Friday, May 30, 2008


When Gabriel announced to Mary she was to bear a son,
She wondered how on earth it could be done.
For a virgin she had been and intended to remain;
She thought of her betrothed's and her parents' pain.

The Angel told her she would be infused by the Holy Spirit,
That she would remain a Virgin and not to fear it;
With this knowledge Mary acquiesced to God's Holy Will
And the gracious Vessel who was Mary is honored still.

Gabriel told Mary that cousin Elizabeth was with child,
Expecting a boy, the Forerunner of Christ-undefiled;
Mary journeyed to visit her cousin, each expecting a boy,
When John sensing Jesus' Divine Presence leapt for joy.

By their meeting, though yet unborn, the boys connected;
Little was it known both, eventually, would be rejected.
For now, however, the mothers would lovingly prepare,
Each in her own time, the child each would bear.

Hail, Mary, the Lord is with you,
Woman so full of Grace;
Blessed are you who nurtured Him,
And Kissed His adorable Face

© Mel Patterson, May 30, 2008

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