Friday, November 18, 2011


Whether our lives are cloud-filled or clear and bright
That attitude determines altitude rings keenly true
We can descend to the dregs or bound up to great height
Forging ahead developing strength or missing every cue
To be what we can be and soar, our spirit in flight,
Through the power of our sheer might...
What we need is a clear insight.

(Clear insight comes through the power of the Holy Spirit of God)

© Mel Patterson, 11-18-11

Sunday, October 30, 2011


As another day begins, the sun peaks over the horizon
And holds the promise of blessings yet to unfold
The act of this realization is itself a mighty gift
And the majestic powers of God appear, Behold!
Wind, chill, sleet, snow, rain, sun ~ all bathe the earth
And claim the world belongs to our God above
The act of this realization is itself a mighty gift
That He gives to us through His unconditional love.
The pilgrimage from our births to the end of our days
Plunge us into valleys yet elevate us to the skies
The act of this realization is itself a mighty gift
Keeping us ever under His loving watchful eyes.
The day will surely come when our journey is done
The Lord will come to meet us His arms open wide,
The act of this realization is itself a mighty gift,
He'll embrace us and with Him forever we'll abide.
© Mel Patterson, 10-3-11

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

O Lord, when will my span of years come to an end?
Will I be strong in fervor as I come round that bend?
Will I be faithful to all You've asked me to do?
Will I lay all my selfishness aside
And run swiftly as the wind to You?

Lord, You know the very recesses of my heart
It's only my own sinfulness that keeps us apart
O that I may be faithful to all You ask me to do
Please align me, Sweet Jesus, with Your Holy Will.
For satan it pleases my soul to kill.
The Blood You shed for love of all men
Your Sacrifice our very souls to transcend
Extraordinarily Issued from God, our Father
Triune Godhead, Lord God, and Holy Spirit
Jesus Christ, Your Holy Love, we endear it.
When our span of years comes to its' end?
Will we be strong in fervor as we round that bend?
We we be faithful in all You asked us to do?
Will we have lain all selfishness aside?
And run swiftly as the wind to You?
Trusting in Your mercy having Faith to believe
That we repentant sinners You will receive
We hope when our journeys are done
We may image Your Divine Son
Swiftly as the wind, with Him, run
And through the power of His grace
Enter Your Courts for Worship and Praise
In joyful chorus singing for endless days
Beholding the Beauty of Your Holy Face...
Swiftly as the wind we run!
© Mel Patterson, 9-27-11


"Get up! Arise and pray,"
I heard His words say
At the beginning of this day.
"Stop mumbling and grumbling
The world is tumbling and rumbling.
Pray to save the day!
Do not keep my mercy at bay
I want to give it away
To those souls in need.
For them you must plead and intercede
My time is coming! Prepare!
Do not be caught unaware.
To those who do not care, BEWARE!
My time is coming like a thief in the night
Then I shall emit My power and My might.
The faithless, affright and pitiable sight
Will not see the glow of My Light!
Of My wisdom ~ they have lost sight.
My mercy is yours if you but ask
Take off that prideful mask!
Repentance and prayer are your task.
Humble yourself; in my Radiance bask.
I forgive all your sins if you ask sincerely
My Heart longs for you; I love you dearly.
Be blessed and see more clearly
That I am here...nearly...
I AM coming, stop running!
Where can you go?
To save the day!
© Mel Patterson, 10-25-11

God is as close as we permit Him to be.

Friday, October 21, 2011

O Holy Spirit of God when I cannot pray as I ought
Because with so many duties I am fraught
Is it true You pray when I am unable to do so?
Does my own spirit unite with Yours, then, too?
O Holy Spirit of God clearly I am overwrought
And not nearly as strong as I once thought
Be my Stronghold, my Fortress, my Deliverer
Increase my blessings and grace this believer.
O Holy Spirit of God Your wisdom I have sought
And I thank You for all that You have taught
You were the Force from the beginning of time
With the Father and Son, all three sublime.
O Holy Spirit of God Author of pure thought
Arranged for generations to be Blood-bought
I thank You profusely for all that You give
And shall sing Your Praises as long as I live.
© Mel Patterson, 10-21-11

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I run the race trying to keep pace
His grace forgiving my disgrace
He makes all my limbs strong
Loves me even when I'm wrong,
I wonder why it takes so long
To hear the sound of His Song
Hurdles though many or few
Come at the right time as if on cue
The race, marathon or sprint,
Running and girded as flint
My spirit bears a subtle hint
Of God's Own......but a glint.
It's not for me to say "That's enough"
Or whine the road is far too rough.
It is for me to accept God's gift
As the Lord my soul does sift
And pray my heart never to drift
As I continue the run ever so swift.
'Tis good we do not know what lies
That we may forge on in good stead
Keeping our eyes on our Savior at all
While we are facing our own climbs
Even though they seem slow sometimes
For each one's soul God primes.
Stretching forward to the finish line
Striving for the reward Divine
Cheer us on as we come to that line.
As you did Paul when he ran his race
Give us also Your fortifying Grace
That we, too, may see your Face
When finally we reach... your heavenly

