Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I run the race trying to keep pace
His grace forgiving my disgrace
He makes all my limbs strong
Loves me even when I'm wrong,
I wonder why it takes so long
To hear the sound of His Song
Hurdles though many or few
Come at the right time as if on cue
The race, marathon or sprint,
Running and girded as flint
My spirit bears a subtle hint
Of God's Own......but a glint.
It's not for me to say "That's enough"
Or whine the road is far too rough.
It is for me to accept God's gift
As the Lord my soul does sift
And pray my heart never to drift
As I continue the run ever so swift.
'Tis good we do not know what lies
That we may forge on in good stead
Keeping our eyes on our Savior at all
While we are facing our own climbs
Even though they seem slow sometimes
For each one's soul God primes.
Stretching forward to the finish line
Striving for the reward Divine
Cheer us on as we come to that line.
As you did Paul when he ran his race
Give us also Your fortifying Grace
That we, too, may see your Face
When finally we reach... your heavenly

© Mel Patterson, 10-18-11

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