Thursday, October 16, 2008


When is it over you ask questioning soul?
It's not over until you reach the Ultimate Goal.
The road is rough, the waters run deep;
The roads are rugged, the mountains steep.

Struggle you do over miles of bleak terrain,
Scurrying, and hurrying, trying to stay sane.
Through turbulent waters you swim the race;
Upon maturity you gain His blessed grace.

How will you know when your life is done?
How will you know when your race is run?
Only God knows where your life will take you,
Your soul's disposition and destination, too.

He is the Author and the Finisher of life.
When asked He pulls you through strife and rife.
Prayer is the key to draw Him to the heart,
Communion and union, never nor ever to part

Dear soul carry on in the best manner you can,
Praying, thanking, and praising the Son of Man.
His great love for you is ever deeply abounding ~
Listen! Can't you hear the heavens resounding?

As the time draws nigh, longingly you sigh
To be where He is in the "sweet by and by"...
And it shall be day...
For that you pray as you say,
As did The Son,
Not my will Father
but Yours be done.

© Mel Patterson, 10-16-08