Friday, May 12, 2006

" HOW DO WE..? "

How do we see you, Lord?

We see you in a blade of grass
We see you in the petal of a flower
We see you in a loved one's face
We see you in the rain's shower.

How do we hear you, Lord?

We hear you in the soul's silence,
We hear you in a bird's song.
We hear you in the thunder above
We hear you in sounds, weak and strong.

How do we taste you, Lord?

We taste you in unleavened bread;
We taste you in Communion.
We taste you in the grain of wheat,
We taste the Blessing of our union.

How do we touch you, Lord?

We touch you when we hug a child;
We touch you helping those in need.
We touch you in clothing the naked
We touch you selflessly in every good deed.

How do we savor your fragrance, Lord?

We savor your Purity and Holiness;
We savor your Sacredness and Divinity.
We savor your sanguine incense
We savor your Majestic Trinity.

© Mel Patterson 5-11-06

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