Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Their Master donned a towel girded about his waist
Each sandal of the twelve was purposely unlaced
And with basin of water each foot He bathed clean
A lesson in sheer humility they had ne'er before seen.

The Lord and the apostles together shared the last meal
Broken bread and blessed wine filled all but one with zeal
Jesus, with heavy heart, said one of them was a betrayer
Knowing already Judas was wallowing in satan's lair.

Their Lord taught them to serve rather than be served
That the seeds of faith He planted would be preserved
He said He was the True Vine and would prepare a place
That the Spirit would visit them with a powerful grace.

They did not want their Master to leave them so soon
In three days time His Passion and Death would loom
They didn't know they would add to His pain
Hiding and denials before the Lord would be slain.

Jesus explained that they would start the first church
To preach, teach and welcome all in their own search
To follow His Way, His Truth, His Life and His Light
Because each man and woman's precious in His sight.

On this Thursday Eve it could not be perceived
That the Lord and Master would be so deceived
That vile and evil acts could be so conceived
And that Crucifixion by Jesus so humbly received.
They insisted. He persisted....
to His very last breath
to His Death.

© Mel Patterson, 4-21-11

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