Tuesday, May 02, 2006

~ " BIBLE " ~

If the Kingdom of God is within you
And the Kingdom of God is at hand,
Since Jesus Himself tells us this,
Pray tell, where do we stand?

Are we of the firm realization
That everything He tells us is True?
Do we take His Word into our hearts
And do we imitate what He would do?

The Bible is the Word of the Lord;
Wondrous blessings we find there,
Instruction, Encouragement, Truth, Life,
And all transmitting HIS Loving Care.

Read God's Word every single day;
Receive all that is contained within it.
It changes our life from sin and strife
All that we have to do is beGIN it.

A well-worn Bible has a story of its' own.
It ministers by example in its' look;
When the cover ages as well as its' pages,
We know its' owner LOVES his Book.

Let's cherish lovingly the Word of the Lord
Contained in our Bibles and read
All of the Holy Spirit's inspirations.
Let's let go, and permit GOD to Lead !!!

© Mel Patterson, 5-2-06

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