Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In centering upon God in prayer I am made aware
of the music of a heavenly choir
accompanied by angelic flute and lyre;
of so lovely a sound I never tire.

It is by God's grace my soul is released and pleased
to accept within my spiritual hearing
celestial reverberations so endearing
and I praise God for their appearing.

I bask in the midst of a surround of sound
taken out of the shell of my physical being
transported to a place of also seeing
that Light and Music are ever agreeing.

May this transcendent moment never end,
this heavenly place blessed with every grace
where one can be lost in time and space
taken away from the daily chase
that seizes the human race.

O, Love so tender, you radiate splendor;
may these moments be evermore mine
transport me often to that place divine
where music and radiance combine
and where Thy Light does ever shine.

May all Praise and all Thanksgiving
always and everywhere
be Thine.

© Mel Patterson, 4-16-08

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