Friday, February 17, 2006


All around the world
in all places and nations
Let's thank and Praise our God
with joyful expectations.

HE is the King of Glory
Seated upon His Throne
Heaven and earth are singing
Joyfully in every chord and tone.

HE keeps a watchful eye
Upon the Heavens and the Earth
HE draws all men to HIM...
Blessed Salvation, and Re-Birth.

O Mighty and Majestic God
Father of all Creation
We raise our hearts and souls
In Joy-Filled Adoration.

Father, we Praise You and Thank You
For every good Blessing and Grace.
With Hope-filled hearts we wait for the day
We may see Your Beautiful Face.

Glorious Day be upon us soon!!!
Rapture Divine,
Holy One,
Only One,
Triune God,
Abundant Joy,
Sacred Heart,
King of Peace,
Joy of all Nations,
Sovereign King,
Glorious Wonder,
Gold Refiner,
Soul Purifier,
Spirit of Life,
Miracle Maker,
in the Glory of the Father,
through the Power of the Holy Spirit,
All Worship, All Praise, All Glory
Yours, Almighty Father,
ForEver and EVer.
AMEN !!!

(c) February 2006 - Mel Patterson

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