Monday, April 25, 2011


To celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord
We rejoice in one accord
Wondering at what great a price
He has gifted us with Paradise.

It was necessary for Christ to suffer
Without leniency, without buffer
Left behind was the Glory that was His
The holy realm of heavenly bliss
He was sent by His Father above
To teach us the ways of Christian love.

Because of us He was denied Glory for a while
Teaching and preaching travelin' many a mile
His followers loved Him until His cruel death
Until in the tomb by sweet Holy Spirit breath
He rose up out of the grave our souls to save
What glorious gift our Triune God gave.

Jesus was given back His Glory as was foretold
Even though for thirty pieces of silver He was sold
And passion and death to Him was doled
He gave us Salvation, more precious than gold.
O the Resurrected Lord Jesus.......BEHOLD !

© Mel Patterson, 4-25-11

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