© Mel Patterson, 10-18-11

Saturday, October 08, 2011

As this blessed and glorious day unfolds
I want to grab all the beauties it holds
And cleave them to my very breast
Where in the Lord I may take my rest.
Only hours ago the raging sea
Violently lapped angrily 'round me
Heavy chains fiercely pulled me down;
It seemed I was about to drown.
As I thrashed and splashed trying to pull free
Two mighty arms took a strong hold on to me
Those chains fell off and steadily up I went
With grateful relief I began my ascent
O My, Jesus, you are heaven-sent,
Buoying me up with grip so strong
O Triune God, to you I belong
Now I break into joyful song!
As this blessed and glorious day unfolds
I want to grab all the beauties it holds
Basking in the warm rays of Son light
Buoyed by Him my soul takes flight.
Thank God I'm ever in His sight!
© Mel Patterson, 10-8-11

Monday, October 03, 2011


If ever there was a morning quite like this
Where God's love fills me with bliss
I would want ever stay in this lovely place
And bask in the gift of His blessed grace.
If ever there was an afternoon like this
And I did not share I would be remiss
That God has so blessed my soul to sing
Praises to our Almighty King.
If ever there was an evening like this
It's golden quietude I shant want to miss
This show of His glorious majesty
Reveals His magnificent tapestry.
If ever there was a night quite like this
When man approached the deep abyss
Earth was given a divine kiss
When Emmanuel came as a babe
Grew, and a new life began to pave
Our wretched souls to save,
His Precious Life He gave.
If ever there was a midnight like this
Blue-black starry-studded night that is
A reflection of the mighty power of God
On this very earth where He trod
His love and mercies have no limit!
We praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit!
© Mel Patterson, 10-4-11

Monday, September 19, 2011


All creatures of the seas and oceans
Live in an underwater world we cannot see;
And the beasts of deserts and fields
All depend upon God to feed adequately.
Each one roams a vast expanse of sea or land;
Each lives and breathes as God has planned.
Birds of the air flying here and there
Seem not to have a worry, a fret nor a care
They hunt for twigs to build a nest
for their tiny babies to rest
Finding food is their continual quest
The provision of which is
Respecting the creatures God has made
We treat them with kindness and care;
Some are fierce and strikingly fearsome
We ought not impose upon them nor dare.
The world is big enough for ev'ry living being
When we realize this ~ we are truly seeing.
God made all creatures, some mammoth, some small;
He made some animals short and some He made tall.
From the tiny ant crawling in the dirt
With the ostrich his head to insert
And the Giraffe with neck so long
To God almighty they all belong.
And so we, too, are creatures of The King
Our repentant souls to Him we bring
To Him forever after we long to cling
Praise and Worship songs to Him we sing.
We all are creatures of The King!
© Mel Patterson, 9-19-11

Saturday, May 07, 2011


The young woman of large girth
Was near to giving birth
She would soon see for the first time
Her infant miracles, how sublime.

Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes
Little rosebud lips, cute little nose
Of these wee ones born of this mother
A bond forms like none other.

Playful babe, happy giggles
Out of loving arms he wriggles
Stuffed animals, many toys
Very typical of baby boys.

Full of glee this little girl
Tousled head with red curl
Twirling and whirling in a dance
She's a ballerina perchance.

As Mom watches her child grow
She wonders where did the time go?
How is it my baby grew up so tall
When once he was so very small?

When did she stop needing me
Now all she does is needle me
She once wanted her door left open
Boredom sets in and I see her mopin.'

Applications to many a college
In an effort to grow in knowledge
Doctor, Lawyer, Commander in Chief
So many choices, good grief!

He met a girl; she met a guy
Two engagements, rings to buy
Twins met twins, who would have guessed
Both families to be doubly blessed.

Double Wedding Day done
Of a daughter and of a son
Our home is now an empty nest
It's time for a much needed rest.

Roses arrived in four lovely hues
I realize what the gift imbues
I am delighted and I have to say
The blooms are for me on Mother's Day.

© Mel Patterson, 5-7-11

Friday, May 06, 2011


Lord, be Thou my Holy Guest
Thou art my ultimate Quest
My soul Thou hast blessed
In Thee I find peaceful rest

If I were to wander away
Other gods to hold me sway
This fool can truly say
Without Thee there is no day.

