Sunday, May 18, 2008


How many times does one burn the midnight oil,
from a problem which one might wish to recoil?
I daresay there are many too numerous to count
and, seemingly, too very many to ever surmount.

Often in the wee hours of the early morning it seems,
when the body is weary but the mind indeed deems
it is required to burn that midnight oil again,
this particular poem is being written thru' my pen.

If there were no hope and there were no tomorrow
this life would be pitiful and full of sorrow.
When, however, there is faith in a Supreme Being,
then comfort and consolation is what one is seeing.

There is a soul encased in the body of skin and bone,
of blood, sinew, muscle tissue made by God Alone.
To lift one's mind, heart, soul and spirit to God above
Is to experience God's comforting and everlasting Love.

So, whatever may cause you to burn that midnight oil,
keep the Lord God in your heart with you thru' that toil,
and you will see the dawning of a brand new day
full of hope and encouragement to hold you sway
as you fold your hands and to our God pray,
Lord, teach me to do it your way.

© Mel Patterson, 5-19-08

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