Saturday, May 07, 2011


The young woman of large girth
Was near to giving birth
She would soon see for the first time
Her infant miracles, how sublime.

Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes
Little rosebud lips, cute little nose
Of these wee ones born of this mother
A bond forms like none other.

Playful babe, happy giggles
Out of loving arms he wriggles
Stuffed animals, many toys
Very typical of baby boys.

Full of glee this little girl
Tousled head with red curl
Twirling and whirling in a dance
She's a ballerina perchance.

As Mom watches her child grow
She wonders where did the time go?
How is it my baby grew up so tall
When once he was so very small?

When did she stop needing me
Now all she does is needle me
She once wanted her door left open
Boredom sets in and I see her mopin.'

Applications to many a college
In an effort to grow in knowledge
Doctor, Lawyer, Commander in Chief
So many choices, good grief!

He met a girl; she met a guy
Two engagements, rings to buy
Twins met twins, who would have guessed
Both families to be doubly blessed.

Double Wedding Day done
Of a daughter and of a son
Our home is now an empty nest
It's time for a much needed rest.

Roses arrived in four lovely hues
I realize what the gift imbues
I am delighted and I have to say
The blooms are for me on Mother's Day.

© Mel Patterson, 5-7-11

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