Permit me not to take my leave
Like a magnet to Thy heart I cleave
Thy boundless love may I receive
O Lord Jesus in Thee I believe.

I long to see Thee face to Face
When finally I'll win the race
Blessed by Thy every grace
O Triune God, it's Thee I Praise.

© Mel Patterson, 5-7-11

Thursday, May 05, 2011


Clap your hands, the Lord draws nigh
The time is nearing; look to the sky
As was told in the age-old story
He comes again resplendent in glory

Clap your hands, dress in fine attire
Stir up the spirit with hearts afire
Play instruments and joyfully dance
Sing out ~ your joy to enhance.

Clap your hands, be en guarde
Let not your souls be marred
Your spirits can soar to the height
Be ready for the most radiant Sight.

Clap your hands - He is here
Permit the Lord to draw near
Run to Him hearts aflame
You are the reason that He came.

Clap your hands, the Lord draws nigh
The time is nearing; look to the sky
As was told in the age-old story
He comes again resplendent in Glory!

© Mel Patterson, 5-5-11

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


If not for you we would not have been
You lovingly deemed we should exist
You sent Jesus, your Son, to heal us of sin
For our souls He did and still does persist

No bigger than a grain of sand on vast beaches,
You know when we sit and when we stand,
May we ever cleave to what Jesus Christ teaches
Each tiny undeserving speck of sand

O what a loving Father we have in you
Who willed all creation into being
For us every blessing and grace you imbue
Blind were we; now we are seeing

Accept our thanksgivings and praises
As we worship you with unabashed hearts
Pour upon us the blessings and graces
Your Holy Spirit imparts.

© Mel Patterson, 5-4-11

Monday, April 25, 2011


To celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord
We rejoice in one accord
Wondering at what great a price
He has gifted us with Paradise.

It was necessary for Christ to suffer
Without leniency, without buffer
Left behind was the Glory that was His
The holy realm of heavenly bliss
He was sent by His Father above
To teach us the ways of Christian love.

Because of us He was denied Glory for a while
Teaching and preaching travelin' many a mile
His followers loved Him until His cruel death
Until in the tomb by sweet Holy Spirit breath
He rose up out of the grave our souls to save
What glorious gift our Triune God gave.

Jesus was given back His Glory as was foretold
Even though for thirty pieces of silver He was sold
And passion and death to Him was doled
He gave us Salvation, more precious than gold.
O the Resurrected Lord Jesus.......BEHOLD !

© Mel Patterson, 4-25-11

Friday, April 22, 2011


Our Lord was crucified yesterday and died
His heartbroken mother, relatives and friends cried
For terrible acts evil satan-smitten men contrived.

All friends except John from the morbid scene ran.
Yet Jesus was closer to fulfilling His Father's Plan
Blood Bought Salvation for each mortal man.

The day after Jesus' burial unfolded very sadly
Satan cavorted and cajoled men to act madly
And chortled to see Jesus treated so badly.

From his mother's womb
to the borrowed tomb
He rested, as was God's Will,
until Sunday morning
When on His Resurrection

There would be Glorying.

© Mel Patterson, 4-22-11

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Their Master donned a towel girded about his waist
Each sandal of the twelve was purposely unlaced
And with basin of water each foot He bathed clean
A lesson in sheer humility they had ne'er before seen.

The Lord and the apostles together shared the last meal
Broken bread and blessed wine filled all but one with zeal
Jesus, with heavy heart, said one of them was a betrayer
Knowing already Judas was wallowing in satan's lair.

Their Lord taught them to serve rather than be served
That the seeds of faith He planted would be preserved
He said He was the True Vine and would prepare a place
That the Spirit would visit them with a powerful grace.

They did not want their Master to leave them so soon
In three days time His Passion and Death would loom
They didn't know they would add to His pain
Hiding and denials before the Lord would be slain.

Jesus explained that they would start the first church
To preach, teach and welcome all in their own search
To follow His Way, His Truth, His Life and His Light
Because each man and woman's precious in His sight.

On this Thursday Eve it could not be perceived
That the Lord and Master would be so deceived
That vile and evil acts could be so conceived
And that Crucifixion by Jesus so humbly received.
They insisted. He persisted....
to His very last breath
to His Death.

© Mel Patterson, 4-21-11

Sunday, February 06, 2011


While praying the Rosary in deep reverie
The world appeared as a globe beautiful to behold
One Holy Rosary after another encircled it,
Every bead encrusted in a brilliant gold.

The world was bedewed with tears and prayer
Fervently prayed one decade after another
As souls reached up to Our Lady and Our Lord
Praying for each brother, sister, father, mother.

