Friday, February 24, 2006


He speaks in a whisper guiding the soul.
He speaks in the silence of a quiet lull.

He speaks to the heart tried and true.
He speaks to me and He speaks to you.

He speaks in the Love songs He sings
He speaks volumes in the Blessings He brings.

He speaks through His Holy Spirit’s Fire.
He speaks that we are His undying desire.

He speaks of the great Heavenly Promise
He speaks even of the ‘doubting Thomas.’

He speaks of shepherding all of His sheep.
He speaks of the promises we must keep.

He speaks He has prepared the way.
He speaks we heed what He has to say.

He speaks of the JOY one day we’ll know.
He speaks of how to spiritually grow.

He speaks how to reach heaven’s gate.
He speaks with open arms’ He will wait.

He speaks, "I love you, My Beloved Child."
He speaks, "My LOVE is pure and undefiled."

He speaks, "Come, your soul I have won."
He speaks, "I am the Messiah, God’s Only Son."

He speaks, "My Love, you are My Choice."
He speaks, "Enter, Come in and Rejoice."

© Mel Patterson, February 24, 2006

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