Saturday, May 10, 2008

I heard my name called in the early morning rising,
a call to prayer or an action to take I am surmising.
There was no accompanying dream I can recall;
it was the voice of a man and no vision at all.

Whose voice could it have been that I heard
that summoned me to wake, my sleep deferred?
Why was I called in the wee morning hours,
this cool cloudy morn with sprinkling showers?

I did not know the voice of the man who spoke
but I wondered if was it me the Lord woke?
I still hear my own name called one times three
And I wonder, Lord, could it have been Thee?

I will take from the mention of my name
that it was a call from Thee, Lord, who came
bid me rise and begin the day with prayer
for our world which is in need of repair,
that national resources we share,
that everyone for all will care.

Until we learn to love one another
As sister, brother, father and mother
the way Thou knew before the start,
O Thou Loving Sacred Heart,
cleanse us of all that is not of Thee
Thy Blood to bathe us, ah Sweet Purity,
Help us grow in spiritual maturity
Lord, I Praise and Thank Thee
For Thou didst call me ~ one times three.

© Mel Patterson, 5-10-08

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