Friday, May 25, 2007


Follow me wherever I am leading;
To my Father I am interceding,
And in my heart pleading.
I love you. Follow me.

Follow me wherever I am going;
Gifts of my heart to you I'm showing,
I am your Jesus, all-knowing.
I love you. Follow me.

Follow me; I want you where I am;
I am gentle and meek as a lamb.
I'll help you out of that jam.
I love you. Follow me.

Follow me, let's walk together
Side by side in all kinds of weather
Your burden will lighten as if a feather.
I love you. Follow me.

Follow me as did Peter and Paul
They were attuned to my call
And they gave their all.
I love you. Follow me.

Follow me joy of my heart;
I never want us to be apart.
Blessing and Grace I'll impart.
I love you. Follow me.

Follow me my beautiful bride;
Within my arms you may hide.
Within my heart ever abide;
I love you. Follow me.

© Mel Patterson, 5-25-07

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I run to you, O Lord, in joy and in sorrow;
How can I face another tomorrow?
I cleave to your Word this day;
On bended knees I continue to pray.
Today the tears won't stop;
I am so weak I could drop.
My heart is breaking;
My soul is aching.

I run to you.

The future is unknown;
But you have shown
That there is hope beyond now,
Faith to believe somehow.
Your love is ours;
Above our own it towers ~
I count the hours
Through your mighty powers
To see that satan cowers,
And Victory is won
By you, God's only Son

I run to you.

Save me from the raging sea;
Grab my hand and hold onto me.
Be my strength while I am weak;
Yours is the true love I seek.
I nestle my head close to your heart;
Do Thou every grace impart.

I run to you.

I bare my soul, my sin confess
You are my Goal and I profess
You, O Jesus Christ, are Lord;
Praises to you, I do accord.
My Lord, my God, my All,
I'll ever abide by your Law.
O my Lord, my God, my All.

I run to you.

© Mel Patterson, May 16, 2007

Thursday, May 03, 2007

" Gifts of Nature "

Clear azure blue sky,
Fluffy white clouds floating by,
Sun shining brilliantly,
God's gifts captivate me.

Gentle rustling of trees,
Undulating in the breeze,
Branches swaying as they please,
Gratefully I fall to my knees.

Fragrant flowers in many a hue,
Pink, red, yellow and blue,
All budding according to cue,
Praise to my Creator is due.

Melodious songbirds of the air,
Each chirping in unique flair,
Flitting and flying here and there,
With soaring soul I say a prayer.

© Mel Patterson, 5-3-07