Tuesday, November 28, 2006

" Dawn Thoughts "

The Dawn of this new day with sun ascending
Pinks up the horizon transcending
My soul to Thoughts of Thee;
Lord God of Heaven and Earth,
Your gifts are given in multiplicity.

We start the day by Thanking you, Lord
For gifts of graces continually poured
Upon us here on earth, the place of our birth.

In the heavens you are eternally adored
By inhabitants whose souls soared
Where Praises are sung by choirs
To the music of harps and lyres
Joyfully celebrating ~
~ While we are waiting
For our survival,
Holy Spirit revival,
And finally our arrival
At Heaven's Gate
Not a moment too late
Our climb
Right on time;
How sublime!

How great is your Plan; You love mortal man
Whom you have blessed with soul and spirit!
The sound of music in the heavens
Must be sheer JOY to those who hear it!

Angel voices, everyone rejoices
to be in your presence
and savor your essence
Is our ultimate goal
Praise the Lord, O my soul !

© Mel Patterson 11-28-06