Friday, May 16, 2008


(Jesus' heart afire came to me during Mass
in an inner vision - triggering this poem)

My spiritual eyes see You standing before me,
Your heart is ablaze with leaping flame
Ignited with love for all of us;
Out of deep burning love You came.

Now in the middle of a large ring of fire
Whipping up all around me,
I am untouched by the fire-tongues
Of eternal love that surround me.

It's my sense, O Lord this is Your Love ring
Encapsulating us within Your burning Heart;
How can our spirits not shout and sing
For the infinite Love You bring
It's consummation to impart?

Send Your Ring of burning flame over the world
Engulfing satan and to hell have him furled,
While we are protected from harm and pain;
Thru Your Heart's fire heaven is our gain.

Your love burns so deeply, Lord
Showing us in ways we cannot measure;
When we praise You in one accord
You fill us with heavenly treasure;
Such is Your Holy Will and pleasure.

© Mel Patterson, 5-16-08

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