Friday, May 12, 2006

" Master, you consume..."

Master, you consume my soul.
My thoughts are taken up with you;
To be with you forever is my utmost goal,
Show me what you would have me do.

Master, you consume my heart;
I long for you night and day.
Tell me we shall never be apart;
Keep me close as I kneel to pray.

Master, you consume my spirit
I desire to be where you dwell
Boldly I pray never to fear it
For your sweet love I cannot quell.

Master, you consume my all
As I spiral upward toward you
Grant that I may always hear you call
And come running when you do.

With your arms open wide
Enfold me in the shelter of your embrace
Nevermore in sin shall I hide
But ever behold your radiant Face.

© Mel Patterson, 5-6-06

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