Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why this early morning rising? Why this sleepless night?
Could it be a chastising or a lesson with new insight?
How shall I read this moment at hand right here, right now?
Shall I delve deep within my soul or forget myself somehow?

A soft whisper within my heart I hear, a hint of your will
To pray for a someone whose heart only your love can fill.
Someone is crying out in his own wilderness, his pain;
Let this simple prayer be for him a blessing, a gain.

Bless this brother with what he truly needs
Plant within his heart plentiful seeds
That nourishment, water, and sun will sow
his soul to peaceful pallor and grow.

Inspire him to be a blessing to others
That he will pray for his sisters and brothers
As ripples in a stream that widen to river and sea
Spreading over an expanse into eternity
Enveloping everyone, even me.
Lord, God, we Thank and Praise Thee.

Why this early morning rising, this sleepless night?
Lord, thank you for the blessing of insight
of your calling me to stay and pray
so early this day.
Thanks and Praise to Thee.

© Mel Patterson, 7-21-09

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

In contemplating the Mother of our Lord
Meditating upon her as Mother of the Word
I hear her sweet, soft, tender voice
And I feel my soul in gratitude rejoice.

What does she say to one such as me;
To ponder such, how the possibility?
She would say, "Child, follow my Son.
By His Blood your soul He has won."

Her voice is sweet, soft and tender
To her, reverence and love we render
We pray her Holy Rosary alone and together
And plead her graces in all kinds of weather.

Speak, Mother, your children are listening
Your holy purity and radiance are glistening;
Our souls are alit with the fire of love
As you show us the way to heav'n above
To Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Teaching us never to fear it
But to everlastingly endear it.

We hear your sweet and tender voice
And our souls within us gladly rejoice.

© Mel Patterson, 7-1-09