Wednesday, April 09, 2008

O Lord, you showed me a deep dark chasm
Between good and evil this very morning.
Then I heard you bid me " spread the warning."

On one side was the Cross of our Salvation,
On the other, dank, black, putrid degradation.

The gap between good and evil truly exists;
Contamination by the evil one stubbornly persists.

He defies Purity and Holiness; he keenly drives wedges,
And gloats to see people sliding to the gap's edges

On the side of Salvation, souls are reaching out
Grasping the weak souls who experience doubt,

Trying to save them from falling into the chasm;
With temptations satan still wants to dazzle them.

The battle between good and evil is being fought
What is it our lives and efforts will have wrought?

Are we riding the slippery slope to a bitter end
With sludge, filth, sulphur, and fire our souls to rend?

Or are we on the road to Jesus who loved us to His Death
Will we love Him and be faithful to our last breath?

Come to grips all you who search for life's meaning;
Stay away from every evil thing that is demeaning.

Choose good over evil at every single chance!
The Lord looks upon us with His Loving Glance;
Do you not already see it, perchance?

The chasm is wide, deep and steep,
Evil ones shirk , lurk and creep,
They are snide, riddled with pride,
They want to take you on a joyride,
Then laugh at you all askew
Don't let it happen to you.

Choose our Creator Who willed us to be
Imitators of Jesus Who is the Key
To life with the Holy Trinity
For Eternity.

As the end of time approaches
And the closing of the gap encroaches,
Be aware of the Lord's exhortation
Heed his call every nation.
He tarries not for much longer;
Pray to be made stronger,
For the battle is not yet done.
Bring many to God's Son
In unity all for One.

Finally, the day will come
To hell many, to heaven some;

Choose God Who willed us to be
Imitators of Jesus Who is the Key
To life with the Holy Trinity
For all Eternity.

© Mel Patterson 4-9-08

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