Wednesday, April 30, 2008


O Lord, you have risen from the dead
Exactly as you have said.
We miss the YOU we came to know
Yet we wonder why it must be so

That you will again leave us
When You're taken will they believe us?
Will they understand why You came
Will anyone ever be the same?

We see You, Lord, as You appear
Your soon leaving evokes a tear.
We wish you could longer stay
Please just for one more day?

To the Father You must return
With deep ardor my soul does burn
We approach the place of your leaving
Already my poor soul is grieving

The sooner You go to the Father
Without further adieu and bother
The Holy Spirit will light His fire
Then our spirits will never tire

To spread the good news of salvation
To every soul in every nation
So, take Your leave Lord, if You must
In You forever we shall trust

We see You leaving fading from view
And after You go we'll take our cue
To go back to our family and our friends
Rapt in Your Love that never ends.

We await with Faith, Hope and Love
Holy Spirit blessings from above
To light our souls with ardor and fire,
To spread the Kingdom as You desire.
Per Your command all will transpire
And to that great call we do aspire.

© Mel Patterson, 4-30-08

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