Tuesday, October 25, 2011

O Lord, when will my span of years come to an end?
Will I be strong in fervor as I come round that bend?
Will I be faithful to all You've asked me to do?
Will I lay all my selfishness aside
And run swiftly as the wind to You?

Lord, You know the very recesses of my heart
It's only my own sinfulness that keeps us apart
O that I may be faithful to all You ask me to do
Please align me, Sweet Jesus, with Your Holy Will.
For satan it pleases my soul to kill.
The Blood You shed for love of all men
Your Sacrifice our very souls to transcend
Extraordinarily Issued from God, our Father
Triune Godhead, Lord God, and Holy Spirit
Jesus Christ, Your Holy Love, we endear it.
When our span of years comes to its' end?
Will we be strong in fervor as we round that bend?
We we be faithful in all You asked us to do?
Will we have lain all selfishness aside?
And run swiftly as the wind to You?
Trusting in Your mercy having Faith to believe
That we repentant sinners You will receive
We hope when our journeys are done
We may image Your Divine Son
Swiftly as the wind, with Him, run
And through the power of His grace
Enter Your Courts for Worship and Praise
In joyful chorus singing for endless days
Beholding the Beauty of Your Holy Face...
Swiftly as the wind we run!
© Mel Patterson, 9-27-11

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