Monday, February 27, 2006

" Awaken "

Arise from your slumber.
It is time to awaken...
Let's be among the number
Not torn, worn or forsaken.

A warning is given this day
In hopes of readying the soul
His Coming is not too far away;
The Lord, God, is our goal.

Make haste! Do not waste a second!
It is a Season of fasting and prayer.
Heed the call for the Lord has beckoned.
He admonishes us with unending care.

Be like the virgins with oil in our lamps.
Do not be caught off guard
Or wallowing in enemy camps.
Nor be with spirits marred.

'Tis a blessing this time of growth
Preparing the way of the Lord.
Holy Spirit inspire minds 'n hearts both!
Let's Praise God in one accord.

Time to arise, "Come follow Me.
I have come that you might live,
If you would understand and truly see
All of the Blessings I desire to give."

"Come with Me; take my Hand;
Listen to the sound of My Voice.
Walk with Me to Heaven's Land;
Where all souls in My Kingdom rejoice."

© Mel Patterson 2-27-06

Friday, February 24, 2006


He speaks in a whisper guiding the soul.
He speaks in the silence of a quiet lull.

He speaks to the heart tried and true.
He speaks to me and He speaks to you.

He speaks in the Love songs He sings
He speaks volumes in the Blessings He brings.

He speaks through His Holy Spirit’s Fire.
He speaks that we are His undying desire.

He speaks of the great Heavenly Promise
He speaks even of the ‘doubting Thomas.’

He speaks of shepherding all of His sheep.
He speaks of the promises we must keep.

He speaks He has prepared the way.
He speaks we heed what He has to say.

He speaks of the JOY one day we’ll know.
He speaks of how to spiritually grow.

He speaks how to reach heaven’s gate.
He speaks with open arms’ He will wait.

He speaks, "I love you, My Beloved Child."
He speaks, "My LOVE is pure and undefiled."

He speaks, "Come, your soul I have won."
He speaks, "I am the Messiah, God’s Only Son."

He speaks, "My Love, you are My Choice."
He speaks, "Enter, Come in and Rejoice."

© Mel Patterson, February 24, 2006

Thursday, February 23, 2006

" To GOD be "

The morning begins with a prayer.
Thank you Father for your care.
Praise you for your marvelous deeds
And caring for our numerous needs.

Because of you we have breath and live.
All good graces and blessings You give.
You are the Lord of Lords and King of kings;
Peace is the gift that your mercy brings.

Father, you are our heavenly treasure,
And loving us is your pure pleasure.
We are grateful for the Gift of your Son.
In your great plan our souls He has won.

To God be the glory; to God be the praise.
Let's sing to the Lord all of our days.
Raise His Name on high, shout it out loud.
We yearn for His Coming upon the cloud.

Keep oil on hand and your candle always lit.
Be on guard! Avoid being enticed to the pit.
The evil tempter wants to own your soul.
Remember that the Lord is our Final Goal.

O God of Glory! O God of Might,
We'll keep you within our sight.
Lord, you are Holy, Sacred and Divine.
May Hallelujah PRAISES always be Thine.

Mel Patterson (c) February 24, 2006

Monday, February 20, 2006

" Soul's Desire "

Lord, You are my soul's delight;
To You my spirit does aspire.

I love You with all my might;
You are the Object of my desire.

You lift me out of every plight
And trial no matter how dire.

Keep me forever in Your sight;
My love for You will never tire.

For all the blessings I pray this night
Grant those graces I require...

That I may reach a pinnacle of height
And be given the means to acquire...

The Gift of Your Everlasting Light,
Igniting my soul with Holy Spirit Fire....

Where with Angels and Saints in heavenly attire
I also may PRAISE YOU with harp and lyre.

Copyright Mel Patterson, 2-20-06

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Hush! Hush! Don't speak.
Utter nary a word.
The Holy Spirit's whispering.
"By My Armour you are gird."

Hush! Hush! Don't speak.
Listen raptly instead.
Close your eyes, open your ears,
And be Holy Spirit led.

Hush! Hush! Don't speak.
Words get in the way.
It often is far better
To simply ~ kneel and pray.

Hush! Hush! Never tarry.
Commune with God in prayer
In Church, Temple, outdoors or home,
HE will always meet us there.

Hush! Hush! Don't speak.
Precious soul, thou dost aspire
To be by His Love consumed and
Filled with Holy Spirit Fire.

The time has come when to 'Hush' is done.
Time to spread the Good News of Salvation.
Jesus has come, saved us from sin.

(c) Mel Patterson, February 18, 2006

It IS a good morning;
The new dawn arrives.
Blessed is the child of God
Upon Whom the soul thrives.

Good mid-day and afternoon;
As the minutes and hours unfold
Endless Praise to the Lord, our God
Who presents all moments as gold.

Good evening, approaching dusk;
As the minutes and hours tick by.
Glorious strands and ribbons of color
Encircle the huge expanse of sky.

