Wednesday, April 30, 2008


O Lord, you have risen from the dead
Exactly as you have said.
We miss the YOU we came to know
Yet we wonder why it must be so

That you will again leave us
When You're taken will they believe us?
Will they understand why You came
Will anyone ever be the same?

We see You, Lord, as You appear
Your soon leaving evokes a tear.
We wish you could longer stay
Please just for one more day?

To the Father You must return
With deep ardor my soul does burn
We approach the place of your leaving
Already my poor soul is grieving

The sooner You go to the Father
Without further adieu and bother
The Holy Spirit will light His fire
Then our spirits will never tire

To spread the good news of salvation
To every soul in every nation
So, take Your leave Lord, if You must
In You forever we shall trust

We see You leaving fading from view
And after You go we'll take our cue
To go back to our family and our friends
Rapt in Your Love that never ends.

We await with Faith, Hope and Love
Holy Spirit blessings from above
To light our souls with ardor and fire,
To spread the Kingdom as You desire.
Per Your command all will transpire
And to that great call we do aspire.

© Mel Patterson, 4-30-08

Saturday, April 26, 2008

No, I am not my own universe
The world does not spin around me
Thinking so is utterly perverse
Why has it taken me so long to see?

How is it scales covered my eyes
And I refused to listen to good advice?
The evil one wore an angel's disguise
And seduced me with so many lies.

I was bitterly tossed and torn
I didn't know if I was coming or going
My mind, heart and soul were worn
Confusion and fatigue were showing.

Darkness overwhelmed me
And nothing existed for a short time
I felt as though I ceased to be
Then a tender hand helped me climb

I was lifted out of that black hole
Into the daylight of His eyes
He healed and restored my soul
And for Jesus my spirit sighs.

I relinquished my being and now am seeing
That I was out of control ~ clearly!
I repented deeply from the core of my being
And now cherish the Lord ever so dearly.

No one living soul is yet lost forever;
Jesus forgives the repentant sinner.
Pray for the lost, a noble endeavor;
Pray that every one will be a winner.

There is a battle raging right now
One we may not want to face;There are those who to satan bow
Pray they receive God's Grace.

The time is coming have no doubt
Jesus is coming as in Revelation
Be done with the evil one, the lout!
Unite under Christ Jesus as one holy nation.

© Mel Patterson, 4-25-08

Monday, April 21, 2008

" A Child Needs...."

We are products of our environment it is said
and from birth through life we are variously led
From infancy to childhood others are in charge
When you are little, others seem rather large.

A child needs benevolent and respectful care
As well as being taught to love and play fair.
If a child is taught to respect God and others
He will love himself and likewise his brothers.

Whether our childhood was nurturing or not
Comes the time when we must deal with our lot
The decisions we make will color our future
And show what we're made of as we mature.

If victory is to be won, it's upon God we trust
Knowing, loving and serving Him well we must.
Getting through life is hard enough we all know
Traveling with the Lord is the only sure way to go.

Guide the little ones in the ways of the Lord
So they, too, will praise Him, and to Him accord
All Honor, All Glory, and All Adoration
hearts full of joy and expectation,
toward the day of eternal jubilation
infinite exaltation.

© Mel Patterson, 4-22-08

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In centering upon God in prayer I am made aware
of the music of a heavenly choir
accompanied by angelic flute and lyre;
of so lovely a sound I never tire.

It is by God's grace my soul is released and pleased
to accept within my spiritual hearing
celestial reverberations so endearing
and I praise God for their appearing.

I bask in the midst of a surround of sound
taken out of the shell of my physical being
transported to a place of also seeing
that Light and Music are ever agreeing.

May this transcendent moment never end,
this heavenly place blessed with every grace
where one can be lost in time and space
taken away from the daily chase
that seizes the human race.

O, Love so tender, you radiate splendor;
may these moments be evermore mine
transport me often to that place divine
where music and radiance combine
and where Thy Light does ever shine.

May all Praise and all Thanksgiving
always and everywhere
be Thine.

© Mel Patterson, 4-16-08

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

O Lord, you showed me a deep dark chasm
Between good and evil this very morning.
Then I heard you bid me " spread the warning."

On one side was the Cross of our Salvation,
On the other, dank, black, putrid degradation.

The gap between good and evil truly exists;
Contamination by the evil one stubbornly persists.

He defies Purity and Holiness; he keenly drives wedges,
And gloats to see people sliding to the gap's edges

On the side of Salvation, souls are reaching out
Grasping the weak souls who experience doubt,

Trying to save them from falling into the chasm;
With temptations satan still wants to dazzle them.

The battle between good and evil is being fought
What is it our lives and efforts will have wrought?

Are we riding the slippery slope to a bitter end
With sludge, filth, sulphur, and fire our souls to rend?

Or are we on the road to Jesus who loved us to His Death
Will we love Him and be faithful to our last breath?

Come to grips all you who search for life's meaning;
Stay away from every evil thing that is demeaning.

Choose good over evil at every single chance!
The Lord looks upon us with His Loving Glance;
Do you not already see it, perchance?

The chasm is wide, deep and steep,
Evil ones shirk , lurk and creep,
They are snide, riddled with pride,
They want to take you on a joyride,
Then laugh at you all askew
Don't let it happen to you.

Choose our Creator Who willed us to be
Imitators of Jesus Who is the Key
To life with the Holy Trinity
For Eternity.

As the end of time approaches
And the closing of the gap encroaches,
Be aware of the Lord's exhortation
Heed his call every nation.
He tarries not for much longer;
Pray to be made stronger,
For the battle is not yet done.
Bring many to God's Son
In unity all for One.

Finally, the day will come
To hell many, to heaven some;

Choose God Who willed us to be
Imitators of Jesus Who is the Key
To life with the Holy Trinity
For all Eternity.

© Mel Patterson 4-9-08

Friday, April 04, 2008

O wayward soul where are you going?
What heavy crosses are you towing?
Into the wind are your dreams blowing?
Do you think that you are all-knowing?
What kind of seeds are you sowing?

When we can do no more to set things right
When what we want seems beyond our sight
Let's fall to our knees in the dark of the night
Pray to God with every bit of our might
Watch the evil one swiftly take flight.

Let's stand back and re-evaluate our lives!
With numerous trials the soul in pain writhes;
It's toward God Almighty every Christian strives,
Into His limitless pool of Mercy each soul dives
To soak up the forgiveness
and love God gives
For from infinity to infinity
His Divine Majesty lives
And He gives
and gives and

© Mel Patterson, 4-4-08