Saturday, December 23, 2006


An angel of God visited me today,
I could hardly believe my eyes.
When I heard what he had to say,

I could hardly believe my ears ~
I was nearly frightened to tears;
He did, however, allay my fears.

He said I would be mother to a son.
I knew not man ~ I wanted to run
But I said, 'unto me your word be done.'

At the appointed hour, the Holy Spirit
Will overshadow you and you'll conceive;
Be not afraid, Mary, no reason to fear it.

This is God's will for your Son and you;
With every good grace you He will imbue~
Jesus is the Infant King and Saviour, too.

Joseph will be a good husband and father,
He'll be your protector all his life ~
He loves you much, Mary, like no other.

He'll love your Child, teach him many things`
He'll be blessed with the joy fatherhood brings,
Both of you'll delight when Baby Jesus sings.

So Mary rest easy for now and dream
Of the exciting and blessed life you'll live.
God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit deem

You have been chosen and blessed~
The Son of God is your womb's Guest~
Saving humanity from sin will be his quest.

© Mel Patterson December 11, 2006

Thursday, December 21, 2006

" Longing "

The longing in my heart and soul for Thee
Transcends all other longings there ever could be.
For you, my Lord, my God, and my all
Have won me over by your truth and your law.

How is it you have willed that I be here?
I'm sorry for my sin; O Lord, still my fear.
Help me to be forgiving as you are to me
That one day I may more ~ image Thee.

Quench the thirst of my soul and my spirit
I pine for you, Lord; my soul ~ please, steer it.
Let me not look for earthly pleasures...
But seek only your Holy Treasures.

Prime me and align me with your Holy Will;
Your fire within my heart and soul instill.
Lead me along the long and torturous road;
In prayer I find a lessening of the load
as I travel along
my heart in song
To you I long .... to ... belong.

The longing in my heart and soul for Thee
Transcends all other longings there ever could be.
For you, my Lord, my God, and my all
Have won me over by your truth and your law.

© Mel Patterson 12-21-06

Saturday, December 16, 2006

" Do You Love Me? "

What is the first thought of the day
As you awaken wiping the sleep from your eyes?
Do you roll over and continue to lay
Or shuffle to the window and look at the skies?

And when you do look at the skies what do you see?
Do you see mist and fog or clouds and rain?
Do you see sun above the cover which eventually
Bursting forth causes the clouds to wane?

When you begin your day do you say a prayer
And say thank you, Lord, for a brand new day?
Are you optimistic and do you really care
About the opportunity you have to walk in His Way?

Do you think of God and pray to Him often?
Or do you give him not a thought at all?
Do you have a hardened heart that doesn't soften?
Do you open your mind and heart to hear His Call?

As long as this big world keeps going
He calls each and every one of us by name.
All He asks is our love and service in sowing
and reaping
the harvest He plants.

In joyful song and dance...
Come !
Are we going?

Says He:

' Are you not coming? '
I'm all loving and all-knowing
My LOVE is overflowing;
Please accept it.
Do you not hear the humming
of the angel choir
full of fervor and fire?

They sing and play for Me;
Come, and you will see
they'll also play for thee ~
Come, be with Me...
Eternity. '

' I deeply Love you, don't you......
love Me, too? '

© Mel Patterson 12-16-06

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

" BLESS the BABE "

Bless the babe born of my womb,
Now sleeping in my keeping,
Safe and sound in this room
My love for him deepening.

Tiny little man with eyes closed
I love watching God's Son sleep;
In a needed nap now reposed
This infant I am blessed to keep.

He has sweet little rosebud lips
That frequently seem to smile
As from my breast he lazily sips
And tenderly I stare awhile.

Precious little One, oh so small
I want this moment to last for ever
Rest in my arms in peaceful pall ~
May this bond never, ever, sever.

© Mel Patterson 12-06-06