Good night, moon-bright sky.
Velvety and jewel-bedecked above
Star-studded, blue-black night.
All gifts from our GOD of Love.

Rest thy weary head upon the pillow
Retire sweet spirit; set aside all care.
First give thanks and praise to our Father
Kneeling ~ with hands folded in prayer.

(c) Mel Patterson, February 18, 2006

Friday, February 17, 2006

" Beware and Be Aware "

He lurks in the shadows
He hides in the crowd.
Pray for discernment.
Rebuke the enemy out loud !

All is not what it seems.
What appears right is not.
The sneak and the thief one day
Will assuredly be dealt his lot.

Beware and Be Aware
Every moment of every day
There is no room for coddling him;
Get upon our knees and pray.

He picks and probes, spies and lies.
He wants only to stir up and abuse;
He kicks and fights all through the nights
And does it for himself to a-muse.

Pray to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Pray for deliverance and final release
Pray for health of mind, heart and soul.
Pray for protection, safety and peace.

The Holy Spirit enlightens faithful souls.
He lights, guards, guides and rules,
Blessing His Own with the Wisdom of Solomon
And the evil ones are shown as fools.

There is an enemy in our midst.
Beware and Be Aware.
He can be beaten and cast out
With constant and faithful prayer.

Mel Patterson
(c) Feb. 11, 2006
" Awesome Grace "

From the silence of the beginning
God who always was created every living thing
Earth would have been a paradise,
And all that had life and breath would sing.

One angel wanted to be just like God.
He was forever banned from heavenly glory.
He tempted Adam and Eve to sin and
that was the beginning of the long painful story.

In the fullness of time Mary's Baby was born.
He grew in grace, dignity and power.
Loved, betrayed, hated, and Crucified,
He was put death at The Appointed Hour.

Three days of grieving and bewilderment
None understanding the purpose of His Life
Until on that Glorious Day He ROSE from the dead
Salvation was won by God's only Son
We are lifted from the dregs of turmoil and strife.

Promises He fulfills, the Holy Spirit He instills.
From His Heart Love spills and
Our Father beckons us "Come,
"Follow My Son."
"Your soul He has won."

Rest easy longing soul;
Keep moving toward the goal.
There is JOY in being made whole.

To be in the Presence of The FATHER
and see JESUS Face-to-face...
O Rapturous JOY..
How AWESOME is that GRACE !!!

Written by Mel Patterson
(c) January 2006

Good Morning, Good Afternoon,
Good Evening and Good Night.
Wherever we are in our world
We're never out of His Sight.

We THANK you and PRAISE you, O Lord
All the Heavens and the Earth
SINGING in one accord,

Caught up in your LOVE,
Caught up in your splendor,
We thank you for the blessed Gift
Of your Mercies so tender.

We THANK you and PRAISE you, O Lord
All the Heavens and the Earth
SINGING in one accord,

To the God of Magnificence
And the God of Majesty,
To the God of Creation
Weaving His Tapestry
All Praise and Glory be given.

We THANK you and PRAISE you, O Lord
All the Heavens and the Earth
SINGING in one accord,

(c) February 2006 - Mel Patterson

We are swept up in your Spirit.
You teach us your Way.
We are caught up in your grace;
You bless our every day.


Praise you to O Lord, on high
Mounted on Your Throne in the sky.
Love songs we sing ,
Adoration we bring
To You, Our Heavenly King.


O Fountain of Living Waters,
Lord, of Spirit and Life,
You well up within us
Blessed freedom from all strife.


Majestic One, Abba, El Shaddei,
Glorious God from above
Our hearts are bursting,
Our souls ever thirsting
For the Blessing that is your LOVE.


Thank you, Father and Son,
Holy Spirit too.
In Adoration bending,
Our love we are sending.
In all that we do.


(c) February 2006 - Mel Patterson


All around the world
in all places and nations
Let's thank and Praise our God
with joyful expectations.

HE is the King of Glory
Seated upon His Throne
Heaven and earth are singing
Joyfully in every chord and tone.

HE keeps a watchful eye
Upon the Heavens and the Earth
HE draws all men to HIM...
Blessed Salvation, and Re-Birth.

O Mighty and Majestic God
Father of all Creation
We raise our hearts and souls
In Joy-Filled Adoration.

Father, we Praise You and Thank You
For every good Blessing and Grace.
With Hope-filled hearts we wait for the day
We may see Your Beautiful Face.

Glorious Day be upon us soon!!!
Rapture Divine,
Holy One,
Only One,
Triune God,
Abundant Joy,
Sacred Heart,
King of Peace,
Joy of all Nations,
Sovereign King,
Glorious Wonder,
Gold Refiner,
Soul Purifier,
Spirit of Life,
Miracle Maker,
in the Glory of the Father,
through the Power of the Holy Spirit,
All Worship, All Praise, All Glory
Yours, Almighty Father,
ForEver and EVer.
AMEN !!!

(c) February 2006 - Mel Patterson