Saturday, November 03, 2007


Come into His Presence
And be blessed by His essence;
He's close as we permit Him to be
If we realize this we can see...
He's been close to us ~ actually ~
Being aware of Him is the key.

Find a quiet place to stay and pray
And listen to what God has to say;
His Joy can be ours for the asking,
In His Son's Love we're basking.

Open the heart, soul, and spirit,
Quiet time and silence, endear it
Listen as God speaks to the heart;
Graces and blessings He'll impart
From us He wants never to be apart!

Union with You, Lord, is our heart's desire;
Lift us up out of the filthy mire,
Forgive our sin;
~ Again let us begin
To know, love and to serve You,
We truly do not deserve You,
Nothing is anything without You;
To You we cleave
Never wanting to leave
Help us perceive
Your unconditional love
Straight from heaven above
We come into Your Presence
Blessed by the transcendence
Of Your Purest Essence,
O Thou Holiest Eminence.

© Mel Patterson, 11-3-07