Saturday, January 08, 2011


Snow is falling, flakes big as your eye!
Pure white, its' beauty emits an 'ah-ing' sigh
Skies above appear as a milky gray
Evergreens adorned as glistening snows lay.

Reminiscent of times gone by
When mounds would cumulatively lie
Snowmen created and snowballs thrown
We played amidst that snow so blown.

Anxiously we'd don our gear with great haste!
Ankle deep, knee deep, even to the waist
We'd play and romp, frolick and slide
And on our red and brown sleds we'd glide.

For hours upon hours outdoors we'd play
Until we finally came in at the end of the day;
Off came each wet boot, scarf and glove
Hot cocoa served expressed thru Mom's love.

To be a child and enjoy all of the snowfall,
Unlike adults who might deem it awful,
Snow-white mountains are a child's glee
With no other place he'd rather be.

© Mel Patterson, 1-8-11

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