Tuesday, October 25, 2011


"Get up! Arise and pray,"
I heard His words say
At the beginning of this day.
"Stop mumbling and grumbling
The world is tumbling and rumbling.
Pray to save the day!
Do not keep my mercy at bay
I want to give it away
To those souls in need.
For them you must plead and intercede
My time is coming! Prepare!
Do not be caught unaware.
To those who do not care, BEWARE!
My time is coming like a thief in the night
Then I shall emit My power and My might.
The faithless, affright and pitiable sight
Will not see the glow of My Light!
Of My wisdom ~ they have lost sight.
My mercy is yours if you but ask
Take off that prideful mask!
Repentance and prayer are your task.
Humble yourself; in my Radiance bask.
I forgive all your sins if you ask sincerely
My Heart longs for you; I love you dearly.
Be blessed and see more clearly
That I am here...nearly...
I AM coming, stop running!
Where can you go?
To save the day!
© Mel Patterson, 10-25-11

God is as close as we permit Him to be.


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