As Mary leads us to Jesus, her Son
She points to the Cross where He died,
The price He paid for the souls He had won
And Whose loving arms were opened wide.

Heavenward from the earth
the Rosary praying soul soared ~
Toward the Object of her desire,
her heart afire,
~ To His Holy Eminence,
Our Lord.

© Mel Patterson, 2-6-11

Saturday, January 15, 2011


The soul is a prism reflecting the Light
The radiance of which blinds our sight
A soul so attuned soars to great height.
The soul nearing the the Lord is lighter
And the closer to Him the brighter
Imaging Him it is even whiter.

God draws a beloved soul to His own
His Soul and the small soul coo in a moan.

The soul caught up in shameful sins
Moves away from God; satan wins ~
But God's love for that prodical son
Through the Blood of the Cross has won
The repentent soul and washed away
The filthy stain of blackness and gray.

God draws this soul close to His Heart
He blesses it by giving it a fresh start
He enlivens and enlightens the soul to pray
To ask for graces sufficient for the day.

The soul nearing the the Lord is lighter
And the closer to Him the brighter
Imaging Him it is even whiter.

© Mel Patterson, 1-16-11

Saturday, January 08, 2011


Snow is falling, flakes big as your eye!
Pure white, its' beauty emits an 'ah-ing' sigh
Skies above appear as a milky gray
Evergreens adorned as glistening snows lay.

Reminiscent of times gone by
When mounds would cumulatively lie
Snowmen created and snowballs thrown
We played amidst that snow so blown.

Anxiously we'd don our gear with great haste!
Ankle deep, knee deep, even to the waist
We'd play and romp, frolick and slide
And on our red and brown sleds we'd glide.

For hours upon hours outdoors we'd play
Until we finally came in at the end of the day;
Off came each wet boot, scarf and glove
Hot cocoa served expressed thru Mom's love.

To be a child and enjoy all of the snowfall,
Unlike adults who might deem it awful,
Snow-white mountains are a child's glee
With no other place he'd rather be.

© Mel Patterson, 1-8-11

Thursday, January 06, 2011


O Lord, when I find it hard to pray
And the words will not come my way
Bless this unsettled soul of mine
So it may come into line with Thine.

How is it at times I am inspired
And much of me is required?
How is it at times I am depressed
With feet of clay that are hard pressed?

I long to be lifted out of this abyss
To understand why I have been remiss
In obeying Thy patient knock and call.
O Lord, I do not deserve Thee at all.

There is a spirit battle being waged
I want to break out but I am caged
Those pinions digging into my soul
Begin to take their tortuous toll.

Reach down and grasp my feeble hand
Lord lift me high out of this quicksand
Pull me up and engage me to Thy heart
Hold onto me that I may not again depart.

Instill within me Thy Holy Spirit
That I may always and ever endear it.
Lead me to Thy Truth, Life and Way
And I shall be blessed again to pray.

To Thee I come with repentant heart
And plead with Thee we never ever part
Lord, I adore Thee and upon bended knee
I pledge my heart and soul to only Thee.

© Mel Patterson, 1-6-11

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


While the night unfolds and the hours tick by
The world sleeps but why can't I?
I wonder how it is this sort of thing has come to be
Perhaps it is the Lord who wants me to see
There are far more who toss and turn like me.

How do we use the time that is now handed to us?
Do we use it wisely or do we fuss and cuss?
Do we mis-use this gift of time that has been dealt?
It is far better to pray that peace may be felt
And that bitter sin encrusted hearts would melt.

The world is in need of salvation and much prayer
Nations need warriors to lift them up in care
To the Lord our God who alone can mend the ills
With Love each human heart He generously fills
As His Holy Spirit over the receptive soul spills.

It seems the reason for the wakefulness is now clear
As we pray for our world and those we hold dear
In the right frame of mind inspired by God above
We lift up our neighbor in prayer and in love
Then we retire again blessed by the Holy Dove.

© Mel Patterson, 1-4-11

Monday, January 03, 2011

Entering the Springtime of my life years ago
Myriads of emotions sprinkled with bouts of woe
Tested my metal and kept me sway
As I traveled a journey toward The Way.

Little did I know in the heat of the Summer
Eventually I would surmount as an overcomer
Obstacles of draughts and fires that charred my soul
As I traveled a journey toward The Goal.

As the Autumn of my life came and went
I pondered if prior seasons were well spent
Resolving to focus on others, myself as least
I now traveled a journey toward the Banquet Feast.

Now in the Wintertime of my Salvific traveling
Avenues of serenity are oft pitted by graveling
Step by stoney step I mount the steep climb
Traveling the journey toward a Heaven sublime.

© Mel Patterson, 1-3-11