mel Patterson, 5-19-09

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Your nail-scarred hand I see before me as you gently approach
And I take your hand and bring it softly to my cheek
Then lovingly and compassionately kiss the wound,
The wound you suffered for love of sinners such as me.

O Lord, for love of us you bore the ultimate in sufferings and death.
You became sin, horrid and putrid, as you bared your spirit and soul,
As you bore humiliation which truly was ours to bear.

God, in Jesus, through Jesus, magnanimous love profound
We attune our ears to choirs and lyres of heavenly sound
Eternity of bliss promised as paths are made straight
Come soon, O Lord our God, we can barely wait.

© Mel Patterson, 5-17-09