Friday, February 17, 2006

" Awesome Grace "

From the silence of the beginning
God who always was created every living thing
Earth would have been a paradise,
And all that had life and breath would sing.

One angel wanted to be just like God.
He was forever banned from heavenly glory.
He tempted Adam and Eve to sin and
that was the beginning of the long painful story.

In the fullness of time Mary's Baby was born.
He grew in grace, dignity and power.
Loved, betrayed, hated, and Crucified,
He was put death at The Appointed Hour.

Three days of grieving and bewilderment
None understanding the purpose of His Life
Until on that Glorious Day He ROSE from the dead
Salvation was won by God's only Son
We are lifted from the dregs of turmoil and strife.

Promises He fulfills, the Holy Spirit He instills.
From His Heart Love spills and
Our Father beckons us "Come,
"Follow My Son."
"Your soul He has won."

Rest easy longing soul;
Keep moving toward the goal.
There is JOY in being made whole.

To be in the Presence of The FATHER
and see JESUS Face-to-face...
O Rapturous JOY..
How AWESOME is that GRACE !!!

Written by Mel Patterson
(c) January 2006

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