Monday, May 22, 2006


(remembering our trip to Jim Thorpe, PA)

FATHER, how beautiful are your CREATIONS !!!

We traveled to a place so lovely, so divine
that my heart was lifted to a place sublime,
Hills and dales, glens and mountains
strewn with dancing trees
swaying in the breeze;
Lifting their branches
high in the sky
Waving praises to God.

Cruising the highways enjoying nature's beauty
Trees atop the mountain were level except one cutey,
which seemed to shout out loud, "Here I am!
Look at me. See?
I am up here and taller than the rest."
The sight of this tree brought us joy-filled glee
As we drank in the view
with sky so blue
And marsh-mellow clouds floating by.

The trees in shades of green spectacular
seemed to have their own personality and venacular
Sage, Spruce, Silver, Blue, Kelly, and Forest ~
God painted an extraordinary view
Greens of every color and hue.
We saw their age and their youth,
strong and sturdy,
tired and worn or young and thriving
while we were driving
A sight to behold,
like gold.

FATHER, how beautiful are your CREATIONS !!!

© Mel Patterson 5-22-06

Saturday, May 20, 2006

" I WALKED in the PARK "

I walked in the park today rather briskly
and to my delight within my sight
were flowers of many colors to please my eye.
There were vibrant purple pansies,
Bright yellow ones too,
White ones with purple centers
and orange ones with a brown hue.

I walked in the park today rather briskly
And to my delight within my sight
Were red-breasted robins
and a cardinal dressed in red
showing off the tuft on his head.
I heard them singing so sweetly
It seemed they were there to greet me,
And I smiled and PRAISED GOD.

I walked in the park today rather briskly
And to my delight within my sight
I saw a skittering, chittering brown squirrel
Chasing his buddy up and down the tree.
What a funny entertaining sight to see.
Then I saw a hippity brown hare
Hopping swiftly out of sight behind a bright
colored tree afraid that I would scare
him........I wouldn't dare.

I walked in the park today rather briskly
And to my delight within my sight
came down the rain, drip by drip,
drop by drop and I laughed for it cooled me.
I was becoming very warm from the brisk stroll
And I was cooled. Smiling from ear to ear,
I finally reluctantly entered my car
for the drive home and I THANKED GOD
and PRAISED GOD for the blessing this day.

Windshield wipers were on high
And I felt high
on GOD !!!

I marveled at the beauty God creates.
Each one an extension of Himself.
His Handiwork is good.

He fashioned us, each and every one,
in His Own Image.

© Mel Patterson, 5-20-06

Friday, May 12, 2006

" HOW DO WE..? "

How do we see you, Lord?

We see you in a blade of grass
We see you in the petal of a flower
We see you in a loved one's face
We see you in the rain's shower.

How do we hear you, Lord?

We hear you in the soul's silence,
We hear you in a bird's song.
We hear you in the thunder above
We hear you in sounds, weak and strong.

How do we taste you, Lord?

We taste you in unleavened bread;
We taste you in Communion.
We taste you in the grain of wheat,
We taste the Blessing of our union.

How do we touch you, Lord?

We touch you when we hug a child;
We touch you helping those in need.
We touch you in clothing the naked
We touch you selflessly in every good deed.

How do we savor your fragrance, Lord?

We savor your Purity and Holiness;
We savor your Sacredness and Divinity.
We savor your sanguine incense
We savor your Majestic Trinity.

© Mel Patterson 5-11-06


O LORD our GOD you Color our World;

You color our world with everlasting Love,
Every good gift is from your gracious hand.
We THANK you and PRAISE you, O Lord our God;
All the earth is peopled at your command.

You color our world with blessed Hope,
Every good gift is from your gracious hand.
We thank you and praise you, O Lord our God;
Together in PRAISES and THANKSGIVINGS we band.

You color our world with fidelity and faith,
Every good gift is from your gracious hand.
We march in tandem with you, risen Christ Jesus,
'Til you lead us to your HEAVENLY ETERNAL LAND.

O LORD our GOD you Color our World;

© Mel Patterson 5-11-06
" Master, you consume..."

Master, you consume my soul.
My thoughts are taken up with you;
To be with you forever is my utmost goal,
Show me what you would have me do.

Master, you consume my heart;
I long for you night and day.
Tell me we shall never be apart;
Keep me close as I kneel to pray.

Master, you consume my spirit
I desire to be where you dwell
Boldly I pray never to fear it
For your sweet love I cannot quell.

Master, you consume my all
As I spiral upward toward you
Grant that I may always hear you call
And come running when you do.

With your arms open wide
Enfold me in the shelter of your embrace
Nevermore in sin shall I hide
But ever behold your radiant Face.

© Mel Patterson, 5-6-06

Thursday, May 11, 2006

" Spiraling "

God's Son leads us up the staircase
Blessing us with His grace,
Step by step, breath by breath
From our birth to the day of our death.

The Father watches as we ascend;
Upon Our Savior we totally depend.
Step by step with Jesus we climb
We were always on His Mind.

Ever before us is the Vision of Glory
Told by Jesus in every parable story;
He constantly shows us how to aspire,
And daily climb higher and higher.

Jesus is the railing which we grip tightly
Lest we fall and not act rightly;
May our steps not falter, tarry nor tire ~
Shhh...hear the distant heavenly choir.

© Mel Patterson 5-11-06

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Thank you for the sunshine,
Thank you for the rain,
Thank you for the snow
Falling softly on the windowpane.

Thank you for the meadow,
Thank you for the brook,
Thank you for the seas and oceans
Whereupon our eyes may look.

Thank you for the blossom
Thank you for the tree
Thank you for the butterfly
And all the beauty that we see.

Thank you most of all for your Son
Thank you for His Sacrifice
Thank you for His Resurrection
Which was bought at so great a price.

Thank you that you love us so much,
Thank you for wanting us forever,
Thank you for creating each of our souls;
Your Kingdom is our utmost endeavor.


© Mel Patterson, 5-2-06
~ " BIBLE " ~

If the Kingdom of God is within you
And the Kingdom of God is at hand,
Since Jesus Himself tells us this,
Pray tell, where do we stand?

Are we of the firm realization
That everything He tells us is True?
Do we take His Word into our hearts
And do we imitate what He would do?

The Bible is the Word of the Lord;
Wondrous blessings we find there,
Instruction, Encouragement, Truth, Life,
And all transmitting HIS Loving Care.

Read God's Word every single day;
Receive all that is contained within it.
It changes our life from sin and strife
All that we have to do is beGIN it.

A well-worn Bible has a story of its' own.
It ministers by example in its' look;
When the cover ages as well as its' pages,
We know its' owner LOVES his Book.

Let's cherish lovingly the Word of the Lord
Contained in our Bibles and read
All of the Holy Spirit's inspirations.
Let's let go, and permit GOD to Lead !!!

© Mel Patterson, 5-2-06