Saturday, May 10, 2008

In the Upper Room there gathered
were those who greatly mattered
being followers of Jesus who died
waiting humbly, devoid of pride.

The Lord bid them be present there
and they were in quiet deep prayer
when they heard a wind-like rush
envelope the room in a mighty gush.

Upon each one alit a tongue of fire;
they wondered what would transpire.
It became evident as they began to speak
in other tongues they did not seek.

Filled with the Holy Spirit, each one
could proclaim how God's only Son
came to save all men, Gentiles and Jews
who would listen and follow His cues
for in their own native tongues
They all could hear ~
the Good News.

So the apostles set out two by two
Preaching to many a Gentile and Jew
Romans and thousands of others, too
Spreading the Gospel of Salvation
To every people and nation
As the Holy Spirit ~ inspired them to do.

© Mel Patterson, 5-10-08

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