Monday, May 26, 2008


Hasten, time's a wastin' !
No time for procrastinatin' !
Get it done now, get it done quick ~
See the clock tock 'n tick!
Get the job done in a flick!
Snap to it lickity split!

Run here, run there !
Be swift, no one'll care!
Do the job fast and furious!
Slow down? Are you serious?
No time to putter and sputter;
Don't grumble and mutter!
Job might as well be in the gutter!

Do more and do it now;
Don't fool around, pal!
Get with the program, man!
You can do it, yes you can
according to my time plan!
No break, no time!
Breaking your back for a dime?
You say it's a crime?

Well, I don't care 'bout you!
I want to break you, I do!
I snarl and bark and hiss,too.
If you don't know by now,
I'll get you somehow
and to only me will you bow!
I'm your worst enemy you see!
Legions swarm around me!
You're down? I'm happy
so full of glee...

Only one thing makes me flee!
When you get on bended knee,
get smart and so prayerfully
call upon Him who cast me out,
out of Eden for tempting Eve;
O, how I did seethe

Don't do that! Don't pray!
Overtaking you needs one more day!
Don't worry 'bout what God'll say!
Don't call upon the One who died,
Him who was crucified!
His Blood is on me now
He calls me "foul!"
I growl!

My pinions release you..
Let HIM please you..
He grabs you from the rim.
You're safe with Him.
I scurry along
slithering away,
looking for other prey,
another I can hold sway ~

© Mel Patterson, 5-26